ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

Top 5 best Cricket World Cup Anthems

Saurabh AnandSaurabh Anand

September 21 2023
Top 5 best Cricket World Cup Anthems

Cricket World Cup 2023 Anthem “Dil Jashn Bole” has failed to catch fans’ enthusiasm.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) released the official anthem of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ on Wednesday. ICC released a video featuring Bollywood star Ranveer Singh for the build-up of the mega event in India. The 50-overs World Cup is played in a 4-year cycle and is considered the most prestigious event in cricket world. Fans wait for the action as well as things happening outside. The World Cup anthem is one such thing that fans connect themselves with. ICC’s newly released anthem video attracted criticism from fans on social media. 

‘Dil Jashn Bole’ has failed to catch fans’ enthusiasm. As soon as the ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ was released, fans awaiting great action in the upcoming Cricket World Cup 2023 started trending the iconic ‘De Ghuma Ke’ song on Twitter. There are a few iconic songs still played in loops for their iconic music, and lyrics and to connect with the cricket fans. Apart from this, there are a few more songs that connected well with the fans and became super-hit songs that fans still enjoy listening to. Let’s have a look at the top World Cup anthems in Cricket. 

Here are the Top 5 Cricket World Cup Anthems:

5. Live the Game, Love the Game (2022 T20 World Cup in Australia):

The 2022 T20 World Cup Anthem attracted a lot of positive comments for its catchy music and lyrics. Every ground in Australia witnessed great enthusiasm whenever the DJ played the ‘Live the Game, Love the Game’ song during a game. This song was composed by Amit Trivedi, Lyrics were by Kaushar Muneer and Sharvi Yadav and Anand Bhaskar gave their voice to this beautifully composed masterpiece. 

4. Stand By – LORYN (2019 ICC Cricket World Cup in England):

The 2019 World Cup song was composed in collaboration with LORYN and one of the United Kingdom’s influential bands Rudimental. This song highlighted the cultural diversity in the United Kingdom to celebrate cricket’s biggest spectacle happening for the 5th time in history. England went on to become champions for the first time in the history of the 50-overs World Cup. This song also became a raging hit among fans. 

3. Char Chokka Hoi Hoi (2014 T20 World Cup in Bangladesh):

‘Char Chokka Hoi Hoi’ was the official theme song of the 2014 T20 World Cup played in Bangladesh. Most of the song is in Bengali with a few opening lines in English. After the release of ‘Dil Jashn Bole’ Fans have also remembered ‘Char Chokka Hoi Hoi’ among the best World Cup theme songs as well. This song was composed by Fuad Al Muqtadir alongside young musicians Dilshad Kana, Elita Karim, Pantha Kanai, and Jahan Alamgir. 

2. ‘It is time for us’- Bob’s Beat (2015 ICC Cricket World Cup in Australia & New Zealand):

The official Theme song of ICC Cricket World 2015 in Australia and New Zealand was also a raging hit among cricket fans. They still feel nostalgic when they hear the Bob’s Beat 2015 Cricket World Cup anthem. Bob’s Beat, Mawe (Markes Watterbug) came into the limelight and increased their fan following after their ‘It is time for us’ anthem. This was the creation of the WDL Swedish music band. The video shows cricket fans around the world celebrating cricket. 

1.  ‘De Ghuma Ke’ (2011 ICC Cricket World Cup in India, Bangladesh, & Sri Lanka):

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s “De Ghuma Ke” from the 2011 World Cup will be the top-rated song for almost everyone in the Cricket World Cup anthems. ‘De Ghuma Ke’ relates to sub-continent fans playing or following cricket and that became the most important factor in making this song a super-hit song. This song was released in three different languages representing every host country of the event. It was released in Bengali, Sinhala, and Hindi. 

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