“There’s a big difference”- Yuvraj Singh reveals how his equation with Virat Kohli has changed over the years


November 9 2023
Yuvraj Singh reveals how his equation with Virat Kohli has changed over the years

Yuvraj Singh was a senior player in Indian team when Virat Kohli made his debut in 2008.

Yuvraj Singh spoke about how there has been a huge shift in the equation in the relationship between him and Virat Kohli over the years. Yuvraj was already a senior player in Indian team when Kohli made his debut in 2008.

Singh was the vice-captain of the side when Kohli played his first ODI in 2008 against Sri Lanka, and later the duo helped India win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 at home. Kohli scored a vital 35 in the final against Sri Lanka, while Yuvraj Singh was named player of the tournament for his all-round performance.

During the early stages of Kohli’s career, Yuvraj was one of the few Indian players who embraced him with open arms. Both players appear to have a close relationship and frequently wish each other on their birthdays on social media.

Yuvraj has acknowledged, however, that he does not bother Virat Kohli because the latter is quite busy.

Yuvraj Singh on young Virat Kohli

Yuvraj Singh was a veteran player when Kohli made his debut for India in 2008, and he took Kohli under his wing, developing a strong bond with the young player.

Yuvraj Singh claimed on the Ranveer show that he doesn’t have much connection with Virat Kohli these days, owing to Kohli’s hectic schedule. He went on to say that Kohli has evolved significantly over the years, emphasizing the changes in his personality.

Yuvraj remembered the younger Kohli fondly as “cheeku,” a nickname given to him in his early cricketing days. He said that the cheeku he knew had evolved into the fearsome Virat Kohli that we all know and love.

Ranveer asked, “Do you talk to Virat Kohli?” To this, Yuvraj replied, “Not really, because he is busy, I don’t disturb him much.”

“Young Virat Kohli ka naam tha cheeku, aaj ke cheeku ka naam hai Virat Kohli, bohot fark hai. (Young Virat Kohli’s name was Cheeku, today’s Cheeku’s name is Virat Kohli, there is a lot of difference.) He refers to this statement as when Kohli was young, he used to chill a lot with his friends, however, as he started growing up, he became a different person,” Yuvraj said.

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