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Manolo Márquez reveals long-term vision for FC Goa & importance of team building

Alen Philip MathewAlen Philip Mathew

June 6 2023
Manolo Marquez

The FC Goa head coach also spoke of transitioning to a new club in a round-table interaction with the media.

FC Goa have announced the appointment of a new head coach for their team, Manolo Marquez. The official press conference was held earlier today, and Marquez shared his thoughts about joining the club, his goals, and his plans for the upcoming season.

Marquez, who previously served as the head coach of Hyderabad Football Club, brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the game to the Indian Super League (ISL). His appointment signals FC Goa’s ambition to build upon their recent setbacks and to make their comeback as the dominant force in Indian football.

In his first press conference since joining FC Goa, new head coach Manolo Márquez spoke about his long-term vision for the club, the importance of defensive and offensive organization, and the importance of team building and player development.

Long-Term Vision

Márquez said that he is focused on building a strong foundation for FC Goa and gradually improving over time. He believes that the current reality of the team may change in five years, but that at the moment, the club is focused on building a solid base and gradually improving, “The current reality of the team may change in five years, but at the moment, FC Goa is focused on building a strong foundation and gradually improving.”

Importance of Defensive and Offensive Organization

Márquez stressed the importance of both defensive and offensive organization. He said that football is about fighting, attacking, defending, and managing transitions effectively. He believes that the team that can do all of these things well will reach the top. “Football is about Fighting, Attacking, defending, and managing transitions effectively.

Their importance of attack, defense, and both transitions and also set pieces. We will concentrate on all these things and our team will work for it in the pre-season. The team that can do all these things well will reach the top.”

Team Building and Player Development

On this matter, the highly sought after Spaniard said, “We need to build a good team and play attractive football. I don’t know specifically which areas they need to strengthen yet, but we will work towards improving the team during the preseason. Player development is crucial, and I hope to bring out the best in each player.”

Transitioning Between Clubs

Márquez said that transitioning between clubs can be challenging, but that it is important to adapt to different players and convince them to believe in his ideas. He believes that preseason training and building a strong relationship with the players are essential to the successful implementation of his philosophy. “I need to adapt to different players and convincing them to believe in my ideas is a crucial aspect. The preseason training and building a strong relationship with the players to ensure successful implementation of his philosophy,” he said.

Márquez is a highly experienced coach with a proven track record of success. He is confident that he can help FC Goa reach new heights. The club’s fans are excited to see what he can do with the team.

In addition to the quotes mentioned above, Márquez also spoke about his love for football and his passion for coaching. He said that he is grateful for the opportunity to coach FC Goa and that he is excited to get started. He is confident that the club can achieve great things under his leadership.

When asked about the comparisons between his former club and FC Goa, Márquez stated, “I think that when you start with a new club, you cannot compare it with your former club. Now, I’m at FC Goa, and we are eager to start training as soon as possible. We are waiting for the preseason to start.” It was clear that Márquez wanted to focus on the present and work towards the future rather than dwelling on past experiences.

Márquez also highlighted the positive aspects of FC Goa, mentioning that it is a well-established club with a good structure. He stated, “Most teams in India would love to have the structure that FC Goa has” It was evident that Márquez appreciated the foundation that FC Goa had built over the years and believed that it would contribute to the team’s success.

Transfer requirements and goals for the season

The coach further expressed his enthusiasm for recruiting young talents, saying, “I enjoy training B teams in Spain, where the young players are always at a high level in training sessions.” Márquez’s preference for working with young players and developing their skills was evident. He believed that training with talented youngsters would help raise the overall level of the team.

Márquez also acknowledged that constant player replacements may not always be necessary, stating, “I mean, maybe I don’t have to replace always.” This implied that he will not prefer constantly seeking new signings. He aimed to build a strong and cohesive team that could perform at its best.

When discussing the team’s goals for the upcoming season, Márquez emphasized their ambition to qualify for the playoffs and finish in the top positions. He said, “Of course, we are one of the teams who will fight and embed ourselves in the playoffs. We will try to finish in the top six, and after that, in the top four.” It was clear that Márquez had high expectations for the team and wanted them to consistently perform at a competitive level.

Competing against financially-powered beasts

While acknowledging the financial strength and dominance of teams like Mohun Bagan Super Giants and Mumbai City FC, Márquez made it clear that FC Goa would not back down from the challenge. He stated, “Mohun Bagan SG and Mumbai are the favorites because they have a lot of money and they are out there. For me, they are the two candidates, but this doesn’t mean that we won’t try. We will fight to arrive at our goal.” Márquez’s determination and belief in his team’s abilities were evident as he expressed his determination to challenge the more established teams.

Looking towards the future, Márquez mentioned the potential changes in the football landscape. He said, “And I’ll say, in the long term maybe the realities gonna be different. There are moments for everything. Maybe in five years, things will change.” It was evident that Márquez had a long-term vision for FC Goa and understood that the team’s current reality might evolve.

Márquez stressed the importance of convincing players to believe in the team’s ideas and playing style. He highlighted the significance of clear communication and player buy-in for successful execution on the field. He stated, “I believe in the significance of convincing players to believe in the team’s ideas and playing style. It is ultimately up to the players to understand and believe in the team’s approach.”

When asked about the Spanish connection in Indian football, Márquez acknowledged the presence of Spanish coaches in the league. He noted, “There seems to be a Spanish connection in Indian football, with several Spanish coaches being appointed by teams in the league. However, the nationality of the coach shouldn’t be the main focus. Instead, the focus should be on the team’s performance and the player’s understanding of the coach’s ideas.” Márquez highlighted the importance of performance and execution rather than the origin of the coaching staff.


In conclusion, Manolo Márquez’s press conference shed light on his aspirations for FC Goa in the upcoming season. He emphasized the need to build a competitive team, focus on player development, and adapt to the Indian football environment.

Márquez acknowledged the challenges posed by more established teams but remained optimistic about FC Goa’s chances. With a clear long-term vision and a commitment to excellence, Márquez aims to lead FC Goa to success in the Indian Super League.

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