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[Watch] MJF returns to AEW at Double of Nothing 2024

Published at :May 27, 2024 at 12:55 PM
Modified at :May 27, 2024 at 12:55 PM
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(Courtesy : AEW)

Akash Dhanagaran

After long we will see the return of the most anticipated AEW superstar

Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) is one of the youngest and top AEW stars. He has been in AEW from the start of the company and has been one of the highly successful stars of the company. Maxwell had stood undefeated for almost a year and a half, held the Dynamite Diamond Ring for more than four years, and held the AEW World Championship for the longest time in the company’s history. 

Despite having a great run, he was teasing about his contract expiry last year. He had his last match at AEW World End 2023, where he lost his title to Samoa Joe, after the betrayal of his friend Adam Cole, who was revealed to be the Devil. MJF after the betrayal and the loss was not seen then and reported that his contract with AEW expired.

Ever since his contract expiry was teased, there have been complex rumors about his status. Proving the rumors and reports wrong, MJF has made his return to AEW Double or Nothing 2024 pay-per-view.

MJF returns to AEW Double or Nothing

At Double or Nothing 2024, Adam Cole appeared on the show with the microphone for ‘Storytime with Adam Cole’. Where Cole teased the Las Vegas AEW fans, saying that the city sucks and he should not be there in the city. He said that he was getting disrespected there. Cole claimed that he was “The Greatest Pro-Wrestler of this Generation”. He then pulled out the ‘Devil’s mask’, claiming that everyone has the devil inside them.

Cole said that once he got cleared, he would be back to do the ‘due duties’ of the Devil. While he was about to end the segment, the arena went dark and a MJF hype video played out. The video ended and MJF made his return to AEW with a new look confronting Adam Cole. MJF and Cole hugged, however, MJF kicked Cole in his groin and hit him with a Brainbuster.

MJF then cut a promo saying that Cole woke him up, and he came to know who he is, “The Greatest Professional Wrestler”, “A Generational Talent”. He said, unlike Adam Cole, he “doesn’t need New Japan or Vince McMahon” to make him, claiming that he is self-made. Ne says that he has no time for friendship and all he wants is “hate, hate, hate”. 

He warned the Undisputed Kingdom saying that no one is safe when MJF is back. He claims that he doesn’t care about the devil, because he is god damn best & is the complete star in the industry. He doesn’t need the mask to prove ‘nobody is on the level of the devil’. He remembers his exit and threw the mask away, hitting an Elbow drop on it.

MJF then addressed his contract status and showed the tattoo on his right calf saying, “Bet on yourself” with AEW inside the casino logo. MJF said that he is not going anywhere, confirming he is in AEW.

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