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Formula 1: Top five best looking cars on 2024 F1 grid

Published at :February 21, 2024 at 3:29 PM
Modified at :February 21, 2024 at 3:29 PM
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Hisan Kidwai

The Formula 1 cars are works of art and engineering marvels in the fast-paced world of racing. These liveries, which range from Mercedes’ elegant sophistication to Ferrari’s recognizable red, are more than just paint jobs on carbon fibre; they are declarations of intent that perfectly convey the spirit of invention, speed, and competition that characterize Formula 1.

Let us know more about the top 5 liveries in the Formula 1 season:

5. Aston Martin AMR24

Aston Martin has stuck to its predecessor’s design language and delivered a great-looking car in comparison to the carbon fiber liveries of teams such as Alpine.

Moreover, the team chairman, Lawrence Stroll, has expressed a desire to increase their position from fifth to fourth or third, potentially signaling extensive upgrades.

4. Red Bull Racing RB20

Red Bull Racing has launched the RB20 for its 20th season in Formula 1, sticking to the iconic navy, red, and yellow style guide.

The team used mood lighting to highlight attention-grabbing designs, particularly around side pods and radiator inlets. Digital renders also provided little information about the car’s design.

This is an improvement from last year’s launch, which featured a year-old car that bore no resemblance to the machine that set records for domination. The team’s focus on speed and performance is crucial for a second season in Formula 1.

3. Visa Cash App RB VCARB 01

F1’s most controversial car has been launched and has attracted attention with its new name, colors, and collaboration with Red Bull.

It looks fantastic, bringing back memories of the incredible blue and red livery from Toro Rosso’s heyday in 2018. Beyond the color scheme, there are many other intriguing aspects of the engineering of this new VCARB 01 car.

The launch of a new car and name took place in Las Vegas early in the morning, primarily for sponsors and VIPs, with minimal attention to fans.

Red Bull will supply the power steering, brake system, gearbox, exhaust, and front and rear push-rod suspension systems for the VCARB-01 car. Red Bull Technologies will also supply the gearbox. Red Bull Powertrains-Honda will provide the vehicle’s powertrain.

2. Mercedes W15

The Mercedes is ranked as the second-best on the list. In 2024, the Silver Arrows will commemorate their 90th year. In honor of this, the W15 has a new livery that switches from silver to black. Exposed carbon fiber has been a big grid trend this year.

The pattern is based on the theory that by using less paint, portions with improved performance can be further fine-tuned with weight savings.

The livery was enhanced by aqua-colored lines that ran from the sides of the front wing back to the side pods.

The back side is similar to the previous year’s livery. Numerous F1 enthusiasts have applauded the livery, describing it as the greatest to be seen on the grid thus far.

1. Ferrari SF-24

You just can’t go wrong with the red color on the Ferrari livery. This year, we’ve got plenty of red outlines on the car. The halo was gone from black last year to red this year.

But the biggest plus this year is the wheel covers. We have got some color on them. And although Ferrari has been known to clutter their side pods with sponsors, the SF-24 is the best-looking car of them all.

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