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Top 10 LATEST goals in Premier League history

Published at :February 6, 2024 at 5:33 PM
Modified at :February 6, 2024 at 5:33 PM
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Ritvik Verma

All these goals are an essential part of the fascinating EPL history

There is never a dull moment when it comes to the English Premier League. Each second that passes by is precious and all the teams know it well! We are about to discover the jaw-dropping climaxes that resist the unrelenting passage of time.

These late-game heroics become the heartbeat of the most thrilling league in sport, with their electrifying symphony of injury-time victories and pulse-quickening drama of game-changing equalisers.

In this read, we set off on this adventure to relive the breathtaking beauty that is woven throughout these unforgettable moments. Here, in the final moments of games, the net bulged with destiny, leaving a lasting impression that is an essential part of the fascinating EPL history.

10. Alex Iwobi – 98m 20s

In the 2021–2022 season, Alex Iwobi proved he could be a game-changer for Everton against Newcastle with his decisive goal at 98 minutes and 20 seconds. The Nigerian forward’s perfectly timed goal demonstrated Iwobi’s versatility and effectiveness in the attacking third in addition to securing a close 1-0 victory. His skill and clever placement made him an invaluable asset as Everton grabbed three vital points.

9. Yerry Mina – 98m 54s

A crucial part of Everton‘s hard-fought 1-1 draw with Wolves in the 2022–2023 season was Yerry Mina’s goal at 98 minutes and 54 seconds. The Colombian defender beat his opponent’s defence in the air to score a crucial goal, demonstrating his dominant presence in set-piece situations.

8. Oliver Norwood – 99m 17s

For Sheffield United in the 2023–24 season, Oliver Norwood’s game-winning goal at 99 m 17s summed up his influence in the midfield. Norwood led the team’s playmaking, merging creativity and defensive toughness with his accurate passing. His goal versus Wolves demonstrated both his leadership in pivotal situations and his ability to contribute in attacks.

7. Bruno Fernandes – 99m 45s

During Manchester United‘s thrilling 3-2 victory over Brighton in the 2020–21 season, Bruno Fernandes made a lasting impression at 99 minutes and 45 seconds. With his flawless skill set, Fernandes not only dominated play but also left his mark on the thrilling victory narrative, setting the stage for Manchester United’s season-long success.

6. Dejan Kulusevski – 99m 53s

The pinnacle of Spurs’ 2-1 victory over Sheffield United in the 2023–24 campaign was Dejan Kulusevski’s crucial moment at 99 m 53s. In addition to making a statistical difference, the Swedish dynamo intended to demonstrate extreme boldness and accuracy.

Kulusevski’s style combined quickness and a clinical finish, reflected his ability to transform pivotal moments into moments that changed the course of history. His goal was more than simply a point; it was a bold addition to Spur’s remarkable story.

5. Juan Mata – 100m 3s

In Chelsea‘s 3-1 win over Norwich in the 2011–12 campaign, Juan Mata’s spectacular play at 100 m 3s was nothing short of a footballing opera. Even if Lampard’s goal was to be the final one, Mata sealed the game with his late goal. He left a lasting memory with his exquisite touch and accuracy, which perfectly captured his magical influence on Chelsea’s season. 

4. Leon Bailey – 100m 9s

In Aston Villa’s convincing 3-1 victory over Crystal Palace in the 2023–24 campaign, Leon Bailey’s thrilling goal at 100 minutes 90 seconds created a vivid picture. It was a lightning strike of pace and precision finishing by the Jamaican winger. Bailey’s immense impact was demonstrated by his ability to turn moments into memories, turning the match in Aston Villa‘s favour.

3. Gabriel Jesus – 100m 15s

In the 2023–24 season, Arsenal defeated Manchester United 3–1 with Gabriel Jesus’s goal at 100 m 15s. It was more than just a goal; it was a seismic shift in the dynamics of the game which literally sealed it for the Gunners. The Brazilian striker’s precision finish was a statement of his ability to take advantage of any defensive errors. Jesus’ goal resonated with the sound of victory, inspiring Arsenal’s dominant display.

2. Dirk Kuyt – 101m 48s

When Arsenal played Liverpool in the 2010–11 season, Dirk Kuyt’s game-drawing goal at 101 minutes and 48 seconds was more than just a goal—it was an example of the unpredictable nature of Premier League football. Kuyt’s penalty shrugged off any hope that Arsenal had with the penalty they scored at 90+8 minutes. Kuyt’s goal in the heart-pounding battle became a representation of resilience.

1. Oli McBurnie – 102m 7s

In the recent match of the EPL 2023–24 season, Oli McBurnie transformed a routine football match against West Ham into a blockbuster for Sheffield United at 102 minutes 7 seconds. 

The game’s most memorable moment came when McBurnie scored a penalty that felt like the end of a movie scene. He cancelled out Ward-Prowse’s penalty which felt like West Ham clinching victory. This was the latest goal in the Premier League history standing at the 90+13th minute.

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