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Live ISL 2016 Semi Final: Delhi Dynamos 2-1 Kerala Blasters

Published at :December 14, 2016 at 6:40 PM
Modified at :December 14, 2016 at 6:40 PM
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The upshot of all of this is Blasters meet Kolkata in the Final on Sunday in the conundrum that is Kochi in a repeat of the Final of 2014. We'll join you then. But, for now from me and all team here in Delhi its a good night.

Kadio's weak clearance allowed Marcelinho to score. Nazon responded for Blasters. Milan got himself sent off for a rash tackle on Mehtab but Rocha brought the hosts level on aggregate.With nothing to separate the two teams in regulation time and through extra-time off we went into penalties .Malouda, Pelissari and Memo all failed to score from the spot.Four men stepeed up for Blasters. German missed but Josu, Belfort and Rafiiqued all smashed them in to seal a place in the showpiece.

After we finished at 2-2 on aggregate Blasters beaten Delhi 3-0.Rafique's penalty was inch perfect. Doblas guessed right but it was in the postage stamp.Phew let's start to sum up this frenetic night

Rafique scores and puts Kerala into the Final. 3-0

Memo steps up and fires one Nandy goes to his left and tips wide.

Belfort up next sends the keeper the wrong way and smashes it in. Kerala leading by 2-0 now

Pelissari steps up and emulates Malouda.

SAVED !! The Kerala No. 10 German steps up and Doblas saves to his left.

MISSED ! MALOUDA DOES RAMOS HERE ! Nandy goes the wrong way but Malouda blazes over and onto the running track.

GOOALLL!! Josu Scored .Doblas guesses right but its powerful and hit with good height past him.

Blasters will start us off.Its Josu who steps up against Doblas.

120+2' Nothing to separate these two teams over two regulation 90 minutes and 30 minutes of Extra-time. We go to penalties.

120+1' A minute of added time.

120' Into the final minute of Extra-time.

118' This one is meandering to penalties.

116' Delhi corner clipped in and cleared.

114' I find this a bit weird. Its the 10 men doing the attacking while Blasters seem happy to take this to penalties.

112' Hughes has picked up a knock and wants to come off. But he's been told to stay on by the Blasters bench. He's effectively a passenger.

110' Delhi substitution. What a surprise Marcelinho off Pelissari on.

108' Vineeth clips in a good ball to German in the box but his first touch is poor and it skips away and out.

106' The second half of Extra-tiime is underway.

105+2' Half-time in Exra-time.This will be a quick turnover, Stay right where you are.

105+1' Into a minute of added time at the end of the first half of extra time.

104' Tebar with the diagonal and again its Marcelinho with a free header on the far post. But there's no pace and the cross and his header is weak. Comfortable for Nandy.

103' Once again its the 10 men doing all the attacking. Blasters can hardly get on the ball.

101' Corner taken and easily cleared.

100' Malouda works some space on the edge of the box and Nand has to tip wide sat the near post. Good save.

99' Substitution Delhi. Edathodika off Sana Singh on.

98' Souvik's diagonal to Marcelinho in the box. He heads back across goal but with no white shirt on hand Nady catches it.

96' This half has fairly flown by already a few minutes in.

94' Meanwhile, Jhingan stretched to clear the last attack and is down in some pain. He's back up and thankfully so because Blasters have made all their changes.

93' Malouda with another good run but shoots straight at Nandy and Marcelinho blazes over from the rebound.

91' Delhi kicks of first half of extra time.

Not many chances in the second half. Jhingan and Hengbart cleared one off the line while Nandy has made a couple of good saves. Blasters haven't been able to make their man advantage count Delhi have been compact.

90+4' That is the full-time whistle. But we're still done and go into an extra 30 minutes and possibly penalties to settle this.

90+3' Tebar fakes a pass to Lewis in the box. A tackle comes in before he can shoot.

Cédric Hengbart first, & Sandesh Jhingan now! Kerala Blasters are making a habit out of goal-line clearances.

90+2' German with a shot from the edge of the box. Scuffed and over.

90+1' Into four minutes if added time.

89' Ball down the line for Malouda who controls it and cuts in on goal but shoots over.

87' Just over 24,000 in attendance here in the capital.

85' Into the final five minutes plus added time.

83' Josu caught ball watching ast Marcelinho runs in behind him shoots near post but wide.

82' German's solo run and shot Edathodika's block.

81' Malouda tries to find Marcelinho. Earns a corner which gets cleared.

Delhi Dynamos' Florent Malouda rolled back the years with this astonishing run, but just couldn't finish.

80' Into the final ten both teams need this to finish in the 90.

78' Another free-kick from Delhi and another Nandy flap. Jhingan Hengbart clear off the line and Hughes clears the second ball.

75' Ball into the box for KB too short and cleared by Tebar.

72' Interesting change for Delhi Gadze has gone off and Memo is on. Malouda has gone up top.

71' The latest substitute drives which flies over with Doblas beaten.

69' Just so you know Blasters introduced Belfort in place of Kadio a few minutes ago. Now Nazon has gone off for German.

68' Marcelinho tries one from distance and I tell you what that was not too far away.

67' Just a period of calm in the game before the storm you feel.

64' Good spell of possession for Kerala.

63' A Blasters counter fizzles out as the ball is cushioned back to Doblas.

61' A cross for Delhi from the right easily cleared though.

59' Rocha is everywhere. This time at the other end he comes in with an important clearing header.

58' Delhi try to take a quick free-kick but the referee is having none of that. When its taken it comes off the back of Rocha's head again but this time Nandy catches the ball.

56' Vineeth is put through on goal. Doblas races off his line and doesn't get there. Luckily, a white shirt gets in a tackle.

55' Free-kick lifted in and well over everyone.

54' Josu caught late once again by Marcelinho.

53' Malouda storms down the right cuts in by dribbling four Kerala players and his shot blazes over.

52' Blasters haven't been able to assert their man advantage on this game.

49' Marcelinho drives forward finds Lewis on the left. He cuts in and shoots but Jhingan bravely dives right in the way of shot and it smashes into him.

46' We are underaway in the second half.

Well well, where do I start? Kadio's header saw Marcelinho put Delhi ahead on the night before Nazon silenced the home faithful. The game caught fire on the half mark when milan singh received a straight red for a late challenge on mehtab. Than Marcelinho lost his bearings for about five minutes. In all that Rafi was taken off injured and has been replace by Rafique and in the 7th minute of injury time Rocha levelled on aggregate after Nandy's error on a free-kick. Catch a breathe everyone.

Rocha meets Tebar's free-kick and the ball travels over the line after a scramble inside the box. .

45+8' The half-time whistle has gone.

45+7' GOOOALLLLL!!! Ruben Rocha scored for Delhi .As a free-kick is played in Nandy comes and flaps again. The ball goes in of the back of Rocha's head.

45+4' Delhi free-kick and as Nandy comes to catch he clashes with his own player.

45+3' Tebar with a shot and that was close.

45+1' Into six minutes of added time.

Duckens Nazon took it all on himself to restore Kerala Blasters' lead in the tie with this stunner. .

44' Nazon flagged offside.

43' Jhingan with a good run and acres of space to cross but can't find a yellow shirt.

41' Gadze shoots and it bounces right in front of Nandy who gets behind it solidly.

40' What a crazy first half this has been. Five minutes left.

37' Rafi can't continue and Rafique is on for Blasters.

35' Marcelinho lunges in and gets booked. Misses the Final.

You give Marcelinho Leite time, space, & he'll punish you! The Brazilian brought Delhi Dynamos Arena level on aggregate.

32' Tebar's free-kick easily cleared.

31' It was knee high and studs up. Horrible challenge. I'm afraid Mehtab is in an awful lot of pain on the sidelines.

30' RED CARD ! Milan Singh has just been sent off with a straight red for a late challenge on Mehtab.

28' A late tackle comes in on Nazon and now Hughes gets booked for time-wasting.

27' Marcelinho has just given the linesman a mouthful and is getting a talking to from the referee.

24' GOOOALLLLL!!!Kerala. Nazon just waltzes into the box creates a yards of space and smashes it in.

22' Marcelinho goes in late on Kadio. Lucky to get away without a yellow.

20' GOOOALLLLL!!! Kadio's clearance comes straight to Marcelinho who smashes it in. 1-0. 1-1 on aggregate.

18' This game has gone a bit flat nothing much happening.

16' Blasters not sitting too deep deep just letting Delhi have the ball just beyond the halfway line before the press begins.

13' Blasters free-kick is catching practice for Doblas.

12' Vineeth with a sparkling run and Rocha across with a crunching tackle.

10' Ten minutes into the game. Still awaiting the first big chance.

8' Malouda's free-kick. Nandy comes and flaps but a defender heads clear. Blasters counter but Josu's cross is just wide of Vineeth.

7' Mehtab has gone in with a high foot on the back of Lewis.

5' Delhi with a sprightly start by Kerala holding firm.

3' First corner of the game for Delhi. Easily cleared.

1' Lets football Delhi. We have kickoff..

This one with so finely poised with just one goal separating the two teams.

6:59 pm The anthem has been sung as the teams now pose for a snap.

6:56 pm Liverpool great Ian Rush is in the stands wow.

6:55 pm The teams emerge to a buzz as the excitement builds here.

6:45 pm Team sheets are out.

Didier Boris Kadio replaces Kervens Belfort in the starting XI, as Delhi Dynamos and Kerala Blasters field strong line-ups for their 2nd leg semi final clash in Delhi..

6:39 pm The Dynamos are looking to make their first ISL Final, while if the Blasters make it through this will be their second appearance in the showpiece in three years.

6:30 pm It was a tight clash in Kochi last time in which Kervens Belfort gave his team the edge with a well taken solo goal in the second half.

6:23 pm Hello and Welcome from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi. We are here for the ISL Playoff Second Leg game between Delhi Dynamos and Kerala Blasters. We have a cracker in store. Stay tuned..

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