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How long was CM Punk’s WWE Championship reign?

Published at :May 21, 2024 at 11:00 PM
Modified at :May 21, 2024 at 11:00 PM
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Blesson Daniel

“The Second City Saint” is one of the most famous pro-wrestler of all time

Despite the fact that he is technically sidelined due to a torn triceps sustained at the Royal Rumble three months ago, CM Punk has maintained a consistent presence in WWE. He’s done commentary and appeared on Raw to keep his feuds with Seth Rollins and, notably, Drew McIntyre alive. He even became rough while working as an announcer at WrestleMania XL, costing McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship that Drew had just won from Rollins.

But, CM Punk has always been good with his top-notch mic skills. But, did you know CM Punk has one of the longest reigns in WWE history and he is among the top 10 guys? Such was his influence during the “modern era”. To keep it simple he is the greatest champion WWE made during that era. So, let’s look back at Punk’s reign in WWE.

CM Punk’s reign as WWE champion

CM Punk’s journey as WWE Champion began at Survivor Series 2011 when he dethroned Alberto Del Rio. His victory was a statement, but what followed over the next 434 days was nothing short of legendary. Punk’s reign was characterized by 13 pay-per-view title defenses, each showcasing his exceptional in-ring abilities and storytelling prowess.

Punk’s title defenses were a highlight reel of wrestling excellence. Matches against John Cena, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, and The Rock are etched in WWE history as some of the finest of their time. His technical classic with Daniel Bryan at Over the Limit 2012 is particularly noteworthy, often overlooked but revered by true wrestling aficionados.

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Punk’s ability to elevate his opponents was evident in his TV matches as well. Encounters with Mark Henry, which might have seemed unlikely to produce stellar matches, were proof of Punk’s versatility and skill. Beyond the ring, his promos captivated audiences, blending authenticity with sharp wit, earning him the moniker “The Voice of the Voiceless.”

Who beat CM Punk to win WWE Title?

The culmination of Punk’s reign came at Royal Rumble 2013, where he faced The Rock. This match was the end of an era, as Punk’s meticulous self-preservation tactics were finally overcome. His loss to The Rock was symbolic, marking the end of his transition from the beloved anti-hero to a character driven by ego and self-preservation.

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Despite the loss, Punk’s 434-day reign left an indelible mark on WWE. His ability to maintain the audience’s interest and deliver excellent performances established him as a true legend. Punk’s reign was not just about holding the title but redefining what it meant to be a WWE Champion in the modern era.

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