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Porto manager Sergio Conceicao top contender for Barcelona job: Report

Published at :February 01, 2024 at 05:12 PM
Modified at :February 01, 2024 at 05:34 PM
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Rajarshi Shukla

Xavi will leave Barcelona by the end of the season

For several reasons, FC Barcelona have found Sergio Conceicao to be a desirable candidate as their next coach. The Portuguese would also have a strong connection to sitting on the bench for the upcoming season in that regard.

The FC Barcelona has a minimum of five months to consider applicants for his technical leadership. A period that, on paper, appears to be fairly favourable to value names among the various options available in the global scene, with two distinct potential profiles: either a young, prepped player who is ideally connected in some way to the Barcelona image or a trainer who stands out and has extensive experience.

This is why Sergio Conceiçao, a technician with at least five squares of experience, is one of the names that ‘SPORT’ handles and finds appealing based on his profile. He has proven that he is capable of having his casts play a visually appealing, well-organized brand of football that is full of technical variations.

It is painful to recall the separate encounters between the Port Wine and the Barça during this campaign. Despite the culés enforced in both matches (0-1 and 2-1), the encounters were not straightforward duels characterised by prompt actions, with the Portuguese providing lengthy spells of command.

The Coimbra native, in addition to being tactical, is also a desirable choice for levelling the market because it officially completes the agreement with the “Dragons” on June 30, this year. Additionally, Jorge Mendes is representing it, which offers him an advantage in negotiations with Club Culé because of the positive relationship that the agent Luso has with the Catalan picture.

Furthermore, Conceiçao is used to managing young players and has limited financial resources for Fichar, so it wouldn’t be strange for him to take the team’s reins given the challenging circumstances that exist right now.

However, it presents a unique possibility that it wants to take on new challenges outside of Portugal as well as that an established club like FC Barcelona was searching for a trainer and showed some curiosity in him.

Ultimately, it will be important to monitor market trends and whether Barça ends up placing a wager with a technical director who, while not aligning with the renowned “DNA Barça,” does present an intriguing game suggestion that, in turn, offers a fresh take on what Barcelona’s style of play might be.

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