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Will have one cheat meal every day: Sunil Chhetri on his post retirement plan

Atawaris WarsiAtawaris Warsi
November 20 2023
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Chhetri shared that even Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli harbours similar post-retirement desires

Indian football legend Sunil Chhetri, known for his goal-scoring prowess on the field, recently shared his post-retirement plans in a candid interview with Jar App x Bengaluru FC. What came to light was not just Chhetri’s love for the game but also his deep affection for a specific genre of culinary delights – the delectable world of Parathas and Chole Bhature.

In the interview, when asked about his plans post-retirement, Chhetri humorously confessed, “I will have one cheat meal every day. Let it be samosas, let it be parathas, dosas, whatever I don’t have now. Chole Bhature.” This revelation was not without a cricketing connection, as Chhetri shared that even Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli harbours similar post-retirement culinary aspirations.

Teammates from Bengaluru FC, including goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, also joined in the conversation about their dream cheat meals. When prompted about what he would indulge in without any restrictions, Sandhu exclaimed, “The list will be never-ending.” Chhetri, on the other hand, narrowed down his choice to a singular favourite – Parathas.

He elaborated, “I have only one, Parathas, made out of wheat, made out of radish, cauliflower, and curd.” Sandhu chimed in with a detailed description, adding, “Along with onion salad and chole.”

What added a charming touch to the conversation was Chhetri’s revelation that the Bengaluru FC team marks their cheat days, turning them into a collective celebration.

“In our team now, we mark our cheat days. This match, after so many days, we will win and will enjoy our cheat meals together,” Chhetri exclaimed with an infectious enthusiasm, underlining the camaraderie that extends beyond the football pitch.

The conversation not only provided a glimpse into the personal preferences of Indian football’s talisman but also showcased the unique bond that the Bengaluru FC team shares off the field. As Chhetri dreams of indulging in his favourite Parathas and Chole Bhature daily post-retirement, it’s evident that the skipper and his teammates find joy not just in winning matches but also in savouring the simple pleasures of life together.

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