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Ratings: Thapa, Liston shine on Mohun Bagan's ISL Shield winning night

Published at :April 15, 2024 at 10:20 PM
Modified at :April 15, 2024 at 10:20 PM
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(Courtesy : ISL media)

Atawaris Warsi

Lallianzuala Chhangte performed brilliantly throughout the ISL clash against Mohun Bagan.

In a thrilling showdown, Mohun Bagan Super Giant secured the ISL league shield under Antonio Habas for the first time, triumphing over Mumbai City FC. Liston Colaco ignited the scoring with a stunning strike, followed by Jason Cummings adding another with his weaker foot in the second half. 

As the match neared its conclusion, Chhangte notched one for The Islanders, yet their efforts fell short as the Mariners seized the league Shield from the defending champions. It was a testament to Mohun Bagan’s resilience and determination, epitomized by their stellar performance on the pitch. 

Let’s take a look at the ratings of the players.

Mohun Bagan Super Giant

Vishal Kaith – 7.5/10

The Mohun Bagan goalie dominated against The Islanders, grabbing loose balls, thwarting powerful shots, and asserting a commanding presence.

Anwar Ali – 7/10

Throughout the match, Anwar stifled Mumbai City FC’s attackers, standing tall as Mohun Bagan’s defensive stronghold with unwavering authority.

Hector Yuste – 7.5/10

Yuste thwarted numerous chances for The Islanders while initiating plays from the back, showcasing his dual prowess for Mohun Bagan.

Subhasish Bose – 7/10

Bose’s standout skill was neutralizing Chhangte’s threat, maintaining defensive solidity while showcasing exceptional strength throughout the game. Bose received a yellow card in the first half.

Abhishek Suryavanshi – 7.5/10

Abhishek displayed flawless performance, never erring, until being replaced by Deepak Tangri in the 56th minute of the match.

Joni Kauko – 8/10

Kauko commanded the midfield for The Mariners, orchestrating plays and towering defensively. He was substituted in the 62nd minute.

Manvir Singh – 7/10

Consistently exploiting the right flank, he kept Akash Mishra occupied throughout the match, proving to be a persistent threat.

Dimitri Petratos – 7.5/10

He assumed the role of the primary risk-taker for Mohun Bagan, constantly creating opportunities for The Mariners with his bold play.

Anirudh Thapa – 8/10

Delivering precise passes into the 18-yard box, he excelled not only in offense but also defensively, showcasing his all-around brilliance on the field.

Liston Colaco – 8.5/10

Liston unleashed a sensational strike to open Mohun Bagan’s scoring account, showcasing his absolute best performance for the Mariners.

Armando Sadiku – 7/10

Contributed significantly to Mohun Bagan’s offensive efforts before being substituted by Cummings.


Deepak Tangri – 7/10

Tangri delivered another commanding performance, denying The Islanders the opportunities they sought with his powerful defensive displays.

Jason Cummings – 8/10

Perfect execution by the substitute to add the second and seal the game for Mohun Bagan

Brendan Hamill – 5/10

The only worst performer for the Mariners. Received a red card in the game.

Asish Rai – 7/10

Great performance by the right back to hold off the left flank for the Islanders.

Lalrinliana Hnamte – N/A

Mumbai City FC

Phurba Lachenpa – 6/10

Despite conceding Liston’s challenging shot, he performed admirably overall. He could have done better in denying Jason Cummings’ weak footer shot.

Akash Mishra – 6.5/10

Akash showcased defensive solidity, successfully containing Manvir Singh for a considerable duration.

Tiri – 5.5/10

Commendable performance from the defender throughout the game. Received a concussion and had to be subbed off.

Rahul Bheke – 6/10

The Mumbai skipper missed an opportunity to close down Liston Colaco before his spectacular shot.

Mehtab Singh – 5/10

He failed to mark Liston Colaco effectively, leading to the opportunity for Colaco’s impactful play, indicating a lapse in defensive execution on his part.

Alberto Noguera – 7/10

Only the positive sign in this Mumbai side, who continuously created chances for The Islanders. He was substituted for Jayesh Rane.

Yoell Van Nieff – 5.5/10

Yoell controlled the tempo well enough but should have closed Cummings well enough during the second goal.

Apuia – 6/10

Partnered well alongside Yoell Van Nieff.

Bipin Singh – 6.5/10

Bipin Singh effectively exploited the left flank but struggled to find the ideal space to deliver precise crosses, limiting his impact in the final third.

Jorge Pereyra Diaz – 6/10

Pereyra Diaz showcased brilliant incisive runs but often appeared isolated in the final third, lacking support from teammates during the game.

Lallianzuala Chhangte – 8/10

Amidst a challenging game for The Islanders, he emerged as a lone positive, scoring the solitary goal in the dying minutes, offering a glimmer of hope for Mumbai City FC.


Jakub Vojtuš

Not a great performance by the newly arrived.

Valpuia – 4/10

His passes were awful. A game to forget for the substitute.

Jayesh Rane – 5/10

Attempted to grant control to The Islanders but struggled to make a significant impact on the game.

Thaer Krouma – 4/10

Not the match he would like to remember.

Gurkirat Singh – N/A

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