List of all Davis Cup winners and runners-up in history

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February 13 2023
Davis Cup winners

India has finished as the second-best team in the tournament on multiple occasions.

Davis Cup is one of the most iconic men’s tennis tournaments. It was started in 1900 making it a 122-year-old tournament. The first tournament was held in the USA. The USA and Great Britain played and the former came up as the winners of the Davis Cup. The tournament is organized every year by the International Tennis Federation. A total of 18 teams participate in the tournament every year. As of 2016, a total of 135 nations have participated in the Davis Cup.

Origin of Davis Cup

The tournament was named after Dwight Davis as he played a vital role in the formation of the tournament which started in 1900. The first match of the Davis Cup was played between America and Britain ( formally ‘British Isles’) and was played at Longwood Cricket Club, Boston, Massachusetts. In 1905 apart from the USA and Britain, countries like France, Belgium, Austria and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand combined) became part of the tournament.

Davis Cup was known as the International Lawn Tennis Challenge but was later renamed to its present name. Until 1973 the tournament was dominated by the United States, Britain, France and Australia as the winners were from these four countries only. Ultimately this was broken in 1974 as South Africa was the eventual winner and India made it to the final of the tournament.

The Davis Cup became an open event in 1968 and this was also the year when professional players of a country were allowed to compete. The World group system was introduced in the tournament in 1981 in which the 16 countries were divided into groups. Moreover, in 1989 the tiebreaker was also introduced in the tournament and in 2016 was introduced in all five sets. In 2018, 18 national teams were able to participate in the Davis Cup.

List of all the winners of the Davis Cup from 1900 to 2022:

2022Canada (CAN)2-0Australia (AUS)Malaga
2021Russian Tennis Federation (RTF)2-0Croatia(CRO)Madraid, Innsbruck, Turin
2019Spain(ESP)2-0 Canada (CAN)Madrid, Spain
2018Croatia(CRO)3 – 1France(FRA)Lille, France
2017France(FRA)3 – 2Belgium (BEL)Lille, France
2016Argentina(ARG)3 – 2 Croatia(CRO)Zagreb, Croatia
2015Great Britain (GBR)3 – 1Belgium (BEL)Ghent, Belgium
2014Switzerland (SUI)3 – 1France(FRA)Lille, France
2013Czech Republic(CZE) 3 – 2Serbia (SRB)Belgrade, Serbia
2012Czech Republic (CZE)3 – 2Spain(ESP)Prague, Czech Republic
2011Spain (ESP)3 – 1Argentina(ARG)Sevilla, Spain
2010Serbia (SRB)3 – 2France(FRA)Belgrade, Serbia
2009Spain (ESP)5 – 0Czech Republic (CZE)Barcelona, Spain
2008Spain (ESP)3 – 1Argentina(ARG)Mar del Plata , Argentina
2007USA (USA)4 – 1Russia (RUS)Oregon, USA
2006Russia (RUS)3 – 2Argentina(ARG)Moscow, Russia
2005Croatia (CRO)3 – 2Slovakia (SVK)Bratislava, Slovak Republic
2004Spain (ESP)3 – 2USA (USA)Seville, Spain
2003Australia (AUS)3 – 1Spain(ESP)Melbourne, Australia
2002Russia (RUS)3 – 2France(FRA)Paris, France
2001France (FRA)3 – 2Australia (AUS)Melbourne, Australia
2000Spain (ESP)3 – 1Australia (AUS)Barcelona, Spain
1999Australia (AUS)3 – 2France(FRA)Nice, France
1998France (FRA)4 – 1Italy (ITA)Milan, Italy
1997Sweden (SWE)5 – 0USA (USA)Gothenburg, Sweden
1996Sweden (SWE)3 – 2Sweden (SWE)Molmo, Sweden
1995USA (USA)3 – 2Russia (RUS)Moscow, Russia
1994Sweden (SWE)4 – 1Russia (RUS)Moscow, Russia
1993Germany (GER)4 – 1Australia (AUS)Dusseldorf, Germany
1992USA (USA)3 – 1Switzerland (SUI)Fort Worth, Texas, USA
1991France (FRA)3 – 1USA (USA)Lyon, France
1990USA (USA)3 – 2Australia (AUS)St Petersburg, FL, USA
1989Germany F. R. (FRG)3 – 2Sweden (SWE)Stuttgart, Germany
1988Germany F.R. (FGR)4 – 1Sweden (SWE)Gothenburg, Sweden
1987Sweden (SWE)5 – 0India (IND)Gothenburg, Sweden
1986Australia (AUS)3 – 2Sweden (SWE)Melbourne, Australia
1985Sweden (SWE)3 – 2Germany F.R. (FRG)Munich, West Germany
1984Sweden (SWE)4 – 1USA (USA)Gothenburg, Sweden
1983Australia (AUS)3 – 2Sweden (SWE)Melbourne, Australia
1982USA (USA)4 – 1France(FRA)Grenoble, France
1981USA (USA)3 – 1Argentina(ARG)Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
1980Czechoslovakia (TCH)4 – 1Italy (ITA)Prague, Czechoslovakia
1979USA (USA)5 – 0Italy (ITA)San
1978USA (USA)4 – 1Great Britain (GBR)Rancho Mirage, CA, USA
1977Australia (AUS)3 – 1Italy (ITA)Sydney, Australia
1976Italy (ITA)4 – 1Chile (CHI)Santiago, Chile
1975Sweden (SWE)3 – 2 Czechoslovakia (TCH)Stockholm, Sweden
1974South Africa (RSA)India (IND)South Africa won by walkover
1973Australia (AUS) 5 – 0USA (USA) Cleveland, Oh, USA
1972USA (USA)3 – 2Romania (ROU)Bucharest, Romania
1971USA (USA)3 – 2Romania (ROU)Charlotte,NC, USA
1970USA (USA)5 – 0Germany F.R. (FRG)Cleveland, Oh, USA
1969USA (USA)5 – 0Romania (ROU)Cleveland, Oh, USA
1968USA (USA)4 – 1Australia (AUS)Adelaide, Australia
1967Australia (AUS)4 – 1Spain(ESP)Brisbane, Australia
1966Australia (AUS)4 – 1India (IND)Melbourne, Australia
1965Australia (AUS)4 – 1Spain(ESP)Sydney, Australia
1964Australia (AUS)3 – 2USA (USA)Cleveland, Oh, USA
1963USA (USA)3 – 2Australia (AUS)Adelaide, Australia
1962Australia (AUS)5 – 0Mexico (MEX)Brisbane, Australia
1961Australia (AUS)5 – 0Italy (ITA)Melbourne, Australia
1960Australia (AUS)4 – 1Italy (ITA)Sydney, Australia
1959Australia (AUS)3 – 2USA (USA)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1958USA (USA)3 – 2Australia (AUS)Brisbane, Australia
1957Australia (AUS)3 – 2USA (USA)Melbourne, Australia
1956Australia (AUS)5 – 0USA (USA)Adelaide, Australia
1955Australia (AUS)5 – 0USA (USA)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1954USA (USA)3 – 2Australia (AUS)Sydney, Australia
1953Australia (AUS)3 – 2USA (USA)Melbourne, Australia
1952Australia (AUS)4 – 1USA (USA)Adelaide, Australia
1951Australia (AUS)3 – 2USA (USA)Sydney, Australia
1950Australia (AUS)4 – 1USA (USA)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1949USA (USA)4 – 1Australia (AUS)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1948USA (USA)5 – 0Australia (AUS)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1947USA (USA)4 – 1Australia (AUS)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1946USA (USA)5 – 0Australia (AUS)Melbourne, Australia
1939Australia (AUS)3 – 2USA (USA)Haverford, PA, USA
1938USA (USA)3 – 2Australia (AUS)Philadelphia, PA, USA
1937USA (USA)4 – 1Great Britain (GBR)Wimbledon, London, England
1936Great Britain (GBR)3 – 2Australia (AUS)Wimbledon, London, England
1935Great Britain (GBR)5 – 0USA (USA)Wimbledon, London, England
1934Great Britain (GBR) 4 – 1USA (USA)Wimbledon, London, England
1933Great Britain (GBR)3 – 2France (FRA)Paris, France
1932France (FRA)3 – 2USA (USA)Paris, France
1931France (FRA)3 – 2Great Britain (GBR)Paris, France
1930France (FRA)4 – 1USA (USA)Paris, France
1929France (FRA)3 – 2USA (USA)Paris, France
1928France (FRA)4 – 1USA (USA)Paris, France
1927France (FRA)3 – 2USA (USA)Philadelphia, PA, USA
1926USA (USA)4 – 1France(FRA)Philadelphia, PA, USA
1925USA (USA)5 – 0France(FRA)Philadelphia, PA, USA
1924USA (USA)5 – 0Australia (AUS)Philadelphia, PA, USA
1923USA (USA)4 -1Australia (AUS)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1922USA (USA)4 – 1Australasia (ANZ)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1921USA (USA)5 – 0Japan (JPN)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1920USA (USA)5 – 0Australasia (ANZ)Aukland, New Zealand
1919Australasia (ANZ)4 – 1Great Britain (GBR)Sydney, Australia
1914Australasia (ANZ)3 – 2USA (USA)Forest Hill, NY, USA
1913USA (USA)3 – 2Great Britain (GBR)Wimbledon, London, England
1912British Isles (BRI)3 – 2Australasia (ANZ)Melbourne, Australia
1911Australasia (ANZ)5 – 0USA (USA)Christchurch, New Zealand
1909Australasia (ANZ)5 – 0USA (USA)Sydney, Australia
1908Australasia (ANZ)3 – 2USA (USA)Melbourne, Australia
1907Australasia (ANZ)3 – 2British Isles (BRI)Wimbledon, London, England
1906British Isles (BRI)5 – 0USA (USA)Wimbledon, London, England
1905British Isles (BRI)5 – 0USA (USA)Wimbledon, London, England
1904British Isles (BRI)5 – 0Belgium (BEL)Wimbledon, London, England
1903British Isles (BRI)4 – 1USA (USA)Boston, MA, USA
1902USA (USA)3 – 2British Isles (BRI)Brooklyn, NY, USA
1900USA (USA)3 – 0British Isles (BRI)Boston, MA, USA

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