The Evertonian is infamously the first British footballer to be jailed for an on-field incident.

Football is often regarded as a sport, where there needs to be a relative amount of aggressiveness and blitz. This is clearly justified by the physical complicity in football, which demands a certain bit of stature, that is daunting and unsettling.

While some players have shown their fair bit of discontent regarding this alleged necessity, others have really taken it to the next level, and have made a name for themselves for being a toughie, who isn’t shy of getting into brawls, and giving stick to their fellow opponents. Some famous entities who come under this list are Pepe and Jaap Stam, who have a reputation of a villain stature, and are considered one of the most hot headed or short tempered.

But one player surpasses all others, and transcends into a different cachet all together, when it comes to being a badass both on and off the pitch. The player whose accounts of fabled misdoings, would certainly bring about astonishment, and make you question yourself, as to how the existence of such a screwball in football was even possible. This is the tale of football’s most terrifying hardman – Duncan Ferguson

Duncan Fergusons years as a player

Despite his unsettling behaviour and actions, Duncan Ferguson could never be judged for his abilities as a footballer. The 6ft 4 in striker, was a ferocious front man, and was considered a furious predator inside the 18-yard box. Also due to his incredible height, Duncan’s heading abilities were exquisite, which was complemented by his undeniable passion for his team.

In his footballing years, that spread across a period of 16 years which were full of tantrums and mishaps, Duncan Ferguson played for four different clubs, both in the England as well as in Scotland.

Duncan commenced his professional footballing career with his childhood club Dundee United FC, when he made his debut against Rangers at the iconic Ibrox stadium. Nearly three months after this remarkable feat, Duncan scored his first professional goal, against East Fife in the Scottish Cup. This at that time was a clear indication, of the emergence of a talented young man, who was deemed to have a bright future.

In 1993, the hype became real, when Duncan signed for one of Scotland’s biggest clubs Rangers FC. The deal also caught widespread media attention, as it broke the British transfer record of that time. This huge signing unfortunately didn’t go as planned, and Duncan left the club in a loan deal the following year, and joined the Toffees of England.

His tenure with Everton was a big-time success, and he became sort of a cult hero among the loyal Evertonians, who often acknowledged his contributions in Everton’s relegation battles, as well as his heroics in the esteemed Merseyside Derby. Duncan had two tenures at the Goodison Park, ranging from 1994-1998, and 2000-2006. He also had a relatively small stint at Newcastle, where he made 30 appearances, and scored eight goals.

Duncan hung up his boots after the 2005-2006 season as an Everton club legend, and bid farewell to countless memories and twister tales of mischief.

The mental tale of Duncan’s madness

Duncan Ferguson’s footballing career was filled with drama and moments of befitting rage, that was unruly and ambiguous. The player had his fair share of critics, who deemed him as a junkyard or an ill-mannered entity, for his atrocious behaviour.

His stories of absolute carnage started right from his childhood club Dundee United, where he caused trouble by headbutting a police officer, while being under the influence of alcohol. A similar story took place 3 years later, when Duncan manhandled a postman who supported hated rivals St Johnstone, for provoking him. “I can’t keep him out of trouble,” said United’s gaffer, and allowed him to leave the club for Rangers.

Just a few games into his career at Rangers, trouble stroke again for the Scottish, as he assaulted two blokes at a night club, and infamously head-butted Raith Rovers’ Jock McStay on the pitch, following which he was charged with assault yet again, and spent time at Glasgow prison HMP Bairlinie.

Seeing such disciplinary issues emerge, Rangers were forced to loan him out to Everton. Dunc’s start with the Toffees was a bit difficult, as he failed to score in his first four games which was followed by his unsettling tantrum just two days before the Merseyside derby, when he went out partying, and was pulled over by the cops, who made his spend the night at the slammer. Despite these major issues, Duncan showed his magic on the pitch, and did exceptionally well in the derby.

Some of his other incidents also included him beating up petty burglars on two different occasions, and giving them a fair price to pay for their deeds.

Duncan Ferguson also had a record eight red cards in the Premier League, mainly because of his hot temper.

Where is the famous Evertonian now?

At present, the old warhorse has mellowed in middle age, and has taken up coaching as his profession. The Scot has had stints as the interim manager for his dear club Everton on two different occasions, and has done well with the club whenever he was presented with the opportunity. But despite his best efforts, Duncan never received a contract from the Toffees, and he recently made the decision of putting pen to paper with League One side Forest Green Rovers, who offered him the position of Head Coach. Surely, big Dunc will be a major influence on the sidelines for the club, and he will make his presence felt on the touchline with his hostile conduct and unfamed reputation.

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