The Indian football team captain also revealed what he would say to the Argentine talisman if the two of them were to meet.

Over the years, Sunil Chhetri has single-handedly won the Indian football team games and even at 36, he looks unstoppable. A spectacular brace against Bangladesh meant he now stands second in the list of top active international goalscorers in the world.

His exploits are second only to Cristiano Ronaldo and even exceed the tally of Lionel Messi. On the occasion of his 16th anniversary of his debut with the national team, the skipper spoke a great deal about the Argentine great.

“The truth is, there is no comparison whatsoever between me and him (Lionel Messi). Like all of us in the world, I am also a big fan,” he asserted.

In fact, Sunil Chhetri revealed that it fills him with pride to make a name for his country. “When I see my name there, for five seconds, I honestly feel very happy and proud that I could actually do something for my country. I do not get into the cocoon of comparing myself with all the greats,” he expressed.

Watch: Here’s what Sunil Chhetri had to say about comparison between him and Lionel Messi

“There are thousands of players in the world right now that are better than me. And all of those thousands of players are fans of Messi. That is the gap!” he pointed out.

Further, Sunil Chhetri reiterated himself by saying that it is rather a great honour to have represented and scored for the country more than anyone else. Speaking about what would he say to Messi if and when the opportunity to meet and greet comes along, the forward said sounded very determined. “I will say ‘Hi, I’m Sunil Chhetri and I’m a big fan.’ That’s about it. I will not trouble him.”

“All the people that I’m a fan of, I don’t need much time with them,” he went on. “If I meet him, I’ll be happy. If I don’t meet him, he anyway makes me happy with his videos. I just hope that he always stays injury-free and play as long as he can and entertain us and the whole world!”

Chhetri went on to admit how watching Messi’s videos helps him overcome his sorrows. “He’s done a lot for me and a lot of people. So, when I’ll meet him, I’ll give him a nice handshake and tell him I’m a big fan,” he signed off.

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