The Red Devils visit Chelsea at the weekend as Jose Mourinho returns to face his old club.

Since the start of the season, Manchester United have displayed a series of lacklustre performances in the Premier League. Even their victories seemed unconvincing. The Red Devils have disappointingly lost three times while drawing once in their first eight games in the League. Currently standing 8th in the table, United are no match to the top three- Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool, with the way they are playing.

Manager Jose Mourinho has been under constant scrutiny for United’s inauspicious form. His poor relations with the first-team players add to the misery. The current international break for UEFA Nations League has bought some time for the Portuguese manager to prepare a plan for the upcoming fixtures. If United continue with such display, the 55-year-old is surely to see the sack soon.

A lot of criticism has come to the way of United already through ex-players and pundits. After all, it is overwhelming to watch one of the most decorated clubs in England fall apart.

Paul Scholes, retired United midfielder has been actively speaking on United’s woes. The legendary figure at Old Trafford believes that the club’s morale is so low that even the best players in the world wouldn’t be able to revive them, if they signed for the club. The 43 year-old recently had an interview with ESPN FC where he expressed his discontentment in United’s overall performance this season.

“I feel like we could sign  Lionel Messi at the moment and he’d struggle in this team,” he said, “It feels like every player who comes into the team struggles.”

Scholes also commented on star duo-Alexis Sanchez and Paul Pogba’s lacklustre performances this season. The former has been a shadow of own self while he was at Arsenal. Little have his performances, since signing for United last season, reflected his true potential. On the other hand, Pogba has been very inconsistent.

“He (Pogba) does some of the best things in games, a great pass or a dribble, a great touch or a dribble. Then, five minutes later, he’ll do one of the worst things like his brain has switched off, like it’s all about him because he’s just shown everyone how good he is,” stated Scholes.


“Against Wolves he showed a great touch to Fred but then the next minute, he’d given the ball away in midfield, which led to a goal. That sums him up,” he added.

While being one of the most dominant clubs in the League in the past, watching them fall down would be a much favourable scene for the rivals. Scholes is afraid United are falling prey to their utter rivals’- Manchester City and Liverpool, mockings.

“I feel like people at Liverpool and Man City are looking at us and laughing like we did at them many years ago. But if you look across the road, they’re doing everything right,” he said while expressing his disappointment.

“They’ve brought the best manager in the world in. They’ve brought the staff in to be responsible for signing players. They have a set of playing every week.”

“Everything becomes easy for them. It becomes easy for the scout who knows that they play 4-3-3 and knows the positions of the players and what they’re looking to sign. It is virtually impossible for a chief scout at Man United to do the same.”

“Whether Jose has a clear way in the future, I don’t know because the form is that bad. United are all over the place,” he sighed.

United resume their Premier League campaign after the international break, as they visit Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. The pressure on Jose Mourinho continues to build as he returns to face his old club, who are currently second in the table and level on points with league leaders Manchester City.