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Top five directions for Becky Lynch following WWE Women’s World Championship win

Published at :April 23, 2024 at 6:13 PM
Modified at :April 23, 2024 at 6:13 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

Rhea Ripley was forced to relinquish the title due to injury

Becky Lynch won her 7th Women’s title, though it was quite controversial, we never know what is planned for her after her win at the Raw edition of 22nd April 2024 in the main event Battle Royale match. The match was important as Rhea Ripley had to relinquish the women’s world championship on Monday Night Raw recently due to an injury inflicted by Liv Morgan.

With Ripley expected to be sidelined for several months, WWE had to arrange a match to determine a new champion. Sidelining these things as of now, let’s see the top five directions for Becky Lynch after today’s win.

Becky Lynch v/s Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan emerges as the underdog challenger, fueled by her takedown of the former Champion. Her hunger for a title shot drives a compelling storyline where she must overcome obstacles to prove herself worthy against the new champion, Becky Lynch. Liv’s journey of determination and resilience captivates audiences as she navigates challenges en route to her championship opportunity against the formidable Becky.

Becky Lynch v/s Rhea Ripley

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley’s clash promises a thrilling collision of two powerhouse talents in the women’s division, whenever she returns. With Lynch as the reigning champion and Ripley eager to reclaim her former glory after injury, the stakes are high.

Their matchup is poised to be a showcase of athleticism, determination, and raw intensity, captivating audiences as they witness these two formidable competitors go head-to-head in a battle for supremacy.

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Dominating Title Reign

After the draft, Becky Lynch could embark on a dominant title reign, showcasing her skills by defeating a series of challengers from both Raw and SmackDown.

This run would serve to establish her as an unstoppable force in the women’s division, as she overcomes challenges from several dominant wrestlers such as Nia Jax and Piper Niven, cementing her status as the top competitor and solidifying her legacy as one of the greatest champions in WWE history.

Appearances in NXT

As she could be a workhorse Champion, Becky Lynch could elevate the Women’s World Championship by facing champions or top contenders from NXT, showcasing her skills against a diverse range of opponents.

These cross-promotional matches would not only raise the prestige of the title but also provide exciting matchups for fans, highlighting Becky’s versatility and solidifying her status as a top-tier competitor in WWE’s women’s division.

Evolution of Character as a heel

As Champion on Smackdown is a face, turning Becky Lynch heel could provide a fresh and intriguing direction for her character. Embracing a villainous persona could allow her to explore new facets of her personality and engage in compelling storylines.

As a heel, Becky could be ruthless, cunning, and manipulative, using any means necessary to maintain her championship reign and assert her dominance over the women’s division. This change could create exciting opportunities for feuds with fan-favorite faces and ultimately add depth and complexity to her character.

Becky Lynch’s triumph unlocks a spectrum of human experiences. She confronts the challenge of proving herself against an underdog like Liv Morgan, showcasing resilience and determination. Facing Rhea Ripley, both women seek to overcome obstacles and reclaim glory.

A dominant title reign brings pressures of success, navigating relationships and rivalries with Nia Jax and Piper Niven. Cross-promotional matches with NXT offer growth opportunities. Contemplating a heel turn, Becky grapples with morality and identity, ensuring her journey remains relatable.

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