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Ratings: Late drama sees China edge past India | AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers

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September 9 2023
Narender Gahlot China vs India AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers Player Ratings

India’s chances of qualification now become tough as they’ll face a strong UAE in the next game.

India succumbed to a 2-1 defeat at the hands of China in the AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers. The first half didn’t witness any goals but some late drama ensured that China left the field with all three points.

But which player stood out in this game? Which Indian player took the limelight? Here we look at the overall performances of the individuals.

China (By Sonal Fernandes)

Jian Tao – 5

Had hardly anything to do in the early stage of the match. Did well in trying to play out of the back.  His mistake cost China as he failed to collect the ball and India pounced on the loose ball as a result.

Hu Hetao – 7

Exciting on the wing in the early stages on the match.

Liu Haofan – 6

Steady in defence. Always found his man on the end of his passes. Was taken off at the 45th minute.

Liang Shaowen – 7

Calm and steady at the back. Did not have much to deal with.

Zhu Yue – 6

Steady from the start of the match. Did well to keep the opposition winger quiet. Always provided the team with an option in possession, especially in the opposition half. Moved to centre-back at half time having played the first half at right-back.

Tao Quianglong – 8

Started well early on linking the play up well. Had an opportunity to convert a half-chance in the opposition box but didn’t. Kept his nerves to score a penalty for the opening goal.

Jia Feifan – 8

Competitive in midfield, tried rotating possession and did it well. Got stuck in when needed. Put in some dangerous crosses from set-pieces.

Aifeierding Aisikaer – 7

Tried to get involved early on by moving around the pitch to get possession of the ball. Showed blistering pace on a counter from his own half but couldn’t find the end product.

Yang Zihao – 7

Was an integral part of most of China’s attacking play down the left wing. Combined very well with Hu Hetao.

Duan Dezhi – 6

The deepest of the three midfielders, Duan provided good cover for the defence.

Mutalifu Yimingkari – N/A

Played for only 10 minutes. Did not have enough time to have an impact on the match.


Xie Wenneng – 7

Was called in early due to the injury to Mutalifu Yimingkari and got booked very early due to a crunching tackle on Parthib Gogoi. Won the penalty for the first goal.

Chen Yuhao – 6

Came on at right-back in place of Zhu Yue who moved to centre-back at half-time.

Wang Bowen – 5

Not really involved after coming on.

Naibijiang Mohemaiti – 7

Not involved much in the match after coming on, apart from his crucial touch at the far post to put China in front in the 96th minute.

Abulahan Halike (subbed on minute 89) – N/A

India (By Gourav Samal)

Prabhsukhan Singh Gill – 6.5

Gill was good with his moves most of the time. Did a brilliant save in the 60th minute. 

Jitendra Singh – 7

Jitendra’s skill was seen when he did a brilliant tackle to keep the ball away from the goal post in the 21st minute. He replicated a similar tackle in the 30th minute when he was the only player present to keep the Chinese forward from scoring a goal. 

Sumit Rathi – 7

Sumit had a strong hold at the backline, rarely allowing the Chinese forwards to go past him.

Narender Gahlot – 6.5

Narender showcased commendable teamwork alongside Rathi while effectively safeguarding the defensive third. Despite occasional lapses in precision, he displayed proficient clearance skills during the game.

Sanjeev Stalin – 6.5

Stalin did a brilliant clearance in the first half when a Chinese forward was almost threatening to go past the Indian defence line. 

Thoiba Moirangthem – 6

Thoiba was a huge threat for the Chinese forwards. The defender was found with some right moves at the right time to tackle the Chinese attack.

Vibin Mohanan – 6.5

The midfielder was seen everywhere starting from the backline to the frontline. Showed some great agility while passing and tackling the ball. 

Rohit Danu – 5.5

Rohit demonstrated a lack of proficiency in two instances, as he failed to successfully secure the ball.

Sivasakthi Narayanan – 6.5

The team captain demonstrated adeptness in employing tactical short passes, yet displayed a deficiency in executing powerful long passes during the match.

Parthib Gogoi – 6

Parthib got some good passes, both short and long ones, but was unable to keep the possession and count it for a scoring opportunity. 

Suhail Bhat – 6.5

During the second half of the match, the player sustained an injury. However, throughout the game, he consistently posed a threat to the Chinese defence with his exceptional speed and agility. Although he had an opportunity to score a goal, he was unable to find the back of the net.


Abdul Rabeeh – 5.5

Came in as a substitute for Rohit Danu but was rarely seen doing anything typical in the gameplay.

Ninthoi Meetei – 6

In a number of instances, Ninthoi tried to go past the Chinese backline but lacked the support from the fellow forwards and midfielders.

Jiteshwor Singh – 5.5

Came in as a substitute for Suhail Bhat who got injured, but couldn’t match the type of game Suhail showcased. 

Brison Fernandes – 5.5

Brison replaced Stalin, but was not that brilliant with his skills in the later part of the game.

Sourav – 5.5

The midfielder replaced Vibin, who was one of the best in today’s match. Mostly looked for long passes where short passes could have helped the gameplay. 

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