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Full backstory of all characters in Uncle Howdy’s Wyatt 6 faction: WWE

Published at :June 19, 2024 at 11:19 PM
Modified at :June 19, 2024 at 11:19 PM
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(Courtesy : WWE)

Akash Dhanagaran

Uncle Howdy & The Wyatt 6 made their appearance on the recent episode of WWE Raw

On the June 17, 2024, episode of Monday Night Raw, during the final few moments, Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt 6 faction members made their return in a horrifying way. The faction massacred securities, officials and superstars backstage causing chaos.

The Wyatt 6 faction members are Nikki Cross as ‘Abby The Witch’, Eric Rowan as ‘Ramblin The Rabbit’, Dexter Lumis as ‘Mercy The Buzzard’, Joe Gacy as ‘Huskus The Pig’ and Bo Dallas as ‘Uncle Howdy’. So why did Uncle Howdy choose them as part of the Wyatt 6 faction? Here we take a look at the backstory of Howdy’s Wyatt 6 faction members.

The backstory of Uncle Howdy’s Wyatt 6 faction members

Uncle Howdy made his WWE debut in 2022, where Wyatt revealed that he was the one who opened his arms and accepted him when he went through a number of the biggest losses in his life. The ongoing hints featured through glitches and QR codes resemble the same, where he gave voices to the abandoned ones.

It seems like Howdy has opened his arms and accepted a number of abandoned stars, who went lost and abandoned by their loved ones and forgotten in the process. Howdy has teased this on a number of occasions with the glitches saying, “You Forgot Us”, “All we ever wanted was a chance” and more.

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Dexter Lumis, who was once a part of the Way faction with Johnny Gargano, Austin Theory, Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell, was abandoned from the faction. Lumis after getting separated from them, lost his track and was written off from WWE slowly. 

Nikki Cross during his NXT times lost her faction ‘Sanity’ and made her main roster debut losing her original character. Although she had a number of temporary alliances with other stars, she always got dumped by her team members.

Joe Gacy recently lost his own mythical and horror faction ‘Schism’ and went without any direction and was assaulted by his opponents, which resulted in him being slowly written off from NXT.

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Eric Rowan, who has the actual storyline connection with the Wyatt, lost his ‘Wyatt Family’ members (Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper) both in the storyline and in real life. This made him go directionless as he tried a number of things, but miserably failed, resulting in getting released by WWE.

Analyzing all these, it seems like Howdy has aligned all the abandoned ones under his supervision with the firefly characters (which were abandoned after Wyatt’s passing). Their attack on Chad Gable is also due to the reason that Gable abandoned Alpha Academy members, earlier the same day. It seems like Howdy & the faction members will be acting as the voice for the abandoned ones.

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