3 Championships that can change hands at WWE Crown Jewel & 2 that likely won’t

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
October 31 2023
WWE Crown Jewel

The 2023 WWE Crown Jewel will be hosted live on November 4, 2023 at Mohammed Abdu Arena in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This is the fifth annual Crown Jewel event that has been hosted in Saudi Arabia. Since the announcement of the premium live event, WWE is planning to make it one of the most memorable events and has booked some of the WrestleMania worthy matches to the cards.

Five Championships are scheduled to be defended on the line in which some titles could possibly change hands. Here are three championships that are at great risk of changing hands and the two which likely won’t.

Could: WWE Women’s Championship

IYO SKY will be defending her WWE Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair in a single’s match. This match was one of the matches which was booked at the last minute, but made a huge impact on the match cards. IYO SKY won the WWE Women’s Championship by cashing-in the Money in the Bank contract on Bianca Belair, who regained that championship before that with a bad leg.

Since then, IYO SKY defended against two of the former champions, who were also the part of Bianca Belair’s match, but not against Belair. This is however the championship rematch. IYO SKY wasn’t as effective a champion as Bianca was and all the matches that she defended were with the help of Bayley and Dakota Kai.

Since Belair takes on Bayley on the day before her championship match, she could eliminate Bayley completely from entering the ring with IYO. Although if she does, Belair could have a backup from Charlotte Flair as both were the victims of Bayley in the past. Belair seems more powerful when compared to IYO and there are a lot of options for her to have the match-up to defend the championship.

Couldn’t: Women’s World Championship

Rhea Ripley will defend her Women’s World Championship against four other opponents including Raquel Rodriguez, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark in a Fatal 5-Way Match. Yes! the championship is in great risk, with only 20% of chance of her retaining as the first one to get the pinfall or submission wins. However, the no disqualification being the base of the multi-starred match is a great advantage for Rhea. Since Rhea being a dominant champ and based on her current storyline, Rhea losing the championship is nearly impossible at present.

Could: United States Championship

Rey Mysterio will be defending his United States title on the line against Logan Paul in a singles match, where Logan Paul could dethrone Rey Mysterio. Since Rey Mysterio won the U.S. title, it has developed a lot of tensions within LWO especially with Santos Escobar. Rey hasn’t defended the championship more often and wasn’t effective either being one of the reasons. Although Logan Paul being a part timer, this is the season to kick-off the road to WrestleMania, where big PPV’s occur and Paul actively shows up. As the championship is being defended rarely, LWO’s issue being the case, Logan’s presence and highlight matches of Logan could make Logan dethrone Rey Mysterio.

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Couldn’t: Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

Roman Reigns will defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on the line against LA Knight in a singles match, where Roman Reigns will retain the championship. Although Knight being one of the fastest rising stars and is in the push to the top, his inexperience as the face of the company and as a main eventer sets the draw back. Roman Reigns on the other hand is the dominant of the two and is not expected to lose his championship unless it is a WrestleMania according to his current storylines. Knight dethroning Roman doesn’t make any sense to the greatest story telling in recent times.

Could: World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins will be defending his World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Drew McIntyre, where Rollins might get dethroned in two possible ways. Since Rollins won the championship, he never defended it against any of the former World Champion, except Finn Balor. Drew McIntyre is the first biggest opponent that Rollins is facing after being crowned as a champion. Drew seems way more stronger than Rollins and is aware that he doesn’t want any outer factor to stop him from winning the World Championship.

Drew also had some hidden talks with Rhea Ripley, who tried to recruit him to Judgment Day. On the other hand, Damien Priest is the one who has been waiting for months to cash-in the Money in the Bank Contract. Although if Rollins retains, the match is expected to be a hard fight with damage on both sides, which could probably result in a possible cash-in win for Damien Priest.

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