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All Premier League club's wage bills in 2023-24 season: Ranked

Published at :February 14, 2024 at 2:18 PM
Modified at :February 14, 2024 at 2:19 PM
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(Courtesy : Premier League)

Ritvik Verma

Take a look at the wage bills of the English top flight clubs!

The salary budget of all 20 Premier League clubs reveals the financial muscle underlying the Premier League’s success. This sum captures the massive investments teams have made to acquire top talent and maintain their competitive edge. Every team, from recurrent champions to battlers in the middle of the table, adds to this personal bill per team & this reflects the fierce rivalry for football dominance.

The wage bill shows how much money is at exposure, but it also suggests that the best players from around the world are drawn to the league. In the end, it serves as an indicator of the Premier League’s standing as the height of football’s prosperity and ambition.

20. Luton: £20.9m

In an attempt to become a competitive team in the Premier League, Luton Town has a minimal salary expense of 20.9m, which is indicative of their cautious approach to player acquisition. They have performed really well even though they are near the relegation zone. 

19. Sheffield United: £28.2m

Sheffield United’s wage bill is modest since they want to become a reliable Premier League team, hence they are cautious when bringing in new players. Their wage bills are not mattering much since they are at the bottom of the league table which solidifies their position in the relegation zone.

18. Burnley: £34.3m

Burnley’s modest wage bill reflects their prudent approach to player recruitment as they aim to establish themselves as a stable Premier League club under the coaching of Mancity legend Vincent Company. Even though Burnley are in contention of relegation yet they have produced some of the most mesmerising moments already.

17. Wolves: £36.1m

Wolves are a really competitive team in the EPL. But this season has been full of ups and downs for them. They are doing their best to finish in top 6 of the league and for that they are spending roughly around 36M in wage bills. Their careful approach to player transfer is reflected in their small salary expenditures. 

16. Bournemouth: £37.3m

With a large investment in player acquisition, Bournemouth’s salary expenditure reflects their goal of holding their position strongly in the Premier League. They have some of the well-known players in their team that show individual class and the total cost affording them all is modest by the club.

15. Brentford: £37.9m

The salary budget of Brentford indicates their careful approach to stay in the Premier League for further seasons. Their wage bill is 15th highest in the Premier League and they are performing decent in this season thanks to some of the good quality players that they have in their team.

14. Fulham: £59m

Fulham’s pay budget reflects their desire to return to the Premier League. It displays their commitment to strategic planning and player acquisition, with the goal of assembling a team that can contend for promotion while upholding stability and sustainability in their finances.

13. Brighton: £60.3m

Brighton have shown promise in past few seasons & wants to become a reliable Premier League team, which is reflected in their salary spend. It highlights their commitment to player development and recruitment, with the goal of assembling a team that can contend with well-established teams in the top flight and finish in the middle of the league.

12. Nottingham Forest: £68.6m

The salary structure of Nottingham Forest is quite modest but they still finish on 12th position when it comes to wage bill. It displays their commitment to strategic planning and player acquisition, with the goal of assembling a team that can contend for promotion and mid-table league finish while upholding stability and sustainability in their finances.

11. Crystal Palace: £68.7m

The wage bill at Crystal Palace showcases their careful approach to both financial management and player signing. It highlights their goal to keep the Premier League stable while concentrating on building a competitive team that can finish in the middle of the table and occasionally challenge for higher spots, thereby causing upsets.

10. Everton: £78m

Everton were handed with a 10 points deduction this season (Courtesy: Everton)

A prime example of Everton’s desire to become a Premier League powerhouse is their salary bill. Under the 80m benchmark, their goal is to assemble a team that can compete for European qualifying and close the gap with the league’s top clubs. Even though they failed financial FairPlay rules, but they still want to compete at the best level. All of this is shown in their expenditure in player acquisition and development. 

9. Newcastle: £87.8m

Newcastle‘s pay budget reflects their desire to bolster their team and challenge for a better spot in the Premier League. They have shown improvement since past seasons qualifying for the Champions League as well. It shows their commitment to acquiring players and their intention to become a reliable top-table team with consistent growth and advancement under new management.

8. Tottenham: £94.5m

Spurs’ pay budget is quite surprising in both the Premier League and Europe. If we look closely, they have less wage bills compared to their performances. It shows their commitment to smart player recruiting and top talent acquisition as they strive to finish in top four. Tottenham wants to assemble a team that can contend for championships and uphold their standing among England’s finest clubs.

7. West Ham: £94.8m

The Hammer’s wage expense demonstrates both their aspiration to compete at the top of the Premier League and their responsible financial management. It is the evidence of West Ham’s dedication to putting together a well-rounded team that can compete for European qualifying while long-term stability and sustainability are upheld.

6. Aston Villa: £105.9m

Aston Villa‘s wage budget is indicative of their desire to become a major player in the Premier League and their recent comeback has shown so! It represents wise spending on player acquisition with the goal of assembling a competitive team that can contend for European qualifying and maintain their place in the top tier of English football under new management. 

5. Liverpool: £134.9m

Liverpool’s substantial wage expenditure is a testament to their constant commitment to excellence and desire to remain among the top clubs in Europe. It emphasises their dedication to competing for domestic and European trophies and their investment in elite players like Darwin Nunez, Diogo Jota and other young talents reflects the club’s long history and successful legacy.

4. Chelsea: £149.3m

Chelsea want to be the best in English and European football, as evidenced by their high pay costs. It demonstrates their steadfast dedication to putting together a strong team that can contend for competitions, supported by the financial resources of their affluent ownership and a track record of achievement. Chelsea has improved significantly under new manager this season as well.

3. Arsenal: £166.1m

Arsenal’s large wage expenditure reflects their commitment to resurrecting and rebuilding their legendary history. The squad has some of the most well-known young talent performing at peak levels. In an effort to restore the team’s vibrancy under the new manager and help the Gunners regain their status as Premier League competitors, it signifies a large expenditure.

2. Manchester United: £180.6m

Manchester United
Man United have one of the biggest wage bills in world football (Courtesy: Manchester United)

Manchester United‘s massive wage spending of over 180m is a reflection of their unwavering dedication to winning back their former glory. It represents their aspiration to put together a world-class team that can contend for tournaments and the club’s constant pursuit of greatness and dominance on a worldwide scale like before.

1. Manchester City: £190.9m

The enormous salary bill of Manchester City perfectly captures their reputation as a financial powerhouse in the game. Due to the quality of the players that they have, they have become treble winners in the 2022-23 season.

This underscores their continuous pursuit of success, backed by massive investments in world-class players, as they aspire to dominate both domestically and in European competitions, thereby marking their dominance. 

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