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Top five reasons why Jacob Fatu should make his debut at WWE Backlash 2024

Published at :May 3, 2024 at 5:41 PM
Modified at :May 3, 2024 at 5:41 PM
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Darshanbir Singh

The Bloodline face Kevin Owens and Randy Orton in a tag team match in France

WWE is set to have a match between Solo Sikoa and Tama Tonga v/s Kevin Owens and Randy Orton and needs some spices to make it better and it is rumored that WWE will involve Jacob Fatu in the Backlash 2024 and people are confused about how he will enter the storyline, while it is the future, there are reasons, because of which he should debut at Backlash premium live event, so let’s have a look at five reasons why Jacob Fatu should make debut at Backlash premium live event that is set to happen in France.

No surprises ahead of Backlash

Backlash 2024 would be the perfect venue to make Jacob Fatu’s debut as it would maximise the event’s prominence and unpredictable nature. Fans would be shocked by his unexpected presence because his debut date was kept secret, creating a lot of discussion and conjecture.

With his powerful debut, Fatu can establish himself as a strong force in the WWE and also the Bloodline ahead of Roman’s Return. This calculated action would confirm WWE’s commitment to provide exceptional experiences on its biggest platforms, that is happening in France for the first time. 

Solo and Tonga need someone by their side

It would be a dominant move to introduce Jacob Fatu as Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa’s ringside enforcer during their fight against Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. Fatu’s arrival would demonstrate the Bloodline’s cohesion and strength as a group, giving them a powerful advantage.

Alongside Solo Sikoa, Fatu is a member of the illustrious Anoa’i family, therefore their partnership would highlight the Bloodline’s history and solidify their domination in the WWE. This calculated acquisition would demonstrate to their rivals and the whole WWE globe the Bloodline’s everlasting authority in the absence of Roman Reigns, the Tribal Chief.

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The Fans Play

As it is the first event of WWE in France, including Fatu in the show would help them generate more appreciation for the show, as already said, the surprises aren’t planned as of now, so, introducing Jacob Fatu will help the company to generate a buzz around the WWE Universe who would be present there in the event. While it is rumored that Rowan might come too for the Backlash show, it is still a speculation about him.

Continue without Roman Reigns for now

Because they don’t have Jey Uso either, Jacob Fatu’s WWE debut without Roman Reigns becomes a pivotal point in the Bloodline story that keeps it dominant. Asserting the faction’s power, Fatu’s entrance fills Reigns’ void with him aligning with Tama Tonga and Solo Sikoa.

To ensure the Bloodline’s ongoing relevance, their plot may concentrate on Fatu establishing his value and carving out a position for himself inside the family. This change in dynamic offers new excitement and creates the framework for interesting storylines in WWE.

Create more tensions in Paul Heyman’s mind

The familial dynamic has changed dramatically as a result of Tama Tonga‘s debut and Roman Reigns’ prolonged absence from the WWE weekly schedule. After disagreements with the new leaders, Solo Sikoa and Tonga take up a leadership position, which causes Jimmy Uso to be excluded. In the meantime, a tense Paul Heyman tries to take over.

Jacob Fatu’s inclusion might significantly improve the plot. He may support Sikoa’s Bloodline and add another level of intrigue and power conflicts to the story, or he could side with Heyman to bring things back to normal and act as a messenger of Roman Reigns after Sikoa broke Heyman’s phone.

While it will be interesting to see how it goes for Jacob Fatu at Backlash, we shall hope that the Bloodline story never ends because of the way it’s being presented on TV. Let’s tune in to WWE Backlash on 4th May to find out more about the same.

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