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Scottish Cup: List of all winners

Published at :May 25, 2024 at 8:44 PM
Modified at :May 25, 2024 at 9:56 PM
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Samannay Sen

Celtic and Rangers dominate the list

The Scottish Cup, officially known as the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup, is one of the oldest and most prestigious cup competitions in world football. Dating back to 1873, it has provided a platform for countless dramatic moments, underdog victories, and legendary teams etching their names in history.

Unlike most European cup competitions, the Scottish Cup is a truly inclusive tournament. From the top-flight Scottish Premiership down to the lower regional leagues, any professional club in Scotland can participate. This democratic format allows for potential giant-killings and the chance for smaller clubs to face the giants of Scottish football on the biggest stage.

The iconic Hampden Park in Glasgow has served as the final venue for the Scottish Cup since 1903. Witnessing countless finals, comebacks, and penalty shootouts, Hampden Park holds a special place in Scottish football folklore.

The 2024 final will also be played in the iconic Hampden Park stadium between Rangers and Celtic. The Scottish Cup is renowned for its potential for upsets. Smaller clubs like Inverness Caledonian Thistle (2014) and Falkirk (2009) have shocked the nation by lifting the trophy against established giants like Celtic and Rangers. These victories capture the essence of the competition, showcasing the underdog spirit and the magic of cup football.

However, the two most successful clubs in Scottish football history, Celtic and Rangers, also known as the “Old Firm,” have dominated the Scottish Cup. Between them, they have secured over 75% of all titles. Celtic holds the record with 41 victories, while Rangers follow closely with 34. This rivalry adds another layer of intrigue to the competition, as their clashes in the cup final are often high-stakes, passionate affairs.

The Scottish Cup is more than just a list of winners. It’s about the stories and emotions it evokes. From Paul Gascoigne’s wonder goal for Rangers in the 1991 final to Pierre van Hooijdonk’s dramatic last-minute winner for Celtic in 2001, the competition has produced iconic moments that are etched in the memory of Scottish football fans.

Scottish Cup list of all winners:

(‡ Match void, * After extra time, † Penalty Shootout)

SeasonScottish Cup WinnersScoreRunners-upVenue
1873–74Queen’s Park2–0ClydesdaleHampden Park
1874–75Queen’s Park3–0RentonHampden Park
1875–76Queen’s Park1–13rd Lanark RVHamilton Crescent
Replay 2–0 Hampden Park
1876–77Vale of Leven1–1RangersHamilton Crescent
Replay 1–1 Hamilton Crescent
Second Replay 3–2 Hampden Park
1877–78Vale of Leven1–03rd Lanark RVHampden Park
1878–79Vale of Leven1–1RangersHampden Park
Replay walkover Hampden Park
1879–80Queen’s Park3–0ThornliebankHampden Park
1880–81Queen’s Park2–1 ‡DumbartonKinning Park
Replay 3–1 Kinning Park
1881–82Queen’s Park2–2DumbartonCathkin Park
Replay 4–1 Cathkin Park
1882–83Dumbarton2–2Vale of LevenHampden Park
Replay 2–1 Hampden Park
1883–84Queen’s ParkwalkoverVale of LevenCathkin Park
1884–85Renton0–0Vale of LevenHampden Park
Replay 3–1 Hampden Park
1885–86Queen’s Park3–1RentonCathkin Park
1886–87Hibernian2–1DumbartonHampden Park
1887–88Renton6–1CambuslangHampden Park
1888–893rd Lanark RV3–0 ‡CelticHampden Park
Replay 2–1 Hampden Park
1889–90Queen’s Park1–1Vale of LevenIbrox Park
Replay 2–1 Ibrox Park
1890–91Heart of Midlothian1–0DumbartonHampden Park
1891–92Celtic1–0 ‡Queen’s ParkIbrox Park
Replay 5–1 Ibrox Park
1892–93Queen’s Park0–1 ‡CelticIbrox Park
Replay 2–1 Ibrox Park
1893–94Rangers3–1CelticHampden Park
1894–95St Bernard’s2–1RentonIbrox Park
1895–96Heart of Midlothian3–1HibernianNew Logie Green
1896–97Rangers5–1DumbartonHampden Park
1897–98Rangers2–0KilmarnockHampden Park
1898–99Celtic2–0RangersHampden Park
1899–1900Celtic4–3Queen’s ParkIbrox Park
1900–01Heart of Midlothian4–3CelticIbrox Park
1901–02Hibernian1–0CelticCeltic Park
1902–03Rangers1–1Heart of MidlothianCeltic Park
Replay 0–0 Celtic Park
Second Replay 2–0 Celtic Park
1903–04Celtic3–2RangersHampden Park
1904–05Third Lanark0–0RangersHampden Park
Replay 3–1 Hampden Park
1905–06Heart of Midlothian1–0Third LanarkIbrox Park
1906–07Celtic3–0Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
1907–08Celtic5–1St MirrenHampden Park
1908-09Celtic2-2RangersHampden Park
 Celtic1-1RangersHampden Park
1909–10Dundee2–2ClydeIbrox Park
Replay 0–0 * Ibrox Park
Second Replay 2–1 Ibrox Park
1910–11Celtic0–0Hamilton AcademicalIbrox Park
Replay 2–0 Ibrox Park
1911–12Celtic2–0ClydeIbrox Park
1912–13Falkirk2–0Raith RoversCeltic Park
1913–14Celtic0–0HibernianIbrox Park
Replay 4–1 Ibrox Park
1919–20Kilmarnock3–2Albion RoversHampden Park
1920–21Partick Thistle1–0RangersCeltic Park
1921–22Morton1–0RangersHampden Park
1922–23Celtic1–0HibernianHampden Park
1923–24Airdrieonians2–0HibernianIbrox Park
1924–25Celtic2–1DundeeHampden Park
1925–26St Mirren2–0CelticHampden Park
1926–27Celtic3–1East FifeHampden Park
1927–28Rangers4–0CelticHampden Park
1928–29Kilmarnock2–0RangersHampden Park
1929–30Rangers0–0Partick ThistleHampden Park
Replay 2–1 Hampden Park
1930–31Celtic2–2MotherwellHampden Park
Replay 4–2 Hampden Park
1931–32Rangers1–1KilmarnockHampden Park
Replay 3–0 Hampden Park
1932–33Celtic1–0MotherwellHampden Park
1933–34Rangers5–0St MirrenHampden Park
1934–35Rangers2–1Hamilton AcademicalHampden Park
1935–36Rangers1–0Third LanarkHampden Park
1936–37Celtic2–1AberdeenHampden Park
1937–38East Fife1–1KilmarnockHampden Park
Replay 4–2 * Hampden Park
1938–39Clyde4–0MotherwellHampden Park
1946–47Aberdeen2–1HibernianHampden Park
1947–48Rangers1–1 *MortonHampden Park
Replay 1–0 * Hampden Park
1948–49Rangers4–1ClydeHampden Park
1949–50Rangers3–0East FifeHampden Park
1950–51Celtic1–0MotherwellHampden Park
1951–52Motherwell4–0DundeeHampden Park
1952–53Rangers1–1AberdeenHampden Park
Replay 1–0 Hampden Park
1953–54Celtic2–1AberdeenHampden Park
1954–55Clyde1–1CelticHampden Park
Replay 1–0 Hampden Park
1955–56Heart of Midlothian3–1CelticHampden Park
1956–57Falkirk1–1KilmarnockHampden Park
Replay 2–1 * Hampden Park
1957–58Clyde1–0HibernianHampden Park
1958–59St Mirren3–1AberdeenHampden Park
1959–60Rangers2–0KilmarnockHampden Park
1960–61Dunfermline Athletic0–0CelticHampden Park
Replay 2–0 Hampden Park
1961–62Rangers2–0St MirrenHampden Park
1962–63Rangers1-1CelticHampden Park
Replay 3–0 Hampden Park
1963–64Rangers3–1DundeeHampden Park
1964–65Celtic3–2Dunfermline AthleticHampden Park
1965–66Rangers0–0CelticHampden Park
Replay 1–0 Hampden Park
1966–67Celtic2–0AberdeenHampden Park
1967–68Dunfermline Athletic3–1Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
1968–69Celtic4–0RangersHampden Park
1969–70Aberdeen3–1CelticHampden Park
1970–71Celtic1–1RangersHampden Park
Replay 2–1 Hampden Park
1971–72Celtic6–1HibernianHampden Park
1972–73Rangers3–2CelticHampden Park
1973–74Celtic3–0Dundee UnitedHampden Park
1974–75Celtic3–1AirdrieoniansHampden Park
1975–76Rangers3–1Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
1976–77Celtic1–0RangersHampden Park
1977–78Rangers2–1AberdeenHampden Park
1978–79Rangers0–0HibernianHampden Park
Replay 0–0 * Hampden Park
Second Replay 3–2 * Hampden Park
1979–80Celtic1–0 *RangersHampden Park
1980–81Rangers0–0 *Dundee UnitedHampden Park
Replay 4–1 Hampden Park
1981–82Aberdeen4–1 *RangersHampden Park
1982–83Aberdeen1–0 *RangersHampden Park
1983–84Aberdeen2–1 *CelticHampden Park
1984–85Celtic2–1Dundee UnitedHampden Park
1985–86Aberdeen3–0Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
1986–87St Mirren1–0 *Dundee UnitedHampden Park
1987–88Celtic2–1Dundee UnitedHampden Park
1988–89Celtic1–0RangersHampden Park
1989–90Aberdeen0–0 †CelticHampden Park
1990–91Motherwell4–3 *Dundee UnitedHampden Park
1991–92Rangers2–1AirdrieoniansHampden Park
1992–93Rangers2–1AberdeenCeltic Park
1993–94Dundee United1–0RangersHampden Park
1994–95Celtic1–0AirdrieoniansHampden Park
1995–96Rangers5–1Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
1996–97Kilmarnock1–0FalkirkIbrox Stadium
1997–98Heart of Midlothian2–1RangersCeltic Park
1998–99Rangers1–0CelticHampden Park
1999–00Rangers4–0AberdeenHampden Park
2000–01Celtic3–0HibernianHampden Park
2001–02Rangers3–2CelticHampden Park
2002–03Rangers1–0DundeeHampden Park
2003–04Celtic3–1Dunfermline AthleticHampden Park
2004–05Celtic1–0Dundee UnitedHampden Park
2005–06Heart of Midlothian1–1 †GretnaHampden Park
2006–07Celtic1–0Dunfermline AthleticHampden Park
2007–08Rangers3–2Queen of the SouthHampden Park
2008–09Rangers1–0FalkirkHampden Park
2009–10Dundee United3–0Ross CountyHampden Park
2010–11Celtic3–0MotherwellHampden Park
2011–12Heart of Midlothian5–1HibernianHampden Park
2012–13Celtic3–0HibernianHampden Park
2013–14St Johnstone2–0Dundee UnitedCeltic Park
2014–15Inverness Caledonian Thistle2–1FalkirkHampden Park
2015–16Hibernian3–2RangersHampden Park
2016-17Celtic2-1AberdeenHampden Park
2017-18Celtic2–0MotherwellHampden Park
2018-19Celtic2-1Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
2019-20Celtic3-3†Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
2020-21St Johnstone1-0HibernianHampden Park
2021-22Rangers2-0*Heart of MidlothianHampden Park
2022-23Celtic3-1Inverness Caledonian ThistleHampden Park
2023-24Celtic1-0RangersHampden Park

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