The final round of fixtures is to be played on Sunday, the 12th of May as another extraordinary season of the English top flight will come to conclusion.

The Premier League has finally arrived at its final gameweek and yet there is still a lot at stake for few teams. Starting from the title contenders, Manchester City are most likely to retain the trophy with only a mere Brighton and Hove Albion side remaining to travel to.

Second-placed Liverpool will be hoping the Seagulls pull out a shock victory at home to hand them over the title after almost a wait of three decades. The Reds stand second in the table but are only a point shy of City and will host an in-form Wolves side, in a must-win fixture.

Erstwhile, the extraordinary race for top four might have just come to a conclusion however, Arsenal still stand a chance, at least on-paper, as they hope for Tottenham to lose by a hilarious eight-goal margin to Everton while defeating Burnley themselves. The Gunners’ deceitful draw at Brighton last weekend saw them practically drop out of the race for Champions League qualification.

Chelsea and Spurs have technically qualified for the European elite competition, while Manchester United will have to settle for a spot in the Europa League next season.


Sliding further down the table, seventh-placed Wolves are hopeful of City beating Watford in the FA Cup final on May 18, which will automatically gift them a historic chance for Europa League playoffs. City’s win will also save the sixth-placed team from an early start to the next season.

Overall, in a surprising fact, there are only four teams in the table who are definite of their final position, three of them being the relegated sides- Huddersfield Town, Fulham and Cardiff City, while the other team being Wolves.

It will be Super Sunday on May 12, when all sides will play at the same time and their fates will, too, be decided simultaneously. Moreover, each team will be looking to finish at higher position so as to earn the extra £2 million prize money, as per the rule of the league.