These players have been brilliant in the last year.

When it comes to right-backs, our generation has seen some of the most brilliant and polished players, such as Dani Alves, Cafu, Zavier Zanetti, and Gary Neville. These are the names who established that position, and now we have full-backs who can either attack or defend; it is difficult to find individuals who can do both. In the words of Jamie Carragher, “if you’re a full-back, you’re either a failed winger or a failed centre-back.”

But we are fortunate to have fullbacks in this generation who exhibit some of these characteristics. And in this article, we have identified the top ten finest right-backs for 2022.

10. Kieran Trippier  

Although his club career hasn’t been stellar, he starts ahead of Alex-Ander Arnold and Kyle Walker, indicating how important he is to Southgate. Trippier has since joined Newcastle, where he has helped to bolster that area as the club sits second in the Premier League standings. He is a proficient player who typically scores from dead ball situations and his most famous free-kick against Croatia in the World Cup semi-final in 2018 is undoubtedly imprinted in the minds of many England fans.

9. Diego Dalot

Fans did not anticipate Diego Dalot to be this exciting at right-back, as he is currently a regular starter for Manchester United. Dalot possesses both offensive and defensive potential, and Erik Ten Hag has given him the opportunity to thrive as a right-back. He has developed game after game and made an impression on Portugal at the World Cup. And his offensive powers are becoming more efficient in each game.

8. Joao Cancelo

He has consistently amazed us with his goal-scoring flair and passing ranges. Cancelo, like De Bruyne, is a Manchester City artist. He is not hesitant to go one-on-one with defenders and generate opportunities. With his delightful passes, he can find teammates in any position. Despite having a rough debut season, the Portuguese full-back has rebuilt and is currently Guardiola’s most preferred full-back in the Premier League.

7. Dani Carvajal

Carvajal has been Real Madrid‘s full-back for ten years, and no one has been capable of succeeding him. He is also the only player to have won five Champions Leagues, and he may conclude his career as one of the best right-backs of this generation. Carvajal remains their first option in right-back despite the frequent hiring of new managers. Although injuries have hampered his performance, he is a dependable and complete full-back for Real Madrid.

6. Denzel Dumfries

The Inter-Milan full-back was among the notable contributors in the Netherlands’ march to the World Cup 2022 quarterfinals. With Hakimi’s transfer, Dumfries had a massive vacuum to fill, which he handled admirably and has since become Inter’s most competent full. Although he is used as an auxiliary winger at Inter, Dumfries is noted for his raw strength and defensive discipline.

5. Noussair Mazraoui

He rose to prominence under Ten Hag in 2018/19, but then plummeted and struggled to upgrade as a periphery player. However, he made atonement for Ajax the next season with seven goals, which led to his transfer to Bayern Munich. He was a remarkable performer at the World Cup, helping Morocco reach the semi-finals. Despite his injuries throughout his time at Bayern, he is one of the outstanding full-backs and an exceptional quality overall.

4. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent’s offensive qualities surpass his defensive limitations, making him one of the top playmakers in that position. Alex-Ander Arnold established himself at the age of 19 when he smashed multiple records for the most assists by a fullback. He is one of Klopp’s most important players, with Beckham-like crossing and free-kick knowledge. He has double-digit assists in three Premier League seasons and is indisputably in the same category as Dani Alves and Cafu.

3. Jonathan Clauss

His stint with Lens won him the accolade of best full-back, as he was important in the performance on the field and the most productive player, registering 11 assists and one goal in 16 Ligue One starts in the 2021/22 season. He moved to Marseille as a technically skilled player with both defensive and attacking characteristics, where he will be recognized as one of the best full-backs.

2. Reece James

It is difficult to find a full-back with defensive and offensive features, but we did encounter one when Reece James was promoted to the senior team; he did not relish his first season but matured into a sophisticated player and is now one of Europe’s most renowned and rounded fullbacks. He may lack speed and playmaking ability, but James’ grasp of the game is exceptional, and his ability to affect the game is one of his greatest skills. Chelsea‘s great right experience back is supplemented by his tenacity and physicality on the ball, making him an indispensable member of the club.

1. Achraf Hakimi

After leaving Real Madrid, Hakimi endured peaks and troughs, but Inter Milan reaped the benefit of his talent, as he was the missing piece in Antonio Conte’s puzzle when Inter Milan won the Scudetto in 2020/21. He evolved into a magnificent right-back there, but Inter were compelled to sell him in 2021, and PSG acquired the outstanding right-back.

Hakimi is more dangerous, great in both positions, and quick on the ball. He is praised for his distribution and judgment call skills, which distinguish him as a unique right-back among others, and at the back, he is a terrific thinker and predicts the ball effectively, making him essential in both positions.

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