Carlito shares honest opinion on changing his WWE entrance theme

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran
October 16 2023
Carlito WWE

Carlito officially returned to WWE after a long waiting period at WWE Fastlane as the third member of Team LWO and won the match for their team against Bobby Lashley & Street Profits. Despite Carlito making his return, the crowd chants weren’t as loud as expected. The WWE Universe took some time to realize who’s theme it was, as the change in theme didn’t give the expected goosebumps like his original old theme. At this stage, Carlito reacted to his change in entrance theme.

Carlito on his new entrance theme

After returning to WWE and being announced as the new member of Team SmackDown, Carlito spoke to The Ringer’s Cheap Heat Podcast where Carlito admitted that the new theme wasn’t so crazy as his original old theme “I spit in the face of people, who don’t want to be cool”. He also explained the reason behind the change in entrance theme and how it was made.

Carlito says,  

“It’s a little different. I wanted to do something a little different, you know what I mean? It’s been so much time, you know, you gotta change with the time a little bit so I wanted to kind of keep the cool going but just show up with something new. From what I heard, people weren’t crazy about the new theme song yet but I think — I wasn’t either, so maybe it’s one of those things that might grow on you later on. But, we’ll see.

“They ran it by me. They wanted to change it. I wasn’t crazy about changing it. I, like everyone else, wanted to keep it. I liked it the way it was but, they said, ‘We wanna change it.’ ‘Alright, let’s see what we can do’ and they asked me for my input here and there… ‘It could use a little bit more bass here, more drums,’ little things like that and then the lines, I wanted to change them.“

“I didn’t want the old lines from before. Like I said, I wasn’t crazy about it, but also, it was like one of those earworms where I’d be humming it to myself during the day, you know? Because they said, ‘You listened to it 1,000 times’ and then I’d find myself just humming it here without even noticing so, it grew on me a little bit so maybe, hopefully — I know people don’t like change. I’m that guy too. I’m not crazy about change but, I think it’s something that needed to be done and just to, you know, put a fresh coat of paint on everything.”

Would you like to see the original theme song for the Caribbean Cool? Share your thoughts on this in the comments.

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