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Fantasy Premier League: Free hit vs Wildcard


March 27 2023
What is the wildcard chip in Fantasy Premier League?

Both chips are game-changers if the users apply them at the correct time.

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is one of the most popular fantasy games in the market where football fans create their dream team consisting of Premier League players. They collect scores based on the real-life performances of the players and compete with other fans. The FPL has become increasingly popular among football fans worldwide due to the popularity of the league and the high-profile players that play in it.

Thanks to the competitive nature of the Fantasy Premier League, users are always looking for ways to gain an edge over their competitors. Two of the most powerful tools in the FPL arsenal are the free-hit chip and the wildcard chip that can give the users a boost.

Both chips hold special powers that FPL managers can use to give their team an edge and score more points than their competition. However, all users get access to them, therefore, using the free-hit and wildcard chips at the correct time holds all the importance. Here is a look at both chips and how they differ from each other:

The Free-Hit 

The free-hit is a powerful tool that allows you to make unlimited transfers for one game week without any point deductions. It is most commonly used during double game weeks or when a team has key players injured. A key point that one must consider is that all the transfers made using the free-hit tool revert after the end of the game week.

Using the chip allows one to acquire players that have a higher chance of scoring points. It is also useful in a scenario where one has several injured/suspended players. By using free-hit, one can make several transfers and avoid a point deduction too.

Ideally, the free-hit chip is used during double game weeks but every FPL manager can have a differing approach. By definition, double game weeks are weeks where a team plays two games in a single week. Due to two fixtures, the teams can earn double the number of points, and the free-hit chip can be used to maximize them.

One important thing to note about the free-hit chip is that it is a one-time use only unless the organisers provide an extra in unique circumstances. It is important to use it strategically and at the right time.

The Wildcard 

The wildcard chip is one of the most powerful tools in Fantasy Premier League that allows a user to make unlimited transfers without any point deductions for one game week. However, unlike the free-hit chip, the wildcard chip can be used twice during the season. The first wildcard can be used any time before the end of December (the first half of the season), and the second wildcard can be used after that.

Making transfers is a brilliant way of shaking things up and recruiting players that have favourable fixtures coming up. There is one free transfer in every game week that managers can make. If they opt to not use it, then one free transfer carries over to become two free transfers which is the ceiling for available free transfers. 

Any extra transfers lead to a deduction of four points per transfer. The wildcard chip allows managers to overhaul their teams and bring in new players who have a higher chance of scoring points. The wildcard chip allows an FPL manager to make unlimited transfers before the deadline for that game week. Unlike the free hit transfers, these are permanent. It is a brilliant way of releasing underperforming, injured or suspended players for those who are in form and have a high potential to score points due to favourable fixtures.

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