The legendary player gave his opinions about his career and ongoing season in a candid conversation

Roman Weidenfeller is a famous name in world football. The former professional is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers to play the game. He was a sensational player for the German national team and took to the field for teams such as Borussia Dortmund and FC Kaiserslautern.

The shot-stopper also won the FIFA World Cup 2014 with Germany, alongside many trophies for BVB such as the Bundesliga, German Cup and German Super Cup.

The 42-year-old took part in a very insightful and candid conversation with KhelNow where he talked about his playing career, World Cup 2014 experience, the German Bundesliga return to action, Dortmund and the best goalkeeper in the world, best youngster and the best player he shared the pitch with.

Here are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with legendary German footballer Roman Weidenfeller:

The first question I have for you is during your youth years, was there ever a time or a moment where you felt like you won’t make it as a professional football player?

“No, of course, when I was young and in my career, I had some up and downs, but in the end, I promised myself and kept going forward.”

We’ve recently seen Bundesliga return from the World Cup slash winter break. So is this sort of break midseason good for the players, good for the teams. What is your opinion on it?

“Not so easy for the players, but it is how it is. The roger was in the wintertime, and now teams have to organize the ration. Okay, so when you saw the last two games from Boss Dortmund? We won both games, so we had a good start in the area.”

So moving on to the latest stages of your career. Dortmund are known for producing young players, giving young players debuts, making them break through. So what was it like for you in that young dressing room as a seasoned veteran?

“Yeah, when I said in the dressing room, young guys, I support these young guys. In the end, they have to do his own experience in the Bullet league and the professional teams, and they have to do for growing up like a professional player.”

We’ve seen the goalkeeper position progress from an out and out short stopper to now very much say sweeper keeper, passing out from the path keeper. So what is your definition of the modern-day goalkeeper?

“The most important thing is the goalkeeper keeps the ball and takes the ball. But of course, now the job is a little bit different to the style before ten or 20 years, it’s like a goalkeeper now you have to perform. you have to start the game, you have to play with the guys and to keep the clean sheet and save goals.”

Who, according to you is the best goalkeeper in the world currently?

“I think Thibaut Courtois from Real Madrid right now. He has a lot of experience and plays for a big club like Real Madrid and he also won the UEFA Champions League last season.”

Any goalkeeper who impressed you at the FIFA World Cup 2022?

“In the World Cup, Yassine Bounou from Morocco did really well and Emiliano Martínez from Argentina, made a great job and lifted the trophy at the end.”

Who according to you is the best youngster in the Bundesliga and in the world currently?

“In the Bundesliga, our (Borussia Dortmund) player Jude Bellingham is a great player and does a great job and he is very young and excellent technique. Very strong midfielder, with great experience now and we are really happy to have him in the Bundesliga and at Borussia Dortmund.

In World Football, our former player Erling Haaland of Manchester City. He now has 25 goals in just 19 Premier League appearances. It is amazing what this guy is capable of achieving.”

Moving onto your career, the best player you shared the pitch with?

“Very obvious, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. Maybe now Lionel Messi as he has won everything you can win in football (after the World Cup 2022 win).”

Okay, so on the topic of Messi winning the World Cup, you won the World Cup with Germany in 2014. What was that feeling like? What was the feeling like in your camp in the dressing room? Was the celebration like that day?

“Yeah, the celebration was amazing and the feeling was amazing and great.”

We have seen plenty of great players turn into fine coaches, Is there any chance in the future we see you on the touchline as a manager?

“Just now I have started the management programme but not like a coach on the touchline. But I don’t know, it is coming soon, just now I say no, but in the future, I can’t say anything, I don’t know.”

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