The dup played an integral part in the Islanders’ win against the Highlanders.

In a thrilling encounter, Mumbai City triumphed over bottom-placed NorthEast United in their final home game, ensuring that they gain at least a glimmer of hope of making the playoffs. Goals from Lucian Goian, Everton Santos and Achille Emana were enough to send the home team into a triumphant blaze of winning their last home game of the season.


Watch: Mumbai City 3-2 HIGHLIGHTS

Mumbai City

Amrinder Singh– 6.0

Amrinder did not play according to his own standards and looked a shadow of himself. Although it is true that the goals conceded were mainly defensive errors, Singh still had an average game and did not impose himself in his 18 yards. He did make an impressive save in the 69th minute which was the only highlight of his game.

Amrinder did well to deny Fanai!

Raju Gaikwad– 6.0

I frankly do not know how long Raju will rely on his free-kick like throws to stay in the starting 11 of the teams he plays for. Despite being a towering well-built defender, he hardly used his physicality in the game and was mainly responsible for the first goal conceded by his team. Even when he went ahead to take corners, he was easily subdued. But he had a moment of saving grace when he delivered the cross for the winner by Goian.

Sanju Pradhan– 7.0

Quite a bit of improvement in his game play after having a fairly average season. He created 4 promising chances and was a strong attacking influence in the final third for Mumbai City. He also was the focal pivot for the attack once he started playing centrally. There were two main points that showed the drastic improvement; one was when he held the ball with 8 men pressing on him and then when he played a sublime ball to Pranjal which nearly went in.

Sehnaj Singh– 6.0

A very indifferent game by Sehnaj who changed his positions 6 times in the game from being a Centre Back to a defensive midfielder to a right back at times and not shying away from going into attack. He has maintained his game and level of play without adding or subtracting much from his standard of play.

Zakeer Mundampara– 8.0

Zakeer Mundamapara is the future of Indian mid-field. I really hope Constantine takes note and plays him alongside Mohammed Rafique in an awesome midfield duo meant to dominate any and every game. He is a hardworking medio playing high up the pitch as well screening a defence to close the gaps.

Sahil Tavora– 8.0

The epitome of hard work bearing fruit was seen in Sahil’s gameplay throughout the match against the Highlanders. He tracked back excellently and pressed the Highlanders to their toes. He ensured that Gursimrat was awarded a yellow by attracting a foul and closed down almost all gaps on the pitch. He is a player par excellence.


Pranjal Bhumij– 7.0

Pranjal plays a carefree form of football which Guimaraes promotes and goes about attacking using his pace and excellent game reading. I am sure he has picked his positional training from his captain, Lucian, as he exhibits a very close resemblance of pitch presence.

Abhinash Ruidas– NA

Ruidas came on too late to make an impact but he did provide a stability at the back which was missing after Marcio’s substitution.

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NorthEast United FC

T.P. Rehenesh– 5.0

T.P. Rehenesh played an equally praiseworthy and abysmal game. He stopped many a shots and two of them seemed near impossible saves but for the three goals conceded he was caught out of position and seemed irrelevant in front of goal. He need not worry as there are many teams and few ‘keepers in our country.

Nirmal Chettri– 6.0

Clearing 5 balls, Nirmal was not as bad as his counter parts but still struggled in front of goal. He was positionally good and maintained composure despite being on the receiving end of things. a better coaching system is surely gonna bring out the best in him.

Fanai Lalrempuia– 5.0

Being a part of an abysmal midfield is not joke as their overall performance affects individual talents. Fanai had a very poor game with a lot of mispasses and only 58% accuracy in passig which indicates his weaning impact on the big stage.

Gursimrat Singh Gill– 5.5

Gursmirat’s strike goes in off Goian to score the equaliser

A yellow card in the first half ensured that the Highlanders were forced to think about subbing him off as he looked rattled under pressure from Everton and Sahil. He also looked beaten by Sahil’s constant pressing which made him a frustrated figure.

Rowllin Borges– 5.0

When you boast about being a national team regular, you are expected to perform at a certain level. With many contenders coming in for the slot of Borges He has only 2 games in hand to show Constantine why he deserves the place or should resign himself to the mediocrity he attained in this match.

Lalrindika Ralte– 6.0

A hardworking medio, he put in 4 tackles and attracted many fouls to make life difficult for the Islanders. But this offset by the players around him and the only other person working hard with him, Fanai, had to resign themselves to losing the game and going home empty-handed.


Reagan Singh– 7.0

The former Mumbai FC boy played well in the position he was asked to and did well. despite of being vertically challenged, his leaping sense of jumping over the players ensured he screed his centre-backs and provided a cover for them. He also went ahead in attack on the overlap to ensure his team had some teeth. I guess of he played the whole 90, we would see a different result.

Seiminlen Doungel– NA

Came in on the 90th minute to get a yellow card for himself.