Mumbai City FC ISL 2019-20Vs 4ISL 2019-20 FC Goa

50′ Sarthak 26′ Lenny
                                                                                     55′ Souvik 45+1′ Coro
58′ Boumous
89′ Pena

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FT Report: 

FC Goa were on course to win the game at half-time, then they took a break for 15 minutes and allowed Mumbai to sneak in for sometime before just accumulating further disarray to the home side with a couple of more goals later on. Mumbai had a couple of goals ruled out through offside, and the coach would of course be expected to speak on that in the post match presser but it must be acknowledged that the home side did present a notable enough challenge to Goa in quite a few phases of the game. But when you face a side like the one that Sergio Lobera has formed here, it is almost baffling to assume that you can manage to keep switching the ante and intensity and remain unpunished for the same. Mumbai definitely put up a better performance than they did in the game against Odisha, but with identical scoreline at the end of the day, it needs to be addressed that they would have to up their game soon before facing the wrath of this majorly packed Mumbai Football Arena!

Until then, that’s it from us; Tarkesh Jha and Sabin Castelino from Khel Now football for you. Hope you had as much fun reading about the game, as we had witnessing it in front of our eyes. Thank you very much!


FULL TIME HERE IN MUMBAI!! The final whistle is blown and the favorites to win the game, have well and truly won the game by some margin eventually!

90+1′ Substitution for Goa! Princeton Rebello is brought onto the field in place of Brrandon Fernandes. Goa would look to play out the game now as Mumbai have clearly failed to up the ante in the final phase of the game!


A free-kick is accurately taken from right near the corner flag and Carlos Pena very smartly moves across the near post and puts in a cheeky back heal goal into the box to nearly assure the away side a victory here! Well, that was just too much wit in place for Mumbai’s really cannot stop that from going in!

88′ Amid the boos and the bit of abuse that he was subjected by the Mumbai fans, Brandon commits a foul and is given a yellow card for the same…

86′ Mumbai are awarded a free-kick from a really good spot just diagonal to the box but Larbi, whose dead-ball prowess once can swear upon does not manage to step up and instead rockets the ball right back to the fans behind the goal post. Meanwhile, Diego Carlos shouts at the referee for failing to award them a foul after being brought down just near the halfway line!

84′ Mumbai patiently look to build the attack from the back as Souvik receives the ball and then he releases Larbi on the run whose cross inside the box fails to beat the first man. Accordingly, Goa attain the possession and move ahead but it is a bit of a jigsaw right now on the field with both teams seeming to be equally edging to get one over the other.

82′ “So many Indians on the field, is it the ISL or the I-League?”, asks our favorite correspondent, Sabin Castelino!

80′ Substitution for Mumbai again! Costa has now inducted three Indians as the subs as he sends Bidyananda Singh in place of local favorite, Raynier Fernandes!

78′ Man, it looked like a really rough challenge. Jahouh prepared to take a long shot from around 35 yards out and delivers a skier in the process. Regardless of that, Surchandra absolutely bangs onto him and brings Ahmed down to the field. He is up and ready to resume now though.

76′ Haha, Coro tries his luck for a spot-kick here as he and Raynier engage in a pretty delicate challenge inside the penalty box. It results in nothing but a corner for Goa which is easily swayed away and now they again look to build a wave of attack from the back with Coro being at the centre of all the action yet again!

74′ Ahmed Jahouh and Edu Bedia link up near the left flank but they are hounded off by Larbi who was quite energetic in that position. Meanwhile, Lobera looks to play a vital card as he has now introduced Manvir Singh to the game in place of Jacki. Manvir, if you remember, notched that crucial goal against NorthEast in the injury time the last night that Goa played.

72′ Substitution for Mumbai yet again!

Pranjal Bhumij, the young kid who looks like he has an assignment to submit in school tomorrow, is brought onto the field in place of Paulo Machado who had quite a good game tonight in his position, honestly. The boss is looking to add more fresh legs in the final 20 minutes.

70′ Souvik man, keep some calm!

Brandon is fouled rather awkwardly by Mumbai’s right-back and upon the expression of displeasure by him, Souvik pushes him in a jiff. He is yellow-carded for the same but he well could have been sent off for this knee-jerk reaction.

68′ Surchandra Singh is put into the field as Bipin is subbed off! It is quite a surprising move actually by the coach as despite his lack of quality in the final delivery, Bipin has been one of the top performers in the game tonight. He added fresh legs and his pace and energy caused Goa quite some troubles as well!

66′ Machado is playing that deep-lying playmaker’s role to perfection tonight as he puts in an exquisite pass to Bipin who is all by himself at the right flank. Bipin, though controls it astutely, fails to capitalize on the same and his delivery into the box is underwhelming to say the least as Fall makes an interception quite easily.

64′ The Machado-Raynier duo have reaped some rewards for Mumbai tonight as they yet again look to embark in one of their combination plays. Fernandes’ skills come into play as he beats his marker with a swift skill but the ball travels long and Fall is right well-placed at his position to make a quick clearance. The game seems to be equally poised for both teams though the visitors are in the lead right now!


Goal-scorer Boumous is out of the field possibly due to his injury and Edu Bedia makes his way into the field to substitute him. Meanwhile, Coro receives some treatment at the touchline as well.

58′ GOA GOAL!!!!!!!

Ahmed Jahouh loops the ball deep inside the box through a forty-yard long free-kick and Mourtada Fall heads it to the far post. Boumous appears over there and just puts the ball inside the box with a slight touch. He seems to be injured in the process too but man, what a game this is turning out to be.


Mumbai were on a roll after the first goal. Sarthak, particularly, was extremely impressive. But Raynier and Machado along with Larbi tried to stitch together a string of passes near the box which went in vain. Souvik, out of nowhere, appears in the middle and strikes back a fantastic half-volley that possibly even breaks apart the net. Nawaz succumbs to the pressure and Mumbai have finally arrived here tonight! Souvik Chakrobarty, you beauty!


50′ GOALLLLLL!! Mumbai are back in to the game!

Paulo Machado attempts a shot that is barely saved by Nawaz. On the ensuing corner, Sarthak heads the ball from the far post and it lands into the net! Is the comeback we have been waiting for?

48′ It is a slow start to the half but both teams are venturing near the goal. Although it looks like Mumbai are hungrier here…

46′ Kick Off for Mumbai City FC! 

Will the home team recover or has the fortress lost it’s resounding effect on them?


Mumbai looked to have a better understanding of the situation for the first half hour or so, and looked to be more threatening in attack with the introduction of Bipin to the starting lineup paying dividends. But Goa have seamlessly paved their way back into the game first through a wicked goal by Lenny from a corner and then Coro’s wonderful as ever strike near the halftime mark to double up the lead. Jorge Costa has a lot of thinking to do, as the home fans cannot stand to be left disappointed with another defeat and no game to look forward to in Mumbai for the next month or so. Will Mumbai find their way back into the game? Or will Goa pile up to their misery? Stay tuned with Khel Now for an upcoming cracker of a second half!!


Jahouh starts off the move as he finds space in front of Mumbai’s backline and he passes it to Boumous. He plays the ball to Jackichand who crosses the ball brilliantly in for Coro! And boy, does that man ever disappoint? Cool as a cucumber, he glides the ball into the net and Amrinder is left unimpressed and frustrated eventually. Goa playing like the Goa we know of!


43′ Brandon plays in a slick pass that breaks through Mumbai’s deeper defensive line. Unfortunately though, none of Goa’s forwards were in a position to pounce upon that delivery but well, it results in a corner for them…which they fail to make anything from. Mumbai build through Amrinder again…

41′ Seriton and Carlos engage in 1v1 here but the former manages to get the ball off Mumbai’s winger who has been in some good touch tonight. Bipin gets the ball in the right flank and then puts in a weak cross into the box that is thumped away by Goa’s backline. The visiting team seem to be getting the hold over the proceedings now.

39′ Coro and Brandon combine together to take Goa ahead but Mumbai’s players crowd them out just outside the box. In the process, Raynier, fantastic as ever, wins the ball back and brings Mumbai back into play here.

37′ Goa has grown into the game ever since the goal. They look more assured in possession and that is visible through Jacki and Boumous’ passes near the box. Boumous puts in a looping delivery but Amrinder and Mumbai’s backline are aware enough to thwart that away without much fuss.

34′ Jacki and Coro again embark on their link-up play near the box but Jacki is brought down by Bose and the move falls apart. From thereon, the ball moves to Goa’s half as Lenny looks to release his wingers with a run. Bipin’s work-rate has been phenomenal and he stops the midfielder from doing that by putting in a good pass into the box himself. Chermiti was nowhere near it though.

31′ Chermiti receives a ball from Subhasish who passes it to Diego but the shot is way off-target. On the other hand, Amine tries to recover the ball near the touchline of the left side but goes down through a tackle and some treatment is required for him in the time being.


A crazy few minutes here. Sarthak heads a corner from Bipin brilliantly to Diego who pounces upon the layoff to smash the ball inside the net. A sigh of relief for a few minutes, but wait…ITS AN OFFSIDE! The goal is ruled out!


Jacki and Coro play a nice 1-2 inside the box but Sarthak was alert enough to make a solid clearance. However, it results in a corner through which Jacki again puts in an accurate delivery whilst Lenny shots right from the edge of the box to give Goa the lead against the course of action!

25′ Jackichand failed to control a long diagonal pass wide into the right flank. Amrinder takes a goal-kick, as usual to the left wing but Goa’s defenders manage to put the ball away from the touchline and hence now look to build from the back again!

23′ Carlos Pena takes a long ball but Raynier and Machado hound up well to recover the ball deep inside their half. They pass it to Souvik who tries to release Bipin on the run but the pass is not accurate enough as of now.

21′ Sarthak breaks apart Goa’s forward move with a clearance that might just have gotten out of the stadium!! This Mumbai side looks to be in some energy and mood tonight. Goa have failed to stamp their authority upon the game so far and Jorge Costa seems to have done a good job in the week-long break!


On the other hand, Mandar Rao Desai’s ball into the box is dealt well by Mumbai but in turn they end up giving too much space to Jahouh who takes a couple of touches before putting in a shot to trouble Amrinder. The corner fails to result in anything notable.

16′ Bipin takes a corner that troubles up Goa’s backline and then he comes back to his left flank to put in another diagonal ball that is intercepted by Lobera’s team.

13′ Raynier is on a roll here! He recovers the ball back at his box and then puts in a brilliant peach of a pass to the right flank that carves open Goa’s backline and presents another chance for the home side!!

11′ Mumbai look to speed ahead with pace from the right flank after a foul goes against Goa’s way. But the play stops thereon as Amrinder takes a long-ball to find Bipin on the left wing who goes down with what seems a theatrical foul at the moment.

9′ Raynier wins the ball in a very difficult position near the box and tries to create a pass to take that move ahead. Machadao seems to be doing a fine job in the deeper role as well as Mumbai’s midfielders try to press Goa out of the game in these initial minutes.

8′ Larbi initially looks to take the free-kick but Chermiti pops up with a powerful left-foot strike. Unfortunately, all it does is pass all over the goal post and hence the home side misses to pounce upon a good chance here.

6′ Mumbai break Goa’s attacking move as Chermiti receives the ball with plenty of space in front of him near the halfway mark. He passes it to Bipin who fails to put a notable ball into the box but Mumbai have earned a free-kick from a promising position here.

4′ Goa has maintained a stronghold over the possession and hence seem to be making all the right moves. But wait!!! Mumbai recover possession brilliantly whilst Bipin delivers a cross into the box that is carefully dealt with by Fall. Mumbai on the offensive mode for the moment!

2′ Paulo Machado seems to have taken up the defensive midfielder’s position whilst Raynier Fernandes would probably look to play in front of him, in the attacking midfielder’s position. Bipin is playing inn a slightly offensive role in the left flank.


7:26 PM We are done with the national anthem here as the players from both the sides take their position and do some light warm-up. The atmosphere is electric in the stadium tonight and the Goan fans sure look like they would be making some noise here in the next ninety minutes!

7:23 PM Oh and what are we seeing here! The FC Goa fans have unveiled an approximately thirty feet banner celebrating the contributions of their coach Sergio Lobera. Surely, a manager who deserves such applause

7:20 PM The ground has cleared up. Only a few groundsmen apply the finishing touches to the pitch whilst the substitutes rest themselves at the dugout. We wait for the starting team players to come and grace the ground with their presence and get this game up and running.

7:10 PM The groundsmen are doing their best to cover up the couple of wet patches caused due to the rain whereas the banners of both the clubs are up as we prepare for kickoff in sometime from now.

7:00 PM Both the teams are gearing up in full force for the match despite the rains which has increased in the past few minutes to make it a completely picturesque scene at the Football Arena tonight!

6:55 PM Just in case for the uninitiated, Mohammed Asif, who was incorporated in the squad yesterday as a replacement for Anwar Ali has made it to the squad for tonight’s game. The 18-year-old midfielder has made it here through the ranks from the junior levels and we wish the lad a good luck for the upcoming match!


Mumbai City FC: Amrinder (GK), Pratik, Chermiti, Machado, Raynier, Subashish, Sarthak, Diego Carlos, Larbi, Souvik, Bipin

FC Goa: Boumous, Jahouh, Corominas, Brandon, Jackichand, Nawaz (GK), Pena, Seriton, Lenny, Fall, Mandar Rao Desai (C)


Mumbai City FC: Bidyananda, Pranjal, Vignesh, Ravi Kumar (GK), Surchandra, Valpuia, Asif

FC Goa: Konsham, Manvir, Rebello, Gama, Naveen Kumar (GK), Ranawade


6:40 PM The Goan crowd is slowly filling up the stadium as they have lined up outside the gates with their flags, jerseys and some of them even having colored themselves in a quirky way to display their support for Sergio Lobera’s side.

Welcome to ISL 2019-20 Mumbai City vs FC Goa live commentary of Khel Now, where we will bring you all the live action from the Mumbai Football Arena in Mumbai.

Mumbai City FC Vs FC Goa Kick-Off: 7:30 PM

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Jorge Costa is not undermining FC Goa

“We have some new players and this is a different season. The good thing is that we learn from our mistakes and we know how to beat Goa, as we did the last time. I am not expecting an easy game. But, I am sure that Goa, they are not expecting an easy game either,” he said.

“We will respect them. They will respect us. The most important is the things that we can do and we must do. When we do those things correctly, we are just as good. When we don’t do those things right, like last game, then we are closer to lose the game. We have to be focused, 100% professional and we have to fight till the end,” Costa added.