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WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Results, Highlights & Winners: Cody Rhodes & Bayley heading to WrestleMania 40

Published at :January 28, 2024 at 11:33 AM
Modified at :January 29, 2024 at 12:37 PM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Cody & Bayley won the Royal Rumble 2024, Logan Paul & Roman Reigns retain their championship, Jade Cargill made her in-ring debut, Andrade returned to WWE and much more!

The Royal Rumble 2024 is finally over and it is one of the must watch pay-per-views in recent times. The pay-per-view showcased absolute dominance with all the four nail-biting matches. Two main eventers of this year’s WrestleMania were found and the road to WrestleMania has just got started with a huge PLE. Get to know what happened on the Royal Rumble 2024 as we came up with the complete match summary of the show.

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Summary & Results

Pat McAfee joins the commentary desk in the start of the show for two-years in a row.

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

WWE Women's Royal Rumble Match

Natalya entered at #1 and Naomi at #2 started the Royal Rumble match, and Bayley joined them at #3. Candice LeRae at #4 started off with a combination of Code Breaker and Senton to Bayley and Natalya. TNA Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace entered at #5 and showcased absolute dominance.

Indi Hartwell came at #6 and teamed up with LeRae. Asuka entered at #7 and worked with Bayley although they never tried to maintain a chemistry. Both went on to eliminate Indi. Ivy Nile entered at #8 and muscled Bayley, Naomi and Asuka. She went on to fight Natalya.

Katana Chance entered at #9 and drop kicked Asuka, but Grace powered her down. Ivy Nile and Grace took Candice and Chance with a vertical Suplex and had a face off. Bianca Belair entered at #10 and was fired up.  She double stacked Bayley, Candice and Chance single handedly.

Kairi Sane entered at #11 and Damage CTRL took control of the match. Candice looks to eliminate Damage CTRL but they eliminate Candice. Tegan Nox entered at #12 and Nox kicked Chance on the face, and hit Bayley with a running senton. Jordynne Grace slowed her down, but Natalya saves Nox. Natalya tried to eliminate Nox, but Nox eliminated Natty and Bayley eliminated Nox.

Kayden Carter joined the match at #13. She teamed up with her tag team partner Chance and fought with Kabuki Warriors. Chace and Carter had an alliance with Belair and went on to eliminate Kabuki Warriors from the match. Chelsea Green entered a #14 and Belair tried to eliminate right away. However Green escaped her and delivered a backstabber on Belair. Now, Jordynne Grace and Belair pick up a fight, power-clash between them. Belair with a KOD eliminated Jordynne Grace.

Piper Niven entered at #15 and saved Chelsea while she flew through the top rope. Piper caught her and helped her enter the ring again. Niven takes on Chance, but the tag champs took control of her. Xia Li entered at #16 and took everyone with her vicious strikes. She took Green with a spin. Bayley hangs on as Naomi tries to eliminate her, but survives.

Zelina Vega entered at #17 and took down Carter and Chance. She delivered a meteora on chance and went on to DDT Piper Niven. Maxxine Dupri at #18 had a back and forth brawl with Niven. Belair sent Vega on Niven and with an assist from Belair, she delivered a Canadian Destroyer. Piper soon stood up and went on to eliminate Carter.

Nia Jax entered at #19 and cleared the ring. Nia took both Nile and Xia Li from the match as soon as she enter the ring and crushed both Niven and Green. Jax slammed Niven over Chelsea, Naomi kicked Nia on the face and she fell on Green.

Shotzi entered at #20 and took down Jax. Maxxine delivered a reverse Caerpillar on Jax and everyone joined hands to eliminate Jax, but Jax survived pushing everyone away. Bayley eliminated Maxxine & Nia eliminated Piper Niven and Katana Chance. Becky Lynch entered at #21 and eliminated Chelsea Green. Alba Fyre entered at #22 and delivered a combination. Shayna Baszler entered at #23 and went on to take on everyone. She took down Fyre, Belair and Nia Jax with a shoulder throw.

While Valhalla makes her way to the ring at #24, R-Truth entered the rumble match. Jax took Truth out and Pearce took him stating it’s Women’s Royal Rumble and he should enter the Men’s Rumble match. Valhalla with the distraction entered the ring and got eliminated by Jax.

Michin entered at #25 and picked up fight with Becky, Naomi went on to eliminate Alba Fyre. Zoey entered at #26 and hit a missile drop kick on Shotzi, Zelina looks for a code red on Stark, but her tag team mate, Shayna caught her with a kirifuda clutch. Zoey looks for a hurricanrana on Baszler to send her out, but Zoey assisted Baszler and eliminate Vega.

Roxanne Perez entered at #27 and Bayley tried to eliminate her too soon, but she fought back and survived. Meanwhile Jax eliminated Shayna, Michin, and Shotzi back to back to back. As Jax showcased complete domincance, Jade Cargill made her WWE in-ring debut at #28. Cargill powerslammed Nia Jax, kicked her to the ropes and slammed her out of the ring to eliminate Nia Jax.

Tiffany followed her to he ring at #29 and took everyone down with a swanton. Tiff takes down Becky Lynch and seeks revenge. Liv Morgan entered a #30 and eliminate Zoey Stark right away. Roxxane and Tiffany fight each other and Roxxane was eliminated.

Belair and Cargill bench press Liv and Becky. They stare down, but Bayley and Tiff attacked them. Cargill looks to eliminate Becky and she hangs. Naomi attack Cargill. As Cargill caught her she swung Becky and Naomi out. Belair tries to eliminate Tiff, she hangs on her hair, where Bayley kicked both out of the ring to eliminate them.

Bayley, Liv Morgan and Jade Cargill are the final three, where all of them ook the fight to the apron. Liv eliminated Jade Cargill with a DDT and Bayley kicked Liv out to win the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble match.

Bayley wins Royal Rumble 2024
DrawEntrantEliminationOrderEliminated byTimeElimination(s)
1Natalya3Tegan Nox0
2Naomi25Jade Cargill1:02:102
4Candice LeRae2Bayley, Asuka, & Kairi Sane0
5Jordynne Grace7Bianca Belair0
6Indi Hartwell1Bayley0
7Asuka6Katana Chance & Kayden Carter2
8Ivy Nile10Nia Jax0
9Katana Chance13Nia Jax1
10Bianca Belair26Bayley1
11Kairi Sane5Asuka1
12Tegan Nox4Bayley1
13Kayden Carter8Piper Niven1
14Chelsea Green14Becky Lynch0
15Piper Niven12Nia Jax1
16Xia Li9Nia Jax0
17Zelina Vega17Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark0
18Maxxine Dupri11Bayley0
19Nia Jax21Jade Cargill8
20Shotzi20Nia Jax0
21Becky Lynch24Naomi1
22Alba Fyre16Naomi0
23Shayna Baszler18Nia Jax1
24Valhalla15Nia Jax00:050
25Michin19Nia Jax0
26Zoey Stark22Liv Morgan1
27Roxanne Perez23Tiffany Stratton0
28Jade Cargill28Liv Morgan2
29Tiffany Stratton27Bayley1
30Liv Morgan29Bayley2
Winner: Bayley

Fatal 4-Way Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match

Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match

As the match began, all the three challengers attacked Roman Reigns locking him in the corner. Knight and Styles fight each other, Orton and Roman fights in the other corner. Orton took Roman out and blew his head oh the barricade and steel steps. Knight sends Styles out and blew his head on the announcement desk. Roman fights back, but Orton deliver a back drop on Reigns on announcement table & Knight on his behalf delivered a back drop AJ Styles over announcement desk. Orton soon took Knight and backdropped him.

Orton took Reigns to the ring and measures Reigns by stomping him throughout his body. Orton sent Roman out and Styles came to attack Orton. Orton took him down with a clothesline and a powerslam. Knight joins the party and kick Orton on the face. Reigns tried to attack Knight, but Knight hit him with a backbreaker. Reigns took down everyone and fights Knight inside the ring.

Roman hit a big jumping clothesline on Knight. Styles enters the ring and targets Roman’s back of the knee. Roman took control of the match again with a overhead throw. Roman looks for a Superman punch on Knight, but Knight punches him instead and delivered a DDT. Styles climbs the top turmbuckle, Knight tries to join him, Orton stopped both of them, and took Knight to the other corner. Knight delivered a bull dog on Orton, delivered a vertical super-plex on Styles, BFT on Roman and went for the pin, but Styles stopped the count.

Styles took Knight out and delivered a Styles Splash on Roman Reigns and went for the pinfall, but Knight stops him. Orton hit Knight with an elevated DDT and looks for an RKO. Styles looks for Phenomenal forearm on Orton, but Orton caught Styles. Orton delivered RKO to Styles, Knight and Roman and went for the pinfall, but Solo Sikoa pulled the ref out and attacked Orton and LA Knight with a Samoan Spike.

Solo stacks everyone over and over and went on to attack Styles, but landed breaking barricade as Styles escapes. Styles hit a phenomenal forearm on Roman and he fell on Knight and Orton. Styles look to cover all, but Orton kicked out the pin fall.

Styles introduced steel chair to the match and blew it on Roman Reigns back and mid section. He now blew strikes on La Knight. Styles tries to attack Styles, but Orton poke his eyes and sent him out. Roman delivered a spear on Roman and Knight breaks the fall. Knight delivered a slam on Reigns and hit him with a Elbow drop. Roman hit a superman punch on Knight, which made Styles on the drop fall. Roman sent Knight out and speared Styles to retain the championship.

Winner: Roman Reigns

United States Championship Match

WWE United States Championship Match

Owens appeared with no cast in his hands. Logan offered handshake, but received a series of stomps. Owens took Logan out and drive him through the barricade and ring post. Owens hit him with a senton and a chop with the left hand. Owens looks for a cannon ball, but Logan sneaks out and atracks the injured hand. Owens quickly fights back and took Logan inside the ring. While Owens enter the ring Paul stomped the injured hand.

Maverick delivered a springboard cross body outside tbe ring and swings Owens hand to the ring post. Mab delivered a cross body on Owens and targets Owens hand over and over.  Owens manage to stand, but Logan Laul hit him with a series of uppercut and a leg drop for a cocky pin, but Owens kicks out.

Maverick dominate Kevin and looks for a 619 but Owens escapes and hit a clothesline. Owens tries for a senton, but Logan has his knees up. Owens took Logan upside down like a vertical suplex and delivered it on the knee. Owens hit a couple of Cannon Ball on Logan Paul and hit a frog splash but not enough.

Owens went for a Swantom bomb, but Logan has his knees up. When Logan went for the senton, Owens slides and nobody holds. Logan Paul sneaks to the apron and hit a clothesline and went on to delivered a frog splash, but not enough for a pinfall. Logan took Owens to the top rope for a vertical super-plex, but Owens delivered it.

Owens looks for a stunner, Logan caught his broken hand and punt kicked it. Owens looks for a popup powerbomb but Logan escape and hit him with a big right hand, but still Owens kicks out. An unknown men from the crowd came with a brass knuckle, but ref caught him. Theory and Waller came to distract the ref and handed the brass knuckle to Logan Paul.

Owens took it from his hand and knock him with the brass knuckle. Owens went for the pinfall, but before the third fall, ref saw the brass knuckle in Owens hand and disqualified the match. Logan Paul retians as a result of Disqualification. Owens not oly lostt the match but also lost his mind He went on to attack Logan Paul and power-bombed Logan Paul through the announcement desk and left.

Winner: Logan Paul

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

WWE Men's Royal Rumble Match

Jey Uso entered at #1 and followed by Jimmy Uso at #2. The Usos started the match and battle against each other for the very first time. Jey Uso looks to eliminate Jimmy Uso too soon. Waller came at #3 to host the Grayson Waller Effect talk show and gets super kicked by Jey. Waller team up with Jimmy Uso and attacked Jey Uso. Andrade made his WWE return at #4, he hit a spinning back elbow on Waller and hit a doubke knee attack on Jey Uso. Andrade hit three amigos on Waller. Carmelo Hayes entered at #5 and had a brief alliance with Jey Uso to take down Waller and turned their focus on Andrade. Melo eliminated Waller.

Shinsuke Nakamura entered at #6 and fought Carmelo Hayes, stomps him in the corner and hit him with a kick of the mid air. Nakamura and Andrade battle. Santos Escobar enters the rumble match at #7 and fights Nakamura and Jimmy Uso and hit them with a couple of metiora. Andrade and Escobar the two Latinos have a hug, and soon started to fight each other. Karrion Kross entered the match at #8 and delivered a clothesline to Melo and went on to strikee Jey Uso. Jimmy Uso and Kross formed a temporary alliance and punish Jey.

Dom entered at #9 and takes a lot of time to enter the ring and went on to attack Karrion Kross. Kross threw him over the head and everyone went busy looking to eliminate each other. Carlito entered next at #10 and fights Dom. He took apple in his hands, Escobar tries to eliminate Carlito, but Carlito spits him on the face and eliminated Escobar.

Bobby Lashley came at #11 and speared Nakamura, Andrade and Dom. Lashley eliminated Carlito and speared Karrion Kross. Lashley eliminated Kross and AOP tries tk entee the ring. Everyone look to eliminate Lashley, and Kross pulled his legs to eliminate him. It is brawl ringside as The Final Testament, Bobby Lashley and Street Profits fight each other. Ludwig Kaiser (#12) and Theory (#13) entered next. Kaiser takes fought Jey Uso ans Shinsuke Nakamura and Theory drop kicks Kaiser and hit a face burster on Carmelo Hayes.

Finn Balor entered at #14 and saved Dom by eliminating Carmelo Hayes. Balor delivered a swing blade on Andrade. Cody Rhodes enter half way through the match at #15. Cody delivered a Cody cutter to Theory and eliminated him. Balor and Dom attacked Cody. Bronson Reed came next at #16 and attacked Cody and Nakamura. Reed took Dom and Finn on his shoulder and double Samoan dropped them. Reed eliminates Andrade. Nakamura tried to eliminate Cody, but Cody delivered a Cross Rhodes on the apron to eliminate Nakamura. Kofi Kingston entered at #17 and eliminated Ludwig Kaiser.

Gunther at #18 came out with a series of chops and chopped almost everyone inside the ring. Gunther powerslams Reed. Cody hit him with a punch to the face and Gunther eliminated Kofi. Ivar entered the ring at #19 and dominated he match as he took Finn, Dom, Cody and Jey. Gunther looks to put Ivar to sleep, but Ivar hit him with the back of the elbow. Reed and Ivar clash inside the ring and Breakker came at #20 speared Jimmy, Jey and Finn and eliminated Jimmy.

Breakker and Gunther have a face off. Gunther looks for a powerbomb, Breakker took him over the head and speared Gunther. Omos made his return at #21 and went on to attack Cody, Gunther, Jey, Dom and flips Bronson reed out of the ring. Breakker speared Ivar and eliminated him from the ring. Pat McAfee from the commentary desk entered the match at #22 and eliminated himself fearing Omos and Breakker. Omos got distracted, where Breakker eliminated Omos and Dom eliminated Breakker.

When McDonagh walks his way to the ring at #23 Breakker speared him. Gunther and Cody tries to eliminate each other. Truth sent McDonagh to the ring and he was tossed out by Jey. Truth thought it is a tag match and tried to get the tag from Dom. Dom tags Truth and he took Gunther in control for a brief time.

The Miz came at #25 and went on to attack Gunther. Truth and Miz reunite to form Awesome Truth. The Miz tries to eliminate Dom, but Truth saved him. Dom delivered a 619 on Miz. Priest at #26 came out and eliminated R-Truth straight away and chokeslammed Gunther. CM Punk made his in-ring return at #27 and takes everyone inside the ring with the knee strikes. Dom tried to eliminate Punk, but Punk eliminated Dom. Priest controls Punk with the big right hand.

Ricochet enters the ring at #28 and cross body slam The Miz and Gunther. Cody and Miz looks to work together against Gunther, but Gunther eliminated Miz. McIntyre at #29 came to dominate the match and looks for a revenge on Jey Uso. Both Priest and McIntyre continued their fued in the middle of the ring by fighting each other. Drew took down Priest, Jey superkicked McIntyre. Gunther eliminated Jey.

Sami Zayn entered at #30 and lays his hands on McIntyre and fight everyone who look to stop him from McIntyre. Ricochet hit a recoil on Gunther and Kick to the back of the head of Priest. McIntyre eliminated Ricochet and it is the final six members inside the ring- Cody, Punk, Priest, Drew, Gunther and Sami.

Everyone exchange their signature maneuvers on each other. Zayn hit a Helluva kick on Drew. Sami eliminates Priest and McIntyre eliminate Sami. In the Final four- Gunther and Cody, McIntyre and Punk handle business. Cody hit a Cody Cutter on Gunther and Gunther hit a Clothesline on Cody. Drew McIntyre punish CM Punk with some vicious chops.

Gunther and McIntyre had a face off, but Cody and Punk break. Gunther looks for a Claymore but Punk side stepped and looks for a GTS. He couldn’t able to lift him and Drew hit a Glasco kiss. Drew hit claymore on Gunther, Cody and CM Punk. McIntyre has some words with Punk and Punk eliminated McIntyre. 

Gunther delivered a drop kick on Punk and powerbombed him. While Cody looka for a Cody Cutter, Gunther looks to eliminate him, but Cody eliminated Gunther. CM Punk and Cody Rhodes in the final two fight each other. Both battle each other and are on their knee exchanging blows. Both stood up and Cody seems fired up. Cody looks for a Cody Cutter, but Punk caught him and delivered three German Suplex. Punk hit his knee on the face and delivered a running bulldog. Punk looks for a GTS, Cody counters and he looks for Cross Rhodes.

Cody hit a Cross Rhodes on CM Punk and looks so tired. Huge Cody chants. Cody tried to lift Punk, but Punk hit him with a GTS. Punk tries to take Cody out by taking him on the shoulder, but Cody locks hi hands on the ropes. Punk took Cody on his shoulder for a GTS. Cody caught him and threw him over the top rope for the win. With that Punk became the first WWE superstar to win back to back rumble match in the last 26 years.

DrawEntrantEliminationOrderEliminated byTimeElimination(s)
1Jey Uso23Gunther50:501
2Jimmy Uso12Bron Breakker0
3Grayson Waller1Carmelo Hayes0
4Andrade8Bronson Reed0
5Carmelo Hayes6Finn Bálor1
6Shinsuke Nakamura9Cody Rhodes0
7Santos Escobar2Carlito0
8Karrion Kross4Bobby Lashley1
9“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio21CM Punk1
10Carlito3Bobby Lashley1
11Bobby Lashley5Karrion Kross2
12Ludwig Kaiser10Kofi Kingston0
13Austin Theory7Cody Rhodes0
14Finn Bálor13Bron Breakker1
15Cody RhodesWinner4
16Bronson Reed14Omos1
17Kofi Kingston11Gunther1
18Gunther28Cody Rhodes3
19Ivar15Bron Breakker0
20Bron Breakker18“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio4
21Omos17Bron Breakker1
22Pat McAfee16Himself1
23JD McDonagh19Jey Uso0
24R-Truth20Damian Priest0
25The Miz22Gunther0
26Damian Priest25Sami Zayn1
27CM Punk29Cody Rhodes2
28Ricochet24Drew McIntyre0
29Drew McIntyre27CM Punk2
30Sami Zayn26Drew McIntyre1
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Royal Rumble 2024 Results

  • Bayley won the Women’s Royal Rumble match by last eliminating Liv Morgan.
  • Roman Reigns pinned AJ Styles to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.
  • Logan Paul retains his United States Championship by Disqualification.
  • Cody Rhodes won the Men’s Royal Rumble match by last eliminating CM Punk.

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