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Top 10 best WWE documentaries of all time

Published at :May 7, 2024 at 7:53 PM
Modified at :May 7, 2024 at 7:59 PM
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These films showcase the history of WWE and the top superstars

While WWE has much for die-hard fans to whine about, including gimmickry, booking choices, lousy humor, and so on, the organization also has one of the strongest video production crews in professional wrestling. WWE has created a variety of documentaries throughout the years, in addition to vignettes and video packages that fans watch on regular television.

WWE has covered a wide range of pro wrestling topics over the last two decades, including not just its own top performers, but also now-defunct firms, prominent personnel, and some intriguing trivia. 

Let’s look at the ten best WWE documentaries that fans should see.

10. The Undertaker: The Last Ride (2020)

For a moment, it appeared like The Undertaker would never retire, as he overcame the odds and returned to the ring on multiple occasions, owing to his love but also to a string of terrible bouts that resulted in an unsatisfying finish. The Last Ride series focuses on the latter stages of his WWE career. Originally intended to record his retirement, the documentary had to be expanded.

It is one of the first authentic insights at the guy behind WWE’s most iconic gimmick, delivering a rare glimpse into his enthusiasm for the industry and dedication to both WWE and Vince McMahon.

9. Woooooo!: Becoming Ric Flair (2022)

While it was virtually a vanity effort for “The Nature Boy”, Wooo! Becoming Ric Flair caused him to open out in ways he hadn’t before, both in his profession and more recently, when he nearly died. This isn’t as nice as the 30 for 30 show about Flair, which he disliked since it was too personal for him. This one is still not holding back.

It’s strange to hear Flair chuckle about his near-death experience, but he was open about his profession, life, and personal relationships here. Having Flair sit down for a similar WWE documentary that Undertaker did was wise, even if Flair pats himself on the back.

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8. The American Dream: The Dusty Rhodes Story (2006)

Long before the WWE Network simplified wrestling documentaries, WWE had a superb DVD library, and one of the early standouts was Dusty Rhodes’ “The American Dream” DVD. This, along with the Ric Flair documentary published around the same time, demonstrated WWE’s commitment to sharing the tales of the industry’s greats, even if the finest portions of the narrative occurred outside of WWE.

What particularly sticks out about this Dusty Rhodes documentary is that it totally embraces the territorial system. There was also a map of the United States with Dusty’s plane flying from Florida to the Carolinas to WWE and then back to WCW.

They even included several key interviews with Dusty’s background, including Mike Graham, who has been involved in Dusty’s profession since the beginning. From the Son of a Plumber promotion to his booking days, world titles, and polka dots, this documentary has everything Rhodes fans could want.

7. Andre The Giant (2018)

André the Giant is one of the few WWE documentaries that were not produced by WWE. Instead, WWE co-produced this one, with ESPN handling the hard lifting. This makes sense given that Andre is one of the most popular wrestlers of all time, and his life and career were greater than professional wrestling itself. 

He was dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” and he went on to become a Hollywood icon with films such as Princess Bride and a pop cultural phenomenon. This WWE documentary, produced by Bill Simmons, examines Andre’s life, both good and terrible, and even features Vince McMahon sobbing on camera.

6. A Future WWE: The FCW Story (2020)

WWE’s developmental brand, NXT, rose to prominence among die-hard fans in the mid-2010s due to its clear, virtually old-school approach to wrestling programming and outstanding in-ring product. But NXT was the heir to another developing area, the little-known Florida Championship Wrestling, which received a documentary from WWE in 2020.

Running under 80 minutes, A Future WWE: The FCW Story is an excellent look at what WWE developmental was like before it became so popular, with current WWE talents such as Seth Rollins, Big E, and Bayley reflecting on their time there.

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5. The Monday Night War: WWE Vs. WCW (2014)

This is a comprehensive documentary series that covers practically every possible angle. The Monday Night War marked the most thrilling period in wrestling history. While everyone is aware that the Attitude Era ended with WWE and WCW closing their doors, the actual Monday Night War was far more interesting and thrilling. 

This was the period that produced the nWo, Goldberg, DX, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and others. This documentary series consists of 20 chapters and features hours and hours of film from WCW and WWE, with practically everyone involved discussing what occurred during those iconic years.

4. Journey To SummerSlam: The Deconstruction Of The Shield (2015)

Nobody can dispute The Shield’s effect in professional wrestling. Roman Reigns has been the greatest star in WWE for more than two years. Seth Rollins is a game-changer who delivers spectacular battles every time he steps into the ring. Jon Moxley is AEW’s MVP and remains a significant celebrity. And it all began when the three men invaded Survivor Series and attacked Ryback. Deconstruction of The Shield is more than simply a documentary on the faction; it also delves behind the scenes of their growth.

This WWE documentary depicted how The Shield arose before becoming The Shield. It includes a video of Moxley in CZW and Rollins in Ring of Honor. Gabe Sapolsky discussed working with Mox in Dragon Gate USA and with Rollins in ROH. There’s also a look at their ascent in Florida’s developmental area, which became NXT. This demonstrates that WWE documentary filmmakers understand there is more outside WWE, and this documentary takes full use of it.

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3. Biography: WWE Legends ft. Roman Reigns (2024)

Roman Reigns has been at the top of the food chain for over three years. Whether you like him or dislike him, the truth remains that he is the “Big Dog” in the yard. The Bloodline may have cracked, but his incredible feat will live on in WWE history books forever.

Despite criticism for his reign as champion, there is no doubt that he is perhaps the biggest star of the contemporary period. Vince predicted it perfectly, and Roman Reigns is undoubtedly one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. So, his documentary just showcases that.

2. American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes (2023)

American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes, a recent WWE documentary, is unique. This was one of the rare WWE documentaries that negatively portrayed the company. It demonstrated Cody’s dissatisfaction with his professional orientation. When he concluded WWE wasn’t the greatest fit for him, he quit the business and established himself elsewhere. It first highlights Cody’s experience in New Japan before transitioning to video from AEW and Being the Elite.

This is what made this such an interesting video, because AEW is still a competitor, though Triple H does downplay the competition in this documentary. From his beginnings until his comeback to WWE, this is an excellent documentary on a one-of-a-kind superstar.

1. Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal (2024)

In August 2023, the wrestling world mourned the sudden loss of WWE icon Bray Wyatt. Peacock’s release, “Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal,” honors Windham Rotunda’s transformative legacy. The documentary delves into Rotunda’s life, from his creation of the iconic character to his profound impact on the industry. 

Featuring exclusive footage and interviews spanning his career, the film offers an intimate look at the man behind the persona. Condolences poured in from fans, fellow wrestlers, and commentators, reflecting Wyatt’s immense influence. “Becoming Immortal” celebrates Rotunda’s legacy, ensuring his memory lives on in the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.

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