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Former Indian cricketer-turned-politician Kirti Azad slams PM Narendra Modi for entering Indian Cricket Team’s dressing room after CWC 2023 final

Mihir KordeMihir Korde
November 21 2023
Former Indian cricketer-turned-politician Kirti Azad slams PM Narendra Modi for entering Indian Cricket Team's dressing room after CWC 2023 final

Kirti Azad was not happy with PM Narendra Modi entering Indian cricket team’s dressing room.

As the cricket-crazy nation of India was still reeling from the disappointment of a loss against Australia in the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023. Amidst the collective sighs on India’s World Cup loss, videos emerged showing Prime Minister Narendra Modi consoling Indian cricket team in their dressing room after the finals.

This seemingly innocuous act, however, did not escape the keen eyes of Kirti Azad. Kirti Azad, a former cricketer who was part of the victorious 1983 World Cup team, has since transitioned into politics and currently serves as the State In-Charge of the All India Trinamool Congress in Goa. Taking it to Twitter, Azad voiced his disapproval, questioning the appropriateness of Prime Minister entering team’s dressing room.

Kirti Azad slams Narendra Modi

Azad emphasized the hallowed nature of the dressing room, a space reserved exclusively for players and support staff according to International Cricket Council (ICC) regulations. The sanctum sanctorum of any cricket team, as he described it, should remain inviolable. His pointed words, “The dressing room is the sanctum sanctorum of any team. @ICC does not allow anybody to enter these rooms apart from the players and the support staff.”

Azad went further, suggesting that Prime Minister should have adhered to established norms by meeting the team outside the dressing room in the private visitors’ area. His hypothetical query, “Would Narendra Modi allow his supporters to come and console or congratulate him in his bedroom, dressing room, or the toilet?.” aimed to highlight the perceived breach of decorum in allowing such intrusion into the cricket team’s inner sanctum.

Kirti Azad had represented India in 7 test matches and 25 ODIs, scoring 404 runs in total and picking 10 wickets in his short stint for India from 1980 to 1986.

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