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FC Goa Vs NorthEast United Player Ratings: Nawaz, Brandon impress

Published at :January 9, 2020 at 5:14 AM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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Tarkesh Jha

It was a hugely disappointing game for the visiting side.

FC Goa notched a 2-0 victory against NorthEast United; one of which was an own-goal whereas Ferran Corominas bagged his 49th goal in the ISL. It could be said to an extent that the Highlanders were outclassed by Sergio Lobera's side tonight as the home side has now climbed to the top spot in the points table after a brief stay in the second place. In this article, we discuss and analyse the performances of the Indian footballers who starred in the match.

FC Goa

Mohammad Nawaz- 7.0 Mohammad Nawaz was confident in front of the goalpost, even charging up ahead to clear the ball on three occasions quite comfortably. He made two saves and had a complete 100% passing accuracy that further emphasises on how efficiently Goa plays out from the back. Seriton Fernandes- 6.5 Seriton Fernandes did a neat work throughout as he performed four tackles, managed to timely clear the ball seven times and put in a couple of crosses too. He equally managed the workload on both the offensive and the defensive front and was eventually hauled off late towards the fag end of the game. [KH_ADWORDS type="3" align="center"][/KH_ADWORDS] Mandar Rao Dessai- 6.5 Mandar Rao Dessai coupled up with Seriton to do a similarly impressive work without any fuss from the opposite flank. He picked up a yellow card but also made two successful tackles, three clearances and a couple of crosses into the box. As always, there was little to complain about Mandar’s performance. Lenny Rodrigues- 6.0 Lenny did a tireless work from the deep midfield tonight, continuously recycling the possession, making sure he did all basic things right and didn’t lose the ball in the process. He had a passing accuracy of 87% and had minimal defensive work to do as he made a single successful tackle, clearance and interception each. He continues to be a vital cog and Goa’s primary engine from the midfield. Jackichand Singh- 6.0 Jackichand Singh made some good use of the space afforded to him by NorthEast United on the right flank. He constantly tried to find his way past the defenders and was the one who squared the ball into the penalty box that led to the own goal and opened up the scoreline in Goa’s favour. Additionally, Jacki also put in six crosses to continue the waves of pressure upon the opposition’s backline. Brandon Fernandes- 7.0 Brandon did an extremely efficient work on both aspects of the gameplay. He tackled five times, put in a cross and blocked thrice. However, he also took two shots on target and was always a source of a possible goal-scoring opportunity from the inside channel of the left wing. Goa’s brilliant two young men from the flank continue to produce the desired results for the team on an extremely regular basis. [KH_ADWORDS type="4" align="center"][/KH_ADWORDS]


Manvir Singh- N/A Manvir Singh had nothing significant to do in the 12 minutes that he spent on the field, except moving the ball across just for the sake of it and wait for the referee to blow the final whistle. Seiminlen Doungel- N/A Didn't have enough time to make an impact. Amey Ranawade- N/A

NorthEast United

Pawan Kumar- 3.0 Pawan Kumar had a nearly safe goal until his absolute blunder where he let the ball roll past him to hand Goa the lead against NorthEast United. It came especially at a juncture when the home side had visibly gotten a bit frustrated for being unable to bag a goal entering into the final quarter of the game. Pawan’s error clearly shifted the momentum and there was no way back for the Highlanders from thereon. Reagan Singh- 6.5 Reagan Singh preferred to stay deep back into his half, possibly to counter the threat that Brandon posed with his runs from the left flank. Reagan put in five tackles and clearances and blocked the ball on three occasions. He barely made any inroads into the opposition half as his performance accounted to no crosses eventually and it can be termed as a pretty decent defensive performance overall. Rakesh Pradhan- 6.5 It was a joint effort from both the NorthEast United full-backs to restrain any attacking instincts in order to not provide much time and area for the Goa wingers to play with. Pradhan’s awareness is evident through his eight clearances and he managed to put in three tackles to complete a profound outing. [KH_ADWORDS type="2" align="center"][/KH_ADWORDS] Lalengmawia- 6.0 Lalengmawia put in a tireless display whilst guarding the back-line from the centre. His tenacity was infectious as he tackled the opposition 12 times, had a passing accuracy of 83% and won two fouls too. He intercepted and blocked the ball once each and was one of the better performers for NEUFC tonight. Redeem Tlang- 6.0 Redeem Tlang partnered his midfield counterparts brilliantly as he always joined them whilst hounding them in the centre of the park. He put in six tackles and also crossed the ball twice. His passing went a bit awry on certain occasions too, perhaps due to the fact that he succumbed to the press enforced by the Goan midfielders. Lalthathanga Khawlhring- 3.0 Lalthathanga Khawlhring delivered a really subdued performance with no substantial involvement throughout the course of the game. He completed merely eight passes during his stay on the pitch and intercepted the ball on only two occasions. Rupert Nongrum- 3.0 Rupert Nongrum could also complete only nine passes in 90 minutes, put in two crosses and a single tackle on the field. NorthEast United failed to stamp their authority on the game against FC Goa and it is visible through the rather disappointing outings from some of their forwards. Rupert could register no shot on target either. [KH_RELATED_NEWS title="Related News | Article Continues Below"][/KH_RELATED_NEWS]


Milan Singh- 3.0 Milan Singh tackled twice, but made no significant contributions to the offensive side. It is something that the team required very dearly given the stage of the game in which Milan Singh arrived on the field. Nikhil Kadam- 5.0 Nikhil Kadam made an instant impact straight upon his arrival on the field but his involvement dwindled off in the final 15 minutes or so. Nevertheless, he put in three tackles and interceptions and also crossed the ball once. Wayne Vaz- N/A