The Frenchman also accused that few employees of the Red Devils are ‘damaging’ the club.

Former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra has launched a scathing criticism of the state of affairs at his former club on Monday. In a video he shared on his Instagram account, the Frenchman expressed his frustration at the way Manchester United is being run and was visibly disappointed by the lack of incomings in the current window.

There has been an air of negativity and gloom surrounding the Red Devils due to their inability to get deals over the line quickly. After securing a return to the Champions League by finishing third in the 2019-20 season, there was an expectation that the manager would be backed adequately in the summer and thereby build on the progress the team had made.

Patrice Evra has criticized the sluggish approach of Manchester United in the transfer market and compared it to the swift business conducted during the days of David Gill and Sir Alex Ferguson. “At the time, Fergie, David Gill time, we didn’t hear anything in the paper, but van Persie, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinard, everything was fast. When Manchester United need a player, they go and they talk with them face-to-face,” he remarked.

“Every year, we make so much impact on social media but in reality, nothing. With every target, fans need to understand it’s not because you buy five,six,seven,10 players, then your team will improve, but at least your main target,” he added.

Patrice Evra reiterated his love for Manchester United and made some stunning revelations pertaining to the management of the club. He stated, “I love the club and maybe one day I’ll work for this club again but I’ll work with my loyalty and I’ll never lie to any person who loves this club. I think some people who work for this club are damaging the club. That’s why we have to tell the truth to the fans.”

Evra even recalled one occasion when a club official had to call him, requesting him to ask Matt Judge, United’s transfer negotiator to answer his phone. Shedding further light on the personnel tasked with the job of negotiating deals with players, Evra said, “People need to understand we send lawyers to talk to players. So when we send lawyers they talk about numbers, they are not people from the football world. When we want a player and they cost say 20 million, we end up trying to buy him for 100 million. Now those players don’t even want our money anymore.”

Furthermore, Patrice Evra used the example of Alexis Sanchez to highlight the tendency of Manchester United to throw exorbitant amount of money to persuade players to come to Old Trafford. He also affirmed that he isn’t scared to criticize Manchester United unlike some others, who might want to work at the club in the future. “I know some people are scared to speak up because they may not get a job in the future. I don’t care, I don’t need Manchester United. I love Manchester United,” he signed off.

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