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WWE SmackDown Results, Highlights & Winners (June 14, 2024): Randy Orton returns

Published at :June 15, 2024 at 2:14 AM
Modified at :June 15, 2024 at 2:15 AM
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Akash Dhanagaran

Naomi defeated Green, DIY wants the tag titles, Nia Jax defeated Michin, Solo Sikoa defeated Kevin Owens, Randy Orton return & much more!!!

The June 14, 2024 episode of Friday Night SmackDown is officially over and it is the go-home show for Clash at the Castle PLE. WWE has showcased some of the important segments and matches for the show to set the final hype for the PLE. Get to know what happened on this week’s SmackDown as we came out with the complete summary, highlights, winner’s list for the show.

WWE SmackDown Summary & Highlights

Chelsea Green vs Naomi

Chelsea Green vs Naomiv
Chelsea Green vs Naomi

The match began with both locking each others head and hands and countering each other’s moves. Naomi took Chelsea down wish a shoulder tackle. Green stops her from knee strike asking for mercy, but Naomi slapped her and hit a splitted leg drop. Green sneaks out, Naomi went for suicide dive, but Green hit her with a big right hand.

Back after commercial, Green with a couple of drop kick to the knee took Naomi down. When going for the corner splash, Baomi counters it with a kick. Naomi hit her with a step up enzigiri and delivered a suicide dive outaide the ring.

Back in the ring, Naomi delivered a Crossbody from the top rope. Naomi took Green to the corner for ten punches to the face, bur Green stopped her and delivered a missile drop kick from the top rope. Naomi rolled Green and picked up the win with the assist from Bayley.


Baron Corbin was in discussion with Nick Aldis, where LDF interrupted him. Corbin took it personal with the Legado Del Fantasma and left after a staredown. Legado Del Fantasma came to meet Aldis and asked about Apollo Crews status. Aldis revealed tht Apollo Crews is cleared to compete and LDF wasn’t happy about that.

Grayson Waller Effect with #DIY

Grayson Waller Effect with #DIY
Grayson Waller Effect with #DIY

Grayson Waller & Austin Theory called their special guests #DIY with a quick mocking. The talk show as soon as the special guest arrived, developed into an arguement, where Ciampa went on to ask for a tag team title shot, but Waller refused it. Gargano went near to Theory and appreciated him for his accomplishmat as a singvls wrestler, but he is worried teaming with Waller, and claimed that Waller is using Theory. Waller stopped Gargano with the big right hand. All the four involved in a brawl were #DIY stood tall.


Naomi and Bayley walked backstage, where Blair Davenport teased Naomi. Chelsea met them and said that from tomorrow their happiness will be gone, when Pipe takes the title feom Bayley. Niven attacked them and referee asked to stop Niven.

Apollo Crews vs Santos Escobar

The match began with Apollo Crews taking initial control of the match until, he got distracted by Berto & Angel. Baron Corbin rushed to the ringside area and took down both Berto & Angel single handedly. This made apollo regain control over Escobar.

Apollo hit a big splash, couple of cothesline and a couple ot suplex. Apollo iwas fired up, laying Escobar down and went of the top rope. Santos with the knee countered his splash. Apollo however didn’t stop and delivered a Death Valley Driver. While Apollo reaching for the top rope, Corbin was attacked by Angel and Berto. Elektra pushes Apollo from the rope paving way for Escobar to pick up a roll down win.

Face-off: Cody Rhodes & AJ Styles

Face off- Cody Rhodes & AJ Styles WWE
Face off- Cody Rhodes & AJ Styles

Cody Rhodes addressed AJ Styles retirement and says that he is put to a task that he can’t do. AJ Styles popped out and the crowd sings song. Styles tries to stop them, but thr chants are huge. AJ Styles said Cody quitted WWE, NJPW, ROH and the company he started.

Cody says that he moved to achieve something great, gambling on himself, but didn’t quit. If he quitted, he won’t be here holding the title. Cody blamed AJ for his retirment drama to get the title shot. Styles said that he won’t be retiring, unless he calls for it. Styles said that he is focused on taking the title from Cody’s shoulder and would do anything to rip the title from his waist.

Backstage Attack

While the Street profits were giving interview, The Bloodline viciously attacked them. The securities separated them and they were taken to the Doctor’s room.

Nia Jax vs Michin

The match began with Michin trying to use her quickness to take control of Nia Jax, but Jax over powered her by slamming her and delivering an Annihilator for a squash win.

LA Knight invade Logan Paul’s house

Logan Paul was informed that a guest came to meet him, which is revealed to be LA Knight, who sat ner the pool, waiting for Logan Paul’s arrival. Paul witnessed him and asked them to take him out . Knight screamed to bring the US title to the ring and walked away.

Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes teased that he is not gonna beg like LA Knight. He says opporrunities comes to him. He announced himself for Money in the Bank match.Carmelo Hayes teased that he is not gonna beg like LA Knight. He says opporrunities comes to him. He announced himself for Money in the Bank match.


Nick Aldis met The Bloodline and said that followimg their attack on Street Profits, Tonga Loa and Tama Tonga are barred from ringside for tonight’s match agaisnt Solo Sikoa. If they show up the Bloodlins will be suspended. Heyman advises him to follow the guidlines. Solo stopped him saying that if he loses he will come for Heyman.

The Unholy Union Interview

The Unholy Union is interviewed the the entrance way. They asked about their match tomorrow. Both are confident on becoming the champions, making history infronr of the home crowd.

Solo Sikoa vs Kevin Owens

Solo Sikoa vs Kevin Owens
Solo Sikoa vs Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens wastes no time and went to fight Solo Sikoa before the bell rang. Solo sneaks out and Owens chases him. Owens banged Solo’s face to the barricade, announcement table and to the prime bottle. Solo tries to enter the ring, but Owens took him down and hit a Frog Splash from the apron.

Back after the commercial, Owens tried for a Cannon Ball, but Solo sneaks out, and pushed Owens to the steel steps. Back in the ring, Solo took Owens down with poweeful back elbow. Solo took Owens with a corner hip splash and Owens fights back.

Owens tried for a couple of clothesline and Solo hit him with one. Owens however speeding up took Solo down. Owebns went for the rop rope and hit a Tornado DDT. Both went for the second rope, where Owens took Solo with a headbutt and hit a Frog Splash.

Owens looks for a stunner, but Solo hit him with a couple of Spinning Solo. Owens fights back with a Superkick, Solo countered the Swantom bomb with the knee. Solo looks for a Samoan Spike, but Owens hit him with a Stunner. While going for the pin, Heyman put Solo’s leg to the ropes to break the pin. Owens with anger chased Heyman and tried to break the table with him. However Solo Samoan Spiked Owens a couple of times and won the match.

Randy Orton returns

After the match, Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa attacked Owens, where Orton made his return and saved Owens from The Bloodline. Orton took all the three and hit RKO to Tonga Loa. He cleared the ring and hugged Owens to end the show.

SmackDown results

  • Naomi defeated Chelsea Green by pinfall.
  • Santos Escobar defeated Apollo Crews by pinfall.
  • Nia Jax defeated Michin by pinfall.
  • Solo Sikoa defeated Kevin Owens by pinfall.

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