Kearney was seen celebrating the Egyptian’s goal against Napoli in the Kop End.

Liverpool have already confirmed their place in the UEFA Champions League last 16, in a dramatic manner, with Mohamed Salah scoring the winning goal against Napoli to seal qualification. Next up, the English side will face Bayern Munich in a two-legged tie.

What really stood out in that cinematic night in Anfield, was a particular Reds fan, Mike Kearney, who was seen celebrating the goal in the Kop End. What was more special was that Kearney is partially sighted, so his cousin Stephen Garcia had to describe the goal to him. 

After all folks, football has always been football! A sport affecting every emotion known to mankind. Football can make you cry, it can make you laugh, it can make you angry too.

The touching moment between the two cousins went viral, with social media completely talking about the duo. What both of them didn’t realize was that they would get to meet their idol; Mo Salah. The Egyptian invited both of them down to Melwood training ground to meet the Anfield players.

While both of them were waiting for the players, Garcia described to his cousin, about which player would be approaching before getting to meet them. Gaffer Jurgen Klopp also met them, and described them as ‘the famous two’. Klopp also signed their shirts and got a picture with them.


Garcia has also revealed that this what they always do; which is that he always tell Kearney about what is happening in the pitch. He said, “It’s just our routine, it’s what we do. I tell him every goal kick, every corner, every throw-in. Obviously, he knows when we score because he gets a big hug, a big celebration. I always tell him who scored and how the play sort of went then we just react and celebrate.”

Salah also gifted each of them a signed Liverpool shirt with his name and number on the back. He also left a personal message for Kearney, which read, “To Michael, your support is an inspiration, Mo Salah.”

The duo were also invited to the team’s training session, and got their shirts signed by every squad member. On meeting Divock Origi, Kearney quipped, “The best day of the year so far was when you slotted against the Blues mate.”