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ISL 2023-24: Ranking of teams based on players' average age

Published at :December 2, 2023 at 4:09 PM
Modified at :January 14, 2024 at 12:10 AM
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Analoy Majumder

Only one team has an average age of less than 25 years.

The Indian Super League (ISL) for the 2023-24 season has introduced an exciting dimension to the game by showcasing the age variety among players in a league that constantly exhibits top-tier football talent. Teams are competing not just for triumph on the field, but also for a combination of youthful talents and seasoned expertise.

Several young players have been turning heads on the field with their remarkable abilities and poise while playing alongside with senior players and seasoned foreign players, demonstrating that age is only a number when it comes to making an impression in professional football. It will be interesting to witness how the rapport between senior players and young stars impacts match outcomes and, eventually, affects league rankings as the season develops.

In this article, we will rank the ISL teams based on players’ average age and look how all ISL teams have a good mix of youthful vitality and wise experience within the squads.

Kerala Blasters FC- Average Age: 24.8 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Mohammed Arbaz, Age: 18 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Karanjit Singh, Age: 37 years

The Kerala Blasters, led by Ivan Vukomanovic, have a diverse roster consisting primarily of players mainly between the ages of 20 and 29, with a well-balanced mix of younger and more experienced players. Senior players like Pritam Kotal, Prabir Das and Leskovic, as well as younger players like Ruivah Hormipam, Jeakson Singh, and Mohammed Aimen, are seen being given opportunities by the Kerala Blasters.

Chennaiyin FC- Average Age: 26.3 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Preyarhanjan RS, Age: 17 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Rafael Crivellaro, Age: 34 years

While youngsters between the ages of 22 and 26 are given opportunities to play, Owen Coyle’s Chennaiyin FC has placed greater emphasis on veterans like Jordan Murray and Crivellaro. The youngest players, like Preyarhanjan RS, have not yet made their ISL debut.

Punjab FC- Average Age: 26.8 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Sweden Fernandes, Age: 18 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Luka Majcen, Age: 34 years

Punjab FC’s players in the ISL 2023-24 season primarily range in age from 22 to 30 years old, with an average age of 26. Coach Staikos gives opportunities to both young and veteran players, but he has yet to get the required results from the current season, so it will be fascinating to see how the squad with a mix of youth and senior talent performs to achieve the desired results.

Mohun Bagan Super Giant- Average Age: 27.3 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Suhail Ahmad Bhat, Age: 18 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Hector Yuste, Age: 35 years

Juan Ferrando has some great names in his lineup, which makes for the ideal combination of young and experienced additions to the club in terms of ability, consistency, and game reading. The veteran players Sadiku, Petratos, and Subhasish Bose, together with the youth players Suhail Ahmad Bhat and Kiyan Nassiri, make up Mohun Bagan’s well settled squad.

Jamshedpur FC- Average Age: 27.6 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Mohit Singh Dhami, Age: 19 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Alen Stevanovic, Age: 32 years

Scott Cooper has attempted to rebuild the squad for the Red Miners in the ISL 2023–24 season by offering a chance to a squad that is full of young energy and experienced attitude in order to achieve their desired results in the ongoing season. The majority of the players are between the ages of 22 and 30, with junior legs like Nikhil Barla and Emil Benny and veteran additions like Pronoy Halder and ElSinho.

Bengaluru FC- Average Age: 27.7 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Monirul Molla, Age: 18 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Sunil Chhetri, Age; 39 years

Bengaluru FC is a team known for giving chances to the young players as we have seen many of the young players debut for the Blues in the ongoing ISL season. Simon Grayson has the oldest player, Sunil Chhetri, playing for the Blues in addition to some notable young players who have joined the senior team after coming from the academy.

Hyderabad FC- Average Age: 27.9 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Aman Kumar Sahani, Age: 19 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Joao Victor, Age: 35 years

The Nizams in the Indian Super League 2023-24 have not get their best results so far in the league so they are trying to captivate the squad with a proper flow of young and senior talents as they have player like Joao Victor, Kattimani; under the post and junior players like Abdul Rabeeh, Sajad Parray along with some added names who are still yet to find game time under Thangboi Singto.

Mumbai City FC- Average Age: 27.9 Years

Youngest Player in the sqaud: Halen Nongtdu, Age: 19 years

Oldest Player in the sqaud: Rostyn Griffiths, Age: 35 years

After Des Buckhingham’s exit, interim Hiroshi Miyazawa will have to put more analytical attention on the squad as he takes over and rebuilds from where Des left off. The Islanders are noted for their connection between senior and younger players, as their roaster for the season includes veteran players like as Greg Stewart, Rostyn Griffiths, and Halen Nongtdu, who was signed by the Islanders in 2022.

Odisha FC- Average Age: 28.0 Years

Youngest Player in the sqaud: Ashangbam Singh, Age: 19 years

Oldest Player in the sqaud: Roy Krishna, Age; 36 years

Sergio Lobera’s squad includes some of the biggest names in the game, such Roy Krishna, Fall, Jahouh, and CY Goddard, which provides several opportunities for young players to play alongside and learn from the veteran players. Also, the Spanish coach likes giving new players opportunities, thus we see a nice mix of youthful talents with players like Isak Vanlalruatfela, Aniket Jadhav, and others joining the club.

NorthEast United FC- Average Age: 28.2 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Khoirom Jackson Singh, Age: 18 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Romain Philippoteaux, Age: 35 years

Coach Juan Pedro Benali has a lot of good young talents in hand in this season as we have seen young players like Parthib Gogoi and Phalguni Singh scoring superb goals and getting ahead in the on-going season. Also with the inclusion of senior players like Philippoteaux, Hira Mondol, Mirshad Michu, etc gives good momentum to the team while performing against better teams in the ISL.

East Bengal FC- Average Age: 28.2 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Gurnaj Singh Grewal, Age: 16 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Harmanjot Khabra, Age: 35 years

East Bengal FC, led by Carles Cuadrat, has a few underutilised young players who are yet to make their ISL debut. Senior players over the age of 25 are observed taking command in order to make younger players learn more about the league. We have observed the development of youthful talents such as Naorem Mahesh and Lalchungnunga inside this club. As a result, the Red and Gold Brigade is continually on the lookout for competence and teamwork, paying equal attention to both senior and younger players.

FC Goa- Average Age: 28.7 years

Youngest Player in the squad: Rayan Menezes, Age: 19 years

Oldest Player in the squad: Carlos Martinez, Age: 37 years

The Goan side has been one of the most successful in India since the commencement of the ISL, and each season they have shown a nice blend of youthful and seasoned quality within their squad. Though they place a greater emphasis on older players because their team’s average age is around 29 years, their division of emerging stars is also well established.

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