The two have played together from 2003 to 2009 for Manchester United.

Manchester United icon Ryan Giggs had a confused opinion about the best player he has played with at Manchester United in a recent interview. The Manchester United legend initially claimed Ronaldo to be the best he has played with, but then changed his stance on the same by bringing another name into the fray.

Ryan Giggs and Cristiano Ronaldo have played together for six years, winning the Premier League thrice. The two have been known to be some of the best wide midfielders to have plied their trade at the Old Trafford. While Giggs retired at the Old Trafford, Ronaldo went on to play for Real Madrid, and then Juventus.

The Welshman when asked who was the best player he had in his team, he wasted no time to mention the former Los Blancos talisman Cristiano Ronaldo. But Giggs then seemed to have given the question a second thought and came up with the name of one of his another long-time teammate, Paul Scholes.

The legendary midfielder who played almost two decades of football for Manchester United, left them in 2013 when he retired. Giggs and Scholes were front faces of the famous ‘Class of 92’ squad.

“He [Cristiano Ronaldo] is the best player I’ve played with,” Giggs said.

“But the best player I played with overall at United was Paul Scholes.”

Ronaldo is said to be on the radar of Manchester United again, and Giggs hasn’t mentioned him for the first time this month. Giggs also praised the Portuguese international for the way he has adapted to the ageing, and how he has changed his game.


Ronaldo started out as a wide-midfielder with Sporting and United, before finally turning out to be more of a poacher in his latter days at the Los Blancos and now at Juventus. Giggs had a long career and had to take likewise decisions during his playing days. The Welshman started featuring in the centre than wide on the flanks during his final days.

“He is no longer the player that he was when he was at 19, 20 but he has adapted his game,” he said.

“He went from a winger, who used to beat people, make goals, score goals to now really just an out-and-out goalscorer.”

“And he scores every type of goal, headers, goals in the six-yard box, free-kicks and every type of goal. He is also the best professional I have played with. The way he looked after himself, not only in training but also away from the pitch. The way that he eats, the way that he conducts himself. So, I’m not surprised that he is still playing and still at the top of his game,” quipped Giggs.