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F1: Red Bull chief Christian Horner's net worth, salary & more

Published at :February 12, 2024 at 12:40 PM
Modified at :February 12, 2024 at 12:40 PM
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Hisan Kidwai

Behind the wheel of Red Bull Racing’s Formula 1 triumph, Christian Horner is more than simply a well-known figure in the motorsport industry; his income and net worth bear witness to his immense contributions to the sport.

Horner’s career path, from his early days as a driver to his ground-breaking role as the youngest team principal in Formula 1 history, is a prime example of the combination of athletic ability with sound financial judgment.

As part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours in 2013, Horner was awarded an OBE for his services to motorsport after leading the Red Bull team to three consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championships.

When Horner became the team principal at Red Bull Racing in 2005, he became a pathfinder in the sports world. Red Bull Racing went from being a young team to a powerful force under his direction, breaking several records and winning numerous constructors’ and drivers’ championships.

Christian Horner’s Net Worth and Salary

Horner’s financial empire, which goes beyond the flair and glamour of the racetrack, is proof of his keen business sense.

According to multiple sources, Christian Horner is reportedly paid $10 million annually. His projected net worth in 2023 is $68 million (£40 million).

Horner’s contract specifics aren’t made public, but it’s safe to say that his income is significantly higher than that of half of the drivers competing in the Formula 1 race. Because he joined Red Bull Racing in 2005, the year the team was founded, he has spent a significant amount of time there and is among the highest-paid executives in the F1 world.

A Luxurious Lifestyle and Signature Purchases

In addition to his millions of dollars in revenue, Horner receives $5 million in performance bonuses. Thanks to his large profits, Horner has made notable purchases and lives a luxury lifestyle. His collection of six luxury cars includes a brand-new McLaren 720S, estimated to be worth $800,000, and a Ferrari F8, which is estimated to be worth over $580,000. Furthermore, his collection includes a Mercedes-AMG priced at $740,000, an Audi R8 at $490,000, and a Porsche Boxster at $400,000.

Investment and Ventures beyond the track

Although Horner’s main objective is to win Red Bull Racing, he has been involved in other investing opportunities. Though his investment portfolio is not generally disclosed, it is known that he owns rural estates in Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.

He currently owns over five homes in the United Kingdom. One of his most notable purchases was an opulent 7,000-square-foot villa in London, which he paid $11 million for.

Horner is not an equity owner of Red Bull Racing, despite what many people may think. Rather, he has received a substantial salary for over twenty years of team service, securing profitable agreements with partners and sponsors to improve the club’s financial position.

However, given his significant time obligations as Red Bull Racing’s CEO and team principal, Christian Horner has chosen not to disclose any additional sources of income. His spouse, Geri Halliwell-Horner, a former Spice Girl, is still a well-known media personality with several endorsement deals under her belt and a net worth of $40 million.

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