Rumors: WWE planning for Logan Paul to win Money in the Bank 2023


May 30 2023
Logan Paul WWE Money in the Bank 2023

MITB is one of the most anticipated events of the year

Logan Paul is one of the most influential guys on the planet. In recent years his development with WWE has been something many can dream of. He has fought The Miz and at WrestleMania 39 “The Visionary” himself to show why he is where he is. WWE recently signed an extended contract with Logan Paul and it looks like WWE is having big plans for the YouTuber. 

From WrestleMania 38, since his debut he has been making waves in the wrestling world with his hard work and execution inside the squared circle. He also fought “ The Tribal Chief” at Crown Jewel, which he lost. But how can the WWE fans be not impressed by the work Paul did inside the squared circle? He has the potential to be one of the best WWE stars.

Also, when you are in WWE, then you would want to get the biggest title the company can offer, the championship gold, and looks like Logan Paul has already made his point of view. 

Paul told ESPN that his ultimate objective in WWE is to win a championship. He feels he is more than capable of accomplishing this. “I wouldn’t have signed this contract if I didn’t think that I was capable of getting a WWE belt,” Paul said. “I think it’d be the coolest thing ever. I’d love to have it on my résumé, and I’d love to show every kid around the world who watches WWE that you can achieve anything.” (H/T ESPN)

Logan Paul in Money in the Bank 2023

Now, the big question that arises is whether Logan Paul will grace his presence at Money in the Bank 2023. Yes and No, cause WWE hasn’t confirmed whether Logan Paul will be there at Money in the Bank or not. But one thing is for sure if he is going to be part of MITB 2023, then WWE will surely start hinting at Paul’s return with the coming episodes of RAW and SmackDown.

Former commentator Sam Roberts says it would be a wonderful idea. Roberts stated on his show Not Sam Wrestling that Paul should win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

“This is a man who, while holding the briefcase, would have the WWE held hostage because the idea of him being WWE Champion is so antithetical to what the WWE Universe wants,” said Roberts. “Logan Paul is in this position now where he’s had big matches. He’s proven what he can do. Logan Paul has to operate at a top level in order to be worth the investment that’s being made in Logan Paul. So how do you operate up there? You have him go to this pay-per-view and win the Money in the Bank briefcase.” [H/T WrestlingInc]

Now, nothing can be said about whether this was a spoiler or some casual Logan Paul appreciation, but it would be interesting to see whether WWE brings Logan Paul back in business or not.

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