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Top five superstars with most appearances in WWE Elimination Chamber

Published at :February 6, 2024 at 4:17 PM
Modified at :February 6, 2024 at 4:17 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Elimination Chamber is one of the special stipulation elimination matches, which is traditionally held inside the steel chambers with six wrestlers. Where two start the match, the others are locked in the corners and one gets released every five minutes.

WWE is heading to the 14 annual edition of Elimination Chamber this year in Perth, Western Australia. As we get closer to the big steel structure, here we take a look at the top five WWE Superstars with the most appearances in the Elimination Chamber match.

5. Kofi Kingston (6 appearances)

Kofi Kingston WWE
Kofi Kingston has 6 appearances in the WWE Elimination Chamber

Kofi Kingston has the fifth most chamber appearances by entering the steeled bar six times. In his six appearances, Kofi has won one for the WWE Tag Team Championship with Xavier Woods and Big E in 2015.

4. Triple H (6 appearances)

Triple H WWE Elimination Chamber
Triple H has 7 appearances in the WWE Elimination Chamber

Triple H stands fourth with six-chamber match appearances in which The Game won four. He is the most successful wrestler under the chamber match stipulation with a 66.66% success rate. Triple H in his six appearances has eliminated a total of seven wrestlers in total, making it the second most eliminations.

3. John Cena (7 appearances)

John Cena has the third most Chamber match appearances with a total of seven appearances, one ahead of Kofi Kingston and Triple H. In his seven appearances, Cena had won 3 and eliminated a total of 5 wrestlers.

2. Randy Orton (8 appearances)

Randy Orton stands in the second spot with the most number of Elimination Chamber appearances with 8 elimination chamber matches tied up with Chris Jericho. In his eight appearances, Orton has won one. Both Orton and Jericho share similar statistics, however Orton’s number of eliminations put him down on the list.

1. Chris Jericho (8 appearances)

Chris Jericho WWE
Chris Jericho has 8 appearances in the WWE Elimination Chamber

Chris Jericho stands first in our list with the most number of Elimination Chamber appearances with 8 elimination chamber matches. Jericho has won one in his eight appearances making it similar to Orton. However Jericho has the most eliminations than Randy Orton with 10, and holds the record for most eliminations. Which made him first in our list.

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