John Cena to restart his feud with The Bloodline? Exploring the possibilities

Akash DhanagaranAkash Dhanagaran

September 2 2023
John Cena to restart his feud with The Bloodline? Exploring the possibilities

The confrontation between Jimmy and John Cena is likely to restart a feud with The Bloodline.

John Cena has returned to WWE on the latest episode of SmackDown and addressed the WWE Universe. He thanked the WWE fans worldwide for the constant support that they always gave and continued giving throughout his career. He praised that they are the reason why he came back to WWE, to host Payback and to wrestle in India for the very first time. Cena was interrupted by Jimmy Uso, who asked Why is Cena here? The WWE Universe continued chanting “Why? Jimmy Why?”.

He said that he did it because he loves his brother and doesn’t want to see him corrupted like Roman Reigns and John Cena. He said that he and Roman Reigns are the same, as both are corrupted. Cena said that he wanted one thing to say to Jimmy for so long “The wrong Uso quit”. Jimmy was pissed and tried to superkick John Cena, but Cena caught his leg and delivered him an Attitude Adjustment. At the end of the show, Jimmy Uso helped Solo Sikoa win the match and teased re-joining The Bloodline. 

The confrontation between Jimmy and Cena is likely to restart the 16-time champ’s feud with The Bloodline. Here are some of the possibilities on how Cena’s feud with The Bloodline might turn in the future.

John Cena vs Jimmy for Fastlane

As Jimmy Uso confronted Cena and got Attitude Adjusted by Cena and Cena’s availability until the end of October might result in a match at Fastlane. As Jey Uso and Roman Reigns are not available and there is no official update on their return, The Bloodline must pick up a feud with some of the top wrestlers to stay in the spotlight. Thus, Cena is the only way as SmackDown doesn’t have a potential babyface.

Cena breaks The Bloodline

Cena might interfere in The Bloodline business and break the faction in the absence of Roman Reigns. Since there is a huge difference between Jimmy and Solo, John Cena might initiate a feud between them and cause further tension in The Bloodline before Roman arrives. In the latest episode of SmackDown, Jimmy helped Solo. Solo tried to Samoa spike him, but was saved by Heyman. Although Jimmy raises his hands and teases re-joining The Bloodline, an accidental push or a superkick by Jimmy is enough to make Solo turn on Jimmy.

Cena vs Solo Sikoa at Fastlane

As Jimmy messed with Solo, they might pick up a fight in the upcoming weeks, however, if Solo came for the help of Jimmy as he helped Solo this SmackDown. It might turn into Solo Sikoa vs John Cena at Fastlane. It will be a huge fight for The Bloodline and Solo Sikoa’s career. Similar to the feud between Cena and Umaga in 2008. It will keep the phase of The Bloodline up on the top spot until the Tribal Chief comes to take control.

How do you think Cena’s possible feud with the Bloodline would impact the storyline?

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