Ludwig Kaiser opens up about facing John Cena at WWE Superstar Spectacle in India

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

August 30 2023
Ludwig Kaiser WWE

I’m very excited to come to India reveals Ludwig Kaiser

Marcel Barthel, popularly known as Ludwig Kaiser, is a second generation German professional wrestler. He is currently signed with WWE and wrestles on the Raw brand. He is a member of one of the successful heel faction Imperium under the leadership of “The Ring General” Gunther.

He was signed to WWE in 2017 under his real name Marcel Barthel and made his debut and had one of the greatest times in NXT and NXT UK as a part of Imperium and clinched the NXT Tag Team Championship on two different occasions with Fabian Aichner. Upon main roster call-up, all the three members changed their name. Walter became Gunther, Marcel Barthel became Ludwig Kaiser, Fabian Aichner became Giovanni Vinci.

He made his main roster debut on SmackDown with Gunther and started escorting and wrestling with Gunther. At Clash at the Castle, he introduced Giovanni Vinci to the main roster. Imperium is now one of the top heel trio in the Raw brand and is currently in a feud with Alpha Academy.

Ludwig Kaiser and Vinci face John Cena and Seth Rollins at Superstar Spectacle

WWE announced that Ludwig Kaiser will be travelling to India and will be a part of the Superstar Spectacle at GMC Balayogi Stadium on September 8. He and Vinci are said to take on the 16-time Champion John Cena and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in a team match.

With less than ten days for the WWE Superstar Spectacle, Kaiser sat with some of the Indian wrestling journalists on a video round table conference.

When asked about “How excited are you to wrestle in India for the first time?” 

Kaiser said,

“Well! First of all, I’m very excited to come to India. It’s my very first time. It is one of the coolest side effects next to being in the ring obviously, to see so many different cultures, countries, try food, meet different people all over the globe.

I am so grateful for that, and I cannot wait to come to India. It is something that I am looking forward to in a very very long time, because I am very much aware, how great of a fanbase we have in India. So India deserves this, and all the fans in India deserve this. I cannot wait for the Superstar Spectacle.”

To the question, “How excited are you to face John Cena at Superstar Spectacle?”

Kaiser answered,

“Obviously, I mean John Cena is one of the absolute all time greats. It is so very special to me to, you know, to get the opportunity to step on the battle against him. Not to forget Seth Rollins, World Heavyweight Champion, it is such a perfect match and a very special opportunity for myself.

Obviously, where I am right now in my career, it couldn’t be better. I am very much the best I have ever been, I have been proving that every time I get on the mat, I get an opportunity to do that. I am very happy about the next opportunity and to step on the mat with one of the absolute greatest of all time.”

When asked about, “Who introduces Gunther better? You or Samantha?”

To which Kaiser answered,

“Well you know, I think all of our announcers are doing a great job first of all. I am out there mostly for let’s say 20 minutes, and all our announcers are out there for the entire time and the entire show, they are spot on for each and every second when they are out there. It’s a big credit to all our announcers.

Well, I would not say, this is like a thing I always try to do in my life, I always never try to be the best, I always try to be the only one. So, I would not say that I am the best announcer in the world, but I can definitely say that no one else can do it like I do.

I am sure a lot of people out there appreciate Samantha so much for what she has been doing. I think she does an incredible job and I would never say that I am the better announcer, though there is nobody else in the world who can do Ludwig Kaiser better than I do Ludwig Kaiser. So it is a very unique thing and I think both of them separately from each other are great.”

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