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What is the biggest betrayal in WWE history?

Published at :May 19, 2024 at 5:41 PM
Modified at :May 19, 2024 at 5:41 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Betrayals have been the greatest storyline makers for WWE.

WWE Superstars are subjected to babyfaces and heels in the long term storytelling. The company has come across a number of top babyfaces and greater heels throughout the years. There is only a small gap between being the babyface and a heel. We have witnessed a number of WWE stars turning face to heel and heel to face.

Although turning from heel to face is a mighty task, turning heel from face seems to be comparatively easier, as one right betrayal against the babyface or teammate is enough. So which is the biggest betrayal in WWE history?

WWE’s Biggest Betrayal- Seth Rollins betrayal on The Shield

Seth Rollins betrayal on The Shield in 2014 is considered as the biggest betrayal in WWE history, as no one saw the trio would ever break into parts. Here we take a journey through the ultimate betrayal of Rollins on The Shield.

The Unforgivable Sin of Seth Rollins

The Shield was one of the biggest professional wrestling stables in WWE, consisting of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. The trio debuted on the 2012 Survivor Series PPV as the mercenaries of CM Punk to help him retain the WWE Championship against Ryback & John Cena. A week after the occurrence they were identified as The Shield, who vowed to be “The Hounds of Justice”. The trio slowly became one of the undeniable stables in the company, who maintained an undefeated streak for six-months.

Their undefeated streak helped all the three to have their hands on the gold, where Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins became the WWE Tag Team Champions and Dean Ambrose became the United States Champion. They slowly became the enforcers of Triple H, turning heel and went to work on the orders of The Authority.

They had successful title defenses until Rollins and Reigns lost their tag titles. This created the first chaos inside the Shield, where Ambrose boasted to Roman & Seth for losing their titles. The crack developing inside the Shield was teased periodically as Roman accidentally speared Ambrose, Shield getting outnumbered, Rollins’ walking out during the match due to lack of teamwork and more. However they fixed things by reconciling.

After reconciling, they turned babyfaces after refusing to attack Jerry Lawler. Their rebel against Authority forced Dean Ambrose to defend his title on the line in a 20 Man Battle Royal and eventually losing it. Triple H, the leader of Authority, reunited with Batista & Randy Orton feuded against Shield, however Shield won the battle at Payback 2014.

Triple H tried to continue the feud with The Shield, but Batista went on to quit WWE and left Evolution. This outnumbered Triple H & Randy Orton, however The King came out with a ‘Plan B’ to destroy Shield.

The ‘Plan B’ of Triple H turned out to be Rollins betraying Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose of The Shield seeking for a business relationship with Authority. Rollins all of sudden attacked Reigns & Ambrose with a steel chair. Rollins’ was considered as a ‘Cancer’ & the betrayal was considered as ‘the most unforgivable sin’.

Although Ambrose and Roman were billed as the Shield, the stable got dissolved in the process of pursuing their own interests. They had a reunion for a number of times from 2017 to 2019, however the Ultimate Betrayal by Rollins has always been remembered.

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