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Top 10 best WWE Backlash matches of all time

Published at :April 18, 2024 at 3:31 PM
Modified at :April 18, 2024 at 3:31 PM
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The buzz produced by WrestleMania spills over into the following months, as The Backlash PPV event consistently provides spectacular matchups. That’s hardly unexpected given that WrestleMania rematches often take place at Backlash. In fact, some rematches have outperformed their WrestleMania counterparts.

Fans have watched numerous spectacular matches and moments during the huge event, including some of WWE’s top wrestlers. From star-making performances to spectacular championship defenses and adjustments, it feels like the beginning of a new wrestling year following WrestleMania’s dramatic conclusion. For genuine wrestling fans, these are Backlash‘s must-see matchups.

Here are top 10 best WWE Backlash matches of all time:

10. The Undertaker vs Batista – Backlash 2007

The Undertaker and Batista had the finest rivalry in 2017, and this encounter was one of the reasons why. At Backlash 2007, they faced off in a Last Man Standing battle for the World Heavyweight Championship. Their encounter at WrestleMania 23 was an explosive race that packed a lot of action inside 15 minutes. This contest might have been a little longer.

A Last Man Standing battle will be a little slower owing to all the counting, but that was not an issue here. Undertaker and Batista kept their ferocity throughout, until Batista Speared Undertaker off the stage. A lighting setup crashed on them, resulting in a draw. The conclusion was spectacular, and it allowed them to prolong their battle for several months.

9. AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose – Backlash 2016

For many years, Backlash was the first pay-per-view after WrestleMania. This allowed several of the year’s most intense rivalries to continue into this event, resulting in some fantastic matchups. As Backlash approaches, we’ve picked our top 10 matchups from the event’s history.

Dean Ambrose’s stint as WWE Champion left much to be desired, but he did have a fantastic bout on the night he lost it. Ambrose has always been a phenomenal performer, and AJ Styles is one of the finest ever.

This match was quite basic, yet it was done exceptionally well. While the referee was distracted, Styles kicked Ambrose low and delivered the Styles Clash to win his first WWE Championship.

8. Seth Rollins vs The Miz – Backlash 2018

Backlash 2018 was not a terrific PPV; in fact, it was one of the worst Backlash events in history. However, the Intercontinental Title fight between Seth Rollins and The Miz was fantastic and the only bout of the show worth watching.

Nobody anticipated this to be the best match of the night. Despite the fact that he lost, The Miz had one of his greatest performances to date. Seth Rollins was fantastic, as always.

7. Steve Austin vs The Rock – Backlash 1999

Steve Austin once expressed his disappointment in his encounter against The Rock at WrestleMania XV. He also expressed being immensely happier with their rematch at Backlash. This was a no-disqualification bout, with both Shane and Vince McMahon taking part.

Overall, this was a far superior bout to their encounter at WrestleMania. It’s bad because you want the best match to be on the biggest event, but I don’t believe anyone in Providence was disappointed to witness this match that night. This match was more intense than the ‘Mania match. They beat each other up and had a battle that was more typical of these two despised enemies.

6. Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels – Backlash 2004

Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H delivered one of the finest main events in WrestleMania history at WrestleMania XX. One month later, at Backlash, we had the identical match. While it wasn’t quite as fantastic as their ‘Mania classic, they still delivered one of the finest battles in Backlash history.

These were three of WWE’s top wrestlers at the time, so it should come as no surprise that they destroyed the home. Triple H and Shawn Michaels continued to feud, although Benoit now had the championship. So the dynamic differed from WrestleMania, but the match quality remained high.

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5. John Cena vs Triple H vs Edge – Backlash 2006

In 2006, John Cena hadn’t fully developed as a wrestler. He may be carried to a fantastic match, but he remained a work in progress. That said, he took it to Backlash 2006. He was entrusted with defending the WWE Championship against Triple H and Edge in a triple threat match.

Triple H was on the cusp of becoming a babyface, hardcore fans despised Cena, and Edge was the designated villain. This all contributed to a strange fan dynamic for this match, but they had a fantastic time nevertheless. Edge was the devious heel who tried to avoid fighting, which inevitably ended in him being used as a pinball by the other two. Triple H was juiced, and Cena was ultimately able to reverse a Pedigree into a roll-up and get the pin.

4. Kurt Angle vs Edge – Backlash 2002

This has been cited several times as an excellent example of how to properly conduct a mid-carder vs. main eventer match. Edge was a spunky up-and-coming babyface, while Kurt Angle was the established main event heel. Nowadays, if Edge lost this match, many would moan that he was being buried, but the truth was completely different.

Edge was able to push Angle to the edge and provide a barnburner of a match. Sometimes the main eventer is simply better than the young man, and that is fine. This was an example, but being given the opportunity to compete with someone like Angle was enough to elevate him in the eyes of the fans.

3. Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack – Backlash 2004

If you want to speak about an all-time classic Backlash match, this is it. Mick Foley frequently refers to this as the finest bout of his career, and I believe it is also the best match of Orton’s career.

Orton had pinned Foley at WrestleMania XX, and now they were prepared for a Hardcore match. Orton was regarded as a brilliant young man, but he lacked the air of being a tough guy. That attitude came to an end right now. Foley went all out on little Randy, slicing his face open with barbed wire and pushing him into thumbtacks. Orton was not feeling well after those tacks, but it was that spot that made him a credible tough guy.

2. John Cena vs Edge – Backlash 2009

Edge is undoubtedly John Cena’s greatest adversary. They always had terrific chemistry, and their final match together was maybe their greatest. Edge challenged Cena to a Last Man Standing battle for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash 2009.

Some moments in this bout have never been replicated subsequently, like as Cena being chokeslammed into a searchlight by Big Show. With such insane stuff going on, it’s no surprise that this match turned out to be so excellent. This encounter had a feeling of finality to it because these two enemies would later part ways, bringing an end to one of WWE’s all-time finest feuds.

1. John Cena vs Edge vs Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels – Backlash 2007

John Cena was a world-beater in 2007. He ended up holding the WWE Championship for more than a year, and this was one of his most difficult trials. He defended the championship at Backlash 2007 against Edge, Randy Orton, and Shawn Michaels, his WrestleMania 23 opponent. It was a masterpiece.

Edge and Orton had previously formed a tag team, as had Cena and Michaels, therefore there was a lot of action involving partners joining up only to betray their teammates. This resulted in excellent drama and an incredible ending moment.

The battle ended with everyone hitting finishers on one other, with supporters anticipating Michaels to win because he was the last guy remaining. Unfortunately for HBK, he superkicked Cena directly into Orton, allowing Cena to retain the title.

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