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What a game. Goa took the lead against the run of pplay and then conceded an unlucky equaliser straight after the restart for the second half. To be fair the home side never got going after that but they will feel absolutely sick to be sucker-punched late in the game again. One step forward and two back. For the Blasters 8 points from their last 12. Their season is finally on a steady climb rate after major take-off issues. Good night from Goa.

Winning Goal Celebration

90+6′ There goes the final whistle. Another win for the Blasters.

90+5′ Header off a throw-in and Nandy catches.

90+3′ Nazon has gone in the book for a coming together with one of the blue shirts.

Belfort amazing goal

90+2′ Blasters nearly score on the counter as Goa give the ball away in the final third but just about clear.

90+1′ We are into the first of those.

90′ Greggory is now playing as the auxillary striker. Wow. Hearing that there will be six minutes of added time.

87′ You can here a pin drop here. The locals have been silenced.

86′ Deja vu for Goa who must be thinking back to the Pune game. Just not their year so far.

83′ GOOALLLLL!!! Belfort scored amazing solo goal.Belfort with a driving run, a couple of step-overs and a smashing finish. What a goal.

82′ Chopra is stretched off in pain as Nozon comes on.

81′ Gregory has gone in the books don’t don’t know quite what happened there.

81′ Drama at the other end Chopra’s finish from close range tipped wide by the keeper and Chopra’s night is over and this could be him out for some time.

80′ Romeo fouls Jhingan Zico leaves perplexed,

79′ More pace for FC Goa on the wings as Romeo Fernandes replaced Pratesh ,

78′ Julio Cesar flagged offside.

77′ Hughes has got his head strapped up after a clash of heads with Robin.

76′ Substitution for FC Goa : Local hero Mandar Rao Dessai Replaced Robin Singh

74′ Josu takes it quickly but straight at the keeper.

74′ Shirodkar with a foul on Chopra. Free-kick Blasters.

72′ Robin Singh to Julio Cesar in the box who goes down no penalty.

69′ Both sides need a win but neither is showing enough intensity and desire at the moment.

Amazing Save by Nandy

68′ Kadio booked seconds after coming on as he goes in with a clumsy challenge on Shirodkar.

67′ Substition Blasters. Coming Off Mahamat and replacing him is Kadio.

66′ Nandy was winded but is back and Richarlyson has a gash on his eyebrow.

64′ Julio Cesar produces a good save out of Nandy and Richarlyson’s follow up is well over.

63′ Here’s a free-kick for Goa in a good position.

61′ Belfort receives the pass on the left from Josu. He turns with it, sees himself in space and sets himself for a shot. He looks to curl it at the far post but sees his attempt sail into the stands.

59′ The game has just quietened down a bit nothing much happening.

55′ Josu appears to headbutt Almeida gets a yellow could well have been sent off.

54′ Julio Cesar with a another reashing shot just wide.

Rafi at right place at right time

52′ That goal has really shocked locals and their team. But the players need to wake because there is still a game to be won.

50′ When you’re in Goa’s position that is the kind of thing that happens to you.

46′ GOOOALLL!!! Rafi Scored for Kerala . What a start to the second half. Its Raju who sticks his foot out to clear the ball and deflects it oonto the striker and Rafi gets a goal out of nothing.

Players are coming our for second half . Big tactical change from Goa as Lucio Replaced Jofre ,

Ball Possession : Goa 44% – 56% Kerala

Goa started the better but then Kerala came into it. Against the run of play the Goans nicked an opportunistic goal through Julio Cesar. Blasters have had their spells in the game but like in most of their previous games they look a bit ungainly upfront.

There goes the whistle as Goa take a goal lead into the break.

45+1′ Late pressure from Kerala but Goa survive.

45′ A minute of added time at the end of this first half.

Brilliant Save from FC Goa Goal keeper

43′ His corner is poor and Jofre’s follow is straight at the keeper.

42′ Julio Cesar again putting himself about on the far post and Hengbart produces a great header out.

41′ Almeida gets away with what looked like a clear foul.

39′ Chopra lining up a shot in the box and he goes down. That looked like a good shout for a penalty.

35′ Josu Currais loops his free kick from distance towards the body of attackers in the box. Sandesh Jhingan towers above everyone and looks to nod the ball back towards goal. The header looks to be going into the top corner but Subhasish Roy Chowdhury goes really well to get his fingertips on it and make a telling save

32′ Ball in the box and Rafi with the shot on the turn but its wide.

30′ Kerala are not very good coming from Behind. The Blasters haven’t won a single point from a losing position this season.

Julio Cesar heads the ball into the back of the net

28′ Don’t worry about missing the goals we’ll have Goal video for you as they happen.

26′ That’s a really sucker punch for the visitors who were starting to get into it.

23′ GOOOALLLL!!! Goa Scored.
Julio Cesar heads the ball into the back of the net as FC Goa take the lead! It is really against the run of play as Kerala Blasters FC are paying for all their missed chances. FC Goa punish them by showing them how to finish things off. Richarlyson Felisbino swings a ball from the left flank towards the far post and Julio Cesar gets on the end of it to head the ball past a helpless Sandip Nandy.

21′ Hossain with a good free-kick. Cleared but hooked backed but the header is wide.

Ball Possession : Goa 51% – 49% Kerala

19′ Corner near post for Kerala but Belfort’s free header is wide.

17′ Another ball in the box causes some panic in the Goa defense but is thumped clear.

15′ Belfort with the knockdown for Rafique out the box who fires wide.

13′ Kerala just starting to come back into this. Seeing a bit more of the ball.

10′ Belfort with a great run and a shot Subhasish behind it.

7′ Ball in the box for Kerala but no one is on the spot to profit

5′ Goa with the customary fast start but can they make it count?

4′ Both teams are passing the ball around and looking to set a rhythm to the game. At the moment it’s too early to decide which team looks the better of the two.

3′ Ball in the box from Josu but Robin Singh can’t connect with it and the keeper collects

1′ The countdown is done and we are underway.

6:59 pm FC Goa win the toss and select the side. Kerala Blasters FC will get us underway for the first half.

KBFC Co Owner Sachin Tendulkar in the house to cheer for his team

6:56 pm The players are shaking hands. We are all but ready.

6:54 pm We’re just moments away from the action now! The players are in the tunnel and ready to walk out for the Indian National Anthem.

Mehtab Thoughts before the kick off

6:52 pm Teams are coming out for National Anthem .

6:50 pm We are less than 10 minutes away. Stay tuned

6:36 pm FC Goa lineup: Kerala Blasters FC lineup:Sandip Nandy(GK), Cedric Hengbart, Aaron Hughes(C), Sandesh Jhingan, Josu Currais, Mehtab Hossain, Azrack Mahamat, Mohammed Rafique, Kervens Belfort, Michael Chopra, Mohammed Rafi.

6:35 pm FC Goa lineup:Subhasish Roy Chowdhury(GK), Rafael Dumas, Raju Gaikwad, Gregory Arnolin(C), Keenan Almeida, Trindade Goncalves, Pratesh Shirodkar, Richarlyson Felisbino, Joffre Mateu Gonzalez, Robin Singh, Julio Cesar.

6:33 pm FC Goa and Kerala Blasters will look to build on their positive results in the last couple of matches as they face each other

I am you host Ashish Negi.

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6:23 pm Good evening from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa. We are here for the live commentary of the ISL game between FC Goa and Kerala Blasters.

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